UNCHARTED THE LOST LEGACY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 - Great Battle (PS4 Pro)

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 includes a Review and Mission 3 of the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Story for PS4. This Uncharted The Lost Legacy Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Story Missions, all Cutscenes, Chloe, Nadine, Chapters, Encounters, Treasures, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player. Thanks Sony for Uncharted The Lost Legacy!


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is available for the PlayStation 4, as a standalone expansion to the Uncharted series. Players control Chloe Frazer, who seeks the Tusk of Ganesh in the mountains of India in the midst of a civil war, with the help of mercenary Nadine Ross. The game is played from a third-person perspective; players use firearms, and can use melee combat and stealth to defend against hostile enemies. Players solve puzzles, incorporating several platformer elements to advance the narrative, and navigate the game world on-foot or by vehicle.
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So my first video for Uncharted got taken down by a copyright mistake. I'm working on getting it back up asap. Thanks for supporting my videos so far. Much love to all of you!
Dang Tran
Brad, your driving is terrible on all terrains lol
you know it's real when even Brad was talking about the kyrie trade lmao
The Kxng Con
"I haven't been to the states." Uncharted 5 confirmed?
*Anyone else been subbed to Brad Since 2012?*
Anirudh R
dude, c'mon. What is that place marked a "question mark" on the map? I was hoping u wud go there next. That's the reason Nadine says "if you wanna go anywhere else, now's the time." or something along those lines. Wish u wud make a video for just that one. Or can you go bak?
Hrithik Guptan
y didnt u go to the question mark?
Qusteion mark on map???
Robert Tate
I love how Brad just got the Jeep stuck.
Dang Tran
Are these guy Shorelines? The vehicles look similar to the ones in Uncharted 4. Did Nadine take over this army before Uncharted 4?
Beast MODE
Brad I see you can't fight with her on this game she fights damn near better than Nate , all you have to do is counter attack & then attack primarily ! Another thing you forgot to check out what that question mark was , now u can't go back to it ❗️😒
rvse.edits iii
fachri naufal
Oh god chloe my future wife 😍
ainanr .s
I laugh really bad when the car stuck hahahahha..
Edward Kennedy
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Dammit YouTube! You gotta be drunk again?!
Race car Car race
Chloe : 'nice working with a woman for a change '
Nadine : 'too right'
Brad : * immediately crashes into rock *
Me : 'women drivers'
Sam Aziz
I love your awesome videos and I'm fan of you!!!!
You're awesome Brad! Keep the videos coming! We appreciate you my man!!
Brian Nigger
Notifications on my boy brad we lit
“So not blowing things up”
“Definitely not”
I don’t know why but I laughed so hard.
ThooterItz the grizzly god
It says "Triggered Option Conversations"
Mini Alex
Brad the level that looks familiar is when yo were watching a piece of the gameplay
Well basically its tomb raider made by naughtydog.
RIP Jeep suspension, death by neglect😂
Dee Jayy
Naughty Dog makes me appreciate having a ps4
Raging Gamer
Can't wait for the ending
yadukrishna cr
Exited Naughty dog fan from India..😍🇮🇳
Zac Scrima
You were supposed to go to the ? on the map.
Ethan Hargreaves
can you wait for nadaine or at leats talk to her in some cases
Sonnya Gamer
Ur playing exactly like me ;-;
watch yo mouth kid
Erik Flores
Brad you forget to go to the mystery mark
They call Me RAIN
Man I'm soo lucky to be part of this channel honestly keep up man stay safe out there. Much respect from the windy city
Love you brad no homo!!!!!!!!
Bruno Seidini
brad there is a freaking question mark right there on the map.GO.CHECK.IT.OUT!!!!!
Still got those GREAT driving skills, Brad. 👍🏼
Mia Rose
I love how whenever Brad has nothing to talk about he just says how awesome we are. Warms the heart Brad.<3
Romi –
Wow your gameplay is incomplete, by not going to the question mark you missed a lot of the game and puzzles. You should have gone to 11 different parts to look for 11 tokens. Then you would've gotten something.
Río Nala
Thank you soooo much Brad been waiting for this and Days Gone👌🏽💯💯
Hani Mei
Thank you for spoiling us with Unchartered brad <3
Dang Brad you should've went to the question mark 😂🤷🏾‍♂
Supreme KING
Does Uncharted series have brutal deaths? Because I think it should be a brutal death scene when you were hit by that axe?
"That golden desert is nasty" RadBrad
24:02 : Roblox death sound? 😂😂
Im LOVING this game and the characters!
I love how that the women . Are sweeting in the game . Or when they are wet from swimming . You can see it in the cut scenes . Some games don't do that . They get wet then in seconds there dry .
محمد حسن
MAN am always watching your video game playing almost for every new game
With that being said XD i have a noticed to say about your driving that's really funny LOL
Boneless Water
I love watching this gameplay keep up the good work bro
2:19 🤣 I can see your driving skills have not improved Brad. 😭 Oh my god, biggest laugh of the morning.
Arber Sh
Stress toy you need a fidget spinner is 2017 not medival stuf
SongBird LadyD
Excellent game player and commentator.....Driver? Not so much...hahaha! Love watching you play!
Continue the gameplay Brad, thank you and I love your videos!!
Caleb Wong
I was worried for a moment that Brad got stuck there
STD_ Gypsy
Omg u have 7 million subs I was here before u had 500k
Na Cl
When the game too much detail....

and the car stuck.
midhun raj r
After I sold my PS3 I didn't have any option to play uncharted 4 and this. But man on a single stretch I watched all the part and it's like playing the game without the controller. Appreciate your efforts man. I know you get money but there are many ways to get money. What you are doing is great for people like us who don't have money to buy PS4. Great work. keep it up
Dóra Kecskés
Smirked at the whole Chloe telling Nadine that she could just walk away from the family thing. I was like, "yeah, says the gal picking up dad's research". :D Nice dynamic those two. Love the banter.
The Brutal GamerTM
I'm gonna put a uncharted lost legecy series too starts from Saturday stay tune
The Fireblaster
"Dudes on Ludes should not drive" - Jeff Spakoli
uon945o uon945o
What about Madden NFL story mode???
Insane DBZ
11:54 who thought of Beerus? 😂
Hey Yo
Notification squad where y'all at?
Deedric Kee
This game looks, great, I could have sworn I've seen a stage from Uncharted 4
Stealthy Mongoose
For just being "thieves", Nathan and Chloe sure kill a lot of people. Are we sure they aren't Navy SEALs?
G A M I S H {Android & iOS}
The jeep got stuck and i was like man ROFL
Chandan G
hoysala empire....!!!!! my state yayyy
Amin Justice
Can you faster your running slow
Jayyy Trilll
You're awesome brad I watch all your vids and keep doing what you're doing
Aliyah Ambroise
Dude, the more i watch the more hype i get. i definitely want this game.
Thank you for the walkthroughs, they are always great and I look forward to them!
Also I think you should have got decapitated :) lol
Ben Stahl
Keep it up Brad. I'm always checking YouTube for these videos!
Omg another one I love them
Deepak Sharma
Do more stealth man...shooting through people is not what I expect from you...
Nathan Beardy
Omg theRadBrad Hi I can't belive i'm finally among one of the first 50 hiiii
Pete Rennie
could not remember how to get to this point after completing everything on chapter 4, thank you for saving me time mate :)
Cobb Adams
Sony VS theRadBrad! Who do they think they are? LOL Can't wait to see this series. Love ya brother and keep doing what ya do and never change.
Mar2chainz 12
Brad your speed for uploading videos is amazing your the best
A for uploading streak .... F for your game play hahaha just kidding love ya brad
Justin seagull
the graphic of the game is great I feel fresh by watching it
Nigg Wardo
As soon as I saw part 4 I quickly watched it before I go to sleep
The Royal Link YT xD
I saying this because u say after every single sentence u say not hating
Ready2 Die
This series is fucking amazing ....
Your the best theRadBrad
Daniel Kennady
love u brad!!!! keep rocking!!!
Edgar Camacho
theRadBrad I've been watching you since June 13 of year 2013 first episode of The Last of Us I just wanted to say keep up the great work my dude your content and always waiting for your videos to be upload 24/7
Josh L
"yeah, that Golden Desert is so nasty."
yeah that golden desert
lilreese 23
I love u so much and u have help me in some games I was stuck on I just got a ps4 pro and wish I had tht game I love uncharted love u theradbrad keep up the good work and my gamertag on ps4 is shawdieronie3 no spaces no caps thx 😎😎🙉🙉❤👏
Mr. Twister
brad do dying light more they have dlcs on pc
Can we talk about Chloe and that ass though. Like dude, it's a treasure to be explored fam.
hope the next vid is madden... ;)
btw, i don't wanna see you playing any racing game... please!
Unfarted :D 18:05 it's hard to being a player
3:07 Nicholas Cage would disagree
She is from the 4th game
Brad, your driving...... what the heck?? LOL
Love this game so far! Can't wait for more! I love watching your walkthroughs! :D
Harrison M
Laura croft is cool
Whoah, I just finished part 3, what a nice surprise to see part 4 loading from autoplay haha! <3
Scooter Brad
I'm unhealthily obsessed with Brad's Channel <3
Nathan Kruger
This level you gotta be careful in this one because u can easily end up going around in circles 😂😂😂😂