UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY All Cutscenes (PS4 PRO) Game Movie 1080p 60FPS

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I wouldnt mind Chloe, Nadine and Sam being the new trio for uncharted if ND continues it of course
At least we got to see the emotional side of Nadine. The dialogue is simply amazing.
I love the uncharted series, it feels more like a movie rather than a video game
Diet Bleach
The facial expressions on some of the cutscenes are just too realistic.
Hobgoblin 99
During the credits I was like "Wow this story is awesome, but disappointed they didn't have Pizza with the Indian girl, that wold have been a more satisfying ending" then they play that hilarious pizza scene leaving me Praising the writing talents of our lord Naughty Dog.
Clyde Hidershaj
Nadine looks like she can easily bench press 250 lbs.
reggie milla
can we all justy agree that naughtygods are at the top when when comes to videogames?
Toledo Christian Matthew
Nate would be proud of Chloe. I like how her character here changed espececially after Uncharted 2. Sad though we didn't see Cutter again though.
This game is just gorgeous. Inspires me to become a game developer when i grow up.
Stephanie Parsons
Anyone else scream when they saw Sam? No? Just me? Okay 😏❤️😍
Never thought i would come to like Nadine
ayana soto
"Bike racks, after school" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
yuyao sun
"oh my god you're serious"
Odile Mwaro
Poor Sam haha. He's like the guy who has no idea what's going on and everyone just bullies him.

At 2:13:13 when he puts his hand on his chest like Nadine almost gave him a heart attack. I think she traumatised him from the last game.

And the way the game keeps reminding him that he's not the main character, that's why he keeps ending up in the back seat of the jeep.
Who else see's and new uncharted trio going forward... because I do... no more Nate, Elena, and Sully, But Khloe, Nadine & Sam
Tony Favilla
Well that was simply amazing. They need to keep this duo going...Chloe and Nadine are awesome characters.
that little cartoony credits thing is awesome
Zachary Shepard
They can be my new uncharted trio: Sam is the new sully, Chloe's the new Nate and Nadine is the new elaina.
THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Literally watched the entire story. An event after A Theif's End? Interesting... cool story, great adventure and awesome appearances. 9/10
Diet Bleach
The scene graphics are insanely clean.
Willy Bonka
Lmao the end with Sam just pointing to the pizza with utter shock of joy on his face killed me
Duwang Gang
Sam is literally me
That failed high five at 1:10:30 is Perfect.
I would never have imagined the end credits could be so cute XD
Jeremy Jacobi
Chloe is as sexy as ever!!
Daubeny Shaubeny
I was expecting the bombs blast to be bigger
1:12:20 OMG it's a reference to the pool in Uncharted 2, where you could play Marco Polo !
An M4A1

Nadine: You'll die

Chloe: I can live with that

11/10 writing
Daniel Shin
that credits tho
Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku
It's sad how Nadine and Chole put up a better fight against Asav than Nathan and Saumel against Nadine.
Diet Bleach
Lara Croft or Chloe Frazer? Both fine af.
treveon wavy
Sam is hilarious😂😂😂
Sandeep bhatti
this is just awesome , i really love it
Señor Batman
Need Chloe, Nadine and Sam moreeee! Especially, Chloe and Nadine, i ship them so hard lol!
WOW! You wouldn't believe how much I enjoyed this one! Maybe it's my favorite after Among Thieves. A lovable duo and then trio. Definitely would love a sequel, but this one as it is... it's just perfect! I love the variation, Chloe, the pacing, the funny things, the emotive moments and the music. Much better than any movie of the genre. It's not too long and not too short, but definitely leaves you wanting more of the thing and THAT is how you do it. Thanks for uploading!
Mariah Kitt
I never ever thought I would come to like Nadine Ross Lol
OMG. I've never seen a playthrough where Chloe falls into the aqueduct in the new capital. Nadine: "We don't have time to play Marco Polo!" And Chloe laughs. I love it when they do shit like that!!!
Nadine is babe. She's so fine! Good game overall.
Elle Loss
That was awesome!! 10/10 for the game.
Best Example of why Female POC Protagonists and as well as predominant POC cast are REALLY NOT a bad Idea! ^_^
1:10:20 this entire exchange is so good
Gen Racer88
Virtuoso TV
1:10:26 That's my Favorite Scene right there.
Aneta Mladenovska
First time seeing anything from the Uncharted, gotta say that I'm officially hooked. Totally gonna buy the games !
they could both punch me in the face and I'd thank them
dadada 27
they are remind me of ellie and riley
Naughty Dog does nothing short of amazing with their amazing graphics and character design, I praise these guys for their insane hard work.
the Life you Don't Have :P
i love them and their dialogue :)
21:45 “fair warning, last person to betray me wound up dead” LOL RAFE ITS ALL GOOD BUD
Brave Ichigo
2:29:35 😎😎
Willy Pro
The ending song tho
gorgeous game. pissed cuz it finished downloading right when i had to go to work
MaybeRocks - LightningShades
I ship the boat and the river.
Gen Racer88
I love Chloe 😍
Gaizka dizzynerro
First squad we got : Nate, Elena, Sully

Second squad we got : Chloe, Nadine, Sam
Chris Kennedy
2:05:06 refreshing when a game can make fun of itself
pizza scene 2:33:20 You welcome
Chris Kourtalis
Naughty dog I give you props can't wait for last of us 2
Abram Treadwell
Chloe's mannerisms always reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow
John Sariego
When Sam come through chloe and nadine and then I said wow at the same time as chloe said it too
An M4A1
Im calling it

Sam and Nadine's gonna be a thing.

If they continue the series that is
Anıl Beyazıt
46:50 Tomb Raider refference? Anyone?
Brooke Harmon
I ship Nadine and Chloe
Meenu is so cute
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
We need more of these two gorgeous women..
Ricky El Diablo
Damn, I was hoping Nadine and Chloe would get funky
Thanks! That was beautiful!
Tony's Entertainment Center
This game come out on August 22 and you already finished in August 21 lol , FLASH : gamer version.
Cesar Vences
The Uncharted Family is Growing!!!!!!
Game Trill
Naughty Dog doesn't make video games, Naughty Dog makes MOVIE GAMES.

Yes, it may take a year or so for them to make a main single player game, but when it's done, its a masterpiece. All the Naughty Dog games just scream "I'M PERFECT" to me.

This game is the reason why I am hyped for LAST OF US 2. I hope you all feel the same way aswell.
Diet Bleach
FREE MOVIE! Thank you lol
Joyce Hayes
Young Girl:Don't ruin the moment
Player:This whole ending credits (aside from the cute fan art or whateverl and that little after credits scene ruined the moment 😑
i love the " relax, you'll live longer" that's now becoming my motto
lol this SAM HAHAHHA also thats a great game
Ghost Recon_003
gave me the last of us feel
"Well, if you'd like, I can tell you where to stick it"
Muhammad Faezin

That is Sony Xperia XZs 😍
Mark Patena
"Oh my god, you're serious."
Best ending line ever
Prima Dayna
I love the opening music and theme of this masterpiece.
It felt like the right length for this story.
I'm so proud of Claudia's work it was so cool playing an Aussie woman for a change. Go 'Straya!!
BMV The Movie Fanatic
Man this is mind blowing. And that an understatement.
Jim R
thanks for much for this magnificent game movie!
Roberto Antonio Pinzon
I was just waiting for it to be Upload it. And you did. Good job Team GLP!
Omg they really did get pizza at the end :D
ExpendableGuard Entertainment
Alright, NaughtyDog, when do we see another staring Nadine and Chloe?
Biohazard Gamer
Really nice!! thank you for this! may I ask wich device you used for recording?
Ariana Penno
AMAZING game! Another triumph for the Uncharted series. Thank you for posting!
Dp Steenbergen
thank you 😍
a question.... can you also do shadow of war( middle earth game shadow of mordor )
Abigail Foust
Whats ur intro song i need to sleep :^)
mont murillo
I miss nathan drake :(

Edit: also I love the transition between gameplay to cutscene
Luke Skywalker
Did anyone else miss that ass?! 😉
Mr Faceplant
And now i want pizza.
I love Sam’s face at the end when he takes a bite of his pizza. He totally forgets about the Tusk after realizing how good the pizza is
Romeeow MB
holy shit! that dope song at the credits! hahahaha
Resaa Dayiana
Frazer is so pretty 😍
Aroma White
Imagine if they meet Cassie, five years after this game maybe?

UNCHARTED 5: A Newborn Thief...one can only imagine.
Jamil Stubbs
2:28:10 fight scene that's teamwork
lalah sweetz
They got some good graphics I guess
Everlasting Gamer
"The blood of the old kings runs through my veins! My people shall rise again!"

"AGGHH! I will die a thousands deaths before I let you win"
This game taught me more about my culture than the families I talked to lol