Yakuza Kiwami: Final Boss Fight and Ending

Yakuza Kiwami final boss fight and ending on PS4 Pro in 1080p 60fps.

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Yakuza Kiwami Final Boss Fight against Nishikiyama
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Brandon Gravitt
Kiwami just felt SO much more emotional after playing 0
Welcome to Yakuza, where a 10 year brewing battle can be ended by taking a man's loveseat and bashing him over the head with it.
The Mystic MacTAPPER
Missed opportunity for an akiyama cameo that hobo could have very well have been him when the money started falling from the sky
David Gomez
kiryu lost a lot of people that were close to him and this is probably the best fight in my opinion
Gilberto Tabares
damn. somebody's gonna have to make an emergency run to IKEA.
Richard Szajlai
after watching this has anyone noticed that kiryu got shot in the leg so many times in the franchise
Nishikiyama did nothing wrong, I guess?
Jay Jay Velez
What I wish they added was when the building blew up and the money started falling from the sky it showed akiyama grabbing the money like that would of been something cool to see you know a little appearance tbh
This fight made me sad low key
Sphere Code
And then Haruka went against her mother's wish in 6
Kim Phát Nguyễn
with Tiger Drop of the Dragon style, every boss fight in this game becomes much easier.
The Protagonist
too bad mom dies :(
I'm just started playing Yakuza 4 and I just now noticed that the scene with explosion and money falling out of it is at the beginning of the game. Amazing.
Dillon Wigmore
How did Kiryu and the little girl survive that explosion?
walter soprano
too bad you only met him three freaking time in the game
Poncho Rulloda
Play Yakuza 0 then this scene becomes more emotional because in Yakuza 0 Nishiki was Kiryu's bro, from helping Kiryu with fashion, singing Karaoke, and someone who was willing to do anything to save his brother :(
Courage Ekhaguere
Kiwami had an amazing story keeps you on the edge of your seat twist turns awesome game
Ironically Unironic
You'd think after all the people Kiryu lost from 0 to Kiwami's ending, he'd know not to leave villains momentarily unconscious with weapons around. But for some reason he falls for that one every time, even after Kazama died
Death by Konami
So Nishikiyama only wanted Kiryu dead for Yumi's love instead of becoming the next head of the Tojo Clan, right?
Super saiyan Lord
I just realised the boss theme is a remix of the original theme
Ayan Gilani
Why don't you even use the dragon of dojima?
Wouldnt the fight be more epic if they took one last cigarette together before they started fighting just talking about the good old days??
Death by Konami
congratulations folks...you just won the lottery
Wish they would of kept the original theme song for this boss fight but the remix of it still sounds good
Missed opportunity to put Akiyama into the ending, since he was retconned into this scene in Yakuza 4.
I love how when Kiryu is riding away in the car from Tojo clan, one of them just bows at him.
Silent Soul Ken SSK
Didn't master Dragon huh?
Function 54
Woulda been cool if they showed Akiyama in the scene with the money floating down from the tower.
Bobby Steev
3:52 so iconic... The scene the music... Everything
This make sense on tekken Yakuza Kazuya
Dou Fuji
桐生が好きです 😇 From 🇱🇦
Woe to he who does not tiger drop his enemies into the shadow realm
Genya Arikado
Epic fight
yoga surya
Need goro majima become tojo chairman
10:48 why he do him like that 😂
16:26 〜 anyone Do you know ost…?
4:23 lol how dafuq could you hold a couh like that?
How the hell did you ignore the kiwami prompts TWICE?
I tiger dropped him throughout the entire fight and beat him in 1 minute lol.
Ryuk Sins
Nishiki is a fish
bogs binny
Şeyda Öz
Tran Uy
3:43 that stripping was too epic make the video lagged a bit
Kinda sad Hakura left the dog in the street in the end. :(
I was getting my ass kicked, then I switched to beast style and wiped the floor with him.
Southern .guitarist
I used heat action with a knife when he tries to regenerate, makes it easier
Punx is idol and noise
19:07 if only she listened to her mother and stopped running
Tony C
He's 30ish in this game?
Firestorm Phantom Pheonix Gaming
What chapter does this take place in
kasam hussain
What happens to blind girl from part 0 after she gets her sight back.
Wisnu Wardhana
Sonic Funeral?
ricardo martinez
This game have spanish subtitles?
World Gaming
I guess Japanese people love to fight they was throwing blows that could bring a big dude down
Can you still play substories after the last boss????
Hiluminatu l
Dom Donelly
whats the name of that song at the start of the battle??
Jimi L
should’ve kept the original soundtrack here
Death by Konami
in real life using weapons like that and kicking a man when he's down is considered dishonorable in Japanese culture
Resting Tiger
Why japenese voice are so like a chipmunk