Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy a worthy addition to the beloved franchise, or should this one stay lost? Find out in our GameSpot review!

Read Miguel's in-depth review at GameSpot.com!

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964 комментариев
We really liked Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Will you be picking up this new adventure in the Uncharted universe?
Bilguun Nyamaa
Meanwhile on Xbox. Cricket cricket.
Степан Давыдов
Why everybody is so confused about the length of this game? 6 hours? Is this the main point of the current game industry? Which game is longer? For me, it is more important if the game provides enough fun and good storytelling. And looks like this game deals with this just perfectly.
The Amazing Lucas
I just saw IGN's review, it's crazy how two people can see a game so differently.
Asia Scott
Just finished it,excellent gameplay, beautiful graphics, characters & story. Naughty dog still does the best cinematic action sequences in all of Gaming!!!
IGN gave this game a 7.5 that's a pretty big difference from a 9.
Trump's IllegitimateSon
Half the length for half the price... it's not rocket science
Wilson Kosasih
Gamespot have more sense than IGN.
Michael White
Love the comments saying....

"9 is a fairer score than 7.5, stupid IGN"

While not having actually played it.
IGn gave this game a 7.5 your welcome
Bole ZG
This is more 8 hours if you do not rush true game.I think he is rush through to make review early.If is 6hrs I do not mind if is good...
Gatsby The Great
So when gamespot gave crash a 6 they were stupid and ign was better. But now that ign gave this game a 7.5, gamespot is better? Just stick with good reviewers like ACG and it'll all be good
Juan Amaya
Holy molly the last set piece is out of this world, it combines everything from every other game in the franchise.
9/10 for those who doesnt want spoilers
anyone else think this game is actually better than u4? LL has the pacing u4 should've had.
Juan Amaya
Gamespot stop with those thumbnails I didn't even realize it was a review.
Jamin Gray
Can't wait to play this. Two of my favorite characters in the series in one of my favorite countries in the world.
shawn byers
SO... IGN give this like 7.5 or something and you guys give it a 9. I'm confused 😂😂😂

Oh wait, no I'm not! IGN are infamous for giving good games shit scores haha.
El Homiederp
If would of cooler if you were able to switch between them... and they'll give you a choice of with whom to approach.. for example.. Chole tells Nadine to ambush the enemy then give you an option to choose whom to play as, and would also give a lot of replayablitiy with different outcomes and such.
Like if you agree XD
Loved the game, loved Chloe and Nadine and especially their dynamic <3 It was way more nuanced than I expected and I can't wait to play it a second time!
Who else smiled when the bad guy smacked down Nadine in that one clip?
Croz Raven
something is really wrong with the video thumbnail guys . . .
Islam is a mental illness
when it comes to naughty dog games I've zero doubts, pre-ordered months ago
Would have rathered the story follow Sully & Sam.
Never found Chloe & Nadine overly interesting and it seems like an odd choice.
Just finished my second playthrough. Really good game but not a 9/10. I would say 8/10 or possibly 8.5/10 if I'm being generous
Lincoln Clay
I would pay 50 bucks to shag chloe.
How is naughty dog able to improve the graphics of each of its games so drastically it's amazing
You guys need better thumbnails, I passed over the review like 3 times in my sub box
Another one to add to the ever growing number of top PS4 exclusives
Alex Townley
6 hours yeah right 😂 every other review I've watched and read thus far said it's 8-12..
I hope they'll make a Sully & Cutter standalone dlc like they said
I'll wait for it to be free next week
Rctctfvv Fcfchfgcg
The should have called it Uncharted: The Lost LegaSHE.

...I'll see myself out.
The Wise Man
"Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy Part II"
Wed Stein
recently played arkham knight.

dynamic duo?..... batsy + joker
I have no problem with a 6 hour single player game if it rocks...and this looks like exactly what I want from a Uncharted game! Day 1 purchase for me
I love Chloe and Nadine I am so glad we will see more of them now.
I really wanna know how Nadine turned from a villain to a good guy.
Alex Townley
"For mature audiences only" lol Uhm isn't it rated Teen like the past games? 😂
Just finished my third play through. I didn't play any of the others more than once except 4 which I did on Crushing also.

Don't care what the general view is but this was the best in the series to me. One reason alone.....

The chemistry and voice acting was superior to what we see with Drake and Sam. I always had an issue with Drake where I think he is just a bit of a prick and hard to like. With this it had loads of little connections between the two that held it all together. Nadine is the nuts and my fave character now. I'd gladly purchase more games with these two involved.

Only issues are a couple of glitches which I expect will be fixed. Train ride for example "come on get a move on" being said two hundred times. Or repeated dialogue during the mission collecting the trophies for the monkey bit.

Overall the game is a solid 9 and if it was another couple of hours on top I would give the game a 10. I really am impressed with it.
Daniel Maxfield
Just beat it tonight. (I know I’m late) but this is by far my favorite in the series. Loved the way Chloe and Nadine interacted with each other. you can’t beat staring at Chloe’ sexy ass for 8 hours.
Joseph Hutchinson
I actually liked this game more than Uncharted 4.
Wait, it's out already?! Damn...
Miyuru Eranda
Finally a better Tomb Raider game without seizure graphics
Mark Murphy
If you play this on a harder mode, the way uncharted should be played you should get 10+ hours out of the game. This was played on easy mode for the reviewer. Watched ACG's review, far more comprehensive.
Aditya Singh
Alright now its released now the time has come for THE LAST OF US 2
Always after me Clifford Borg. Amazing giveaways, 5 copies of the game!
6hrs??? I have like 4hrs already just finished the queen ruby and only on chapter 5.
ik ben boe
Just finished the game with side missions at 7-8 hours. Really enjoyed it and didnt mind the short lenght of the game. It was so much fun and beautifull. Chloe and Nadine are awesome and im certain the next game will be even better and more epic. Im actually a bigger fan of the couple Chloe and Nadine than Drake and Sam (or Sully). Go ahead shoot me for that.
Crash Pad
Price for 6 hours long? no thanks I'll buy it next year... I'm not in a rush!
Let's remind people it's 40 bucks game not 60 bucks game
40 bucks for a 6hr+ campaign is great and a lot games sell for 60 bucks don't even give you that
did a good review job then ign for 1st time

its my opnion
Papa Pred
Naughty Dog: "The last dlc for Uncharted 4 will be the last bit of of the entire series. Uncharted will be done."

Yeah so let's end it with two characters that no one really cared for, even though we set up Sam and Sully's continuing adventures.
This is how Uncharted ends, with these two. Of all people.

Edit: if not Sam and Sully, Chloe and Cutter would work better. They've been established through 2 games( albeit not a whole lot) but enough to where we at least know both of them to an extent.
Nilanjan Banerjee
Trust me it's 10 hours long....
Captain Awesome
It just feels so empty without Nathan Drake
Uhohhotdog Gaming
drake should have gotten a silenced pistol
T-Rex Ngatokorua
Naughtydog are the only devs I trust to make good games without even having to play it. They've only ever made one bad game, which was their first ever I believe? And ever since then, they've done nothing but deliver epic games such as crash, Jak, uncharted, last of us. Excited to see what they work on next .. (I know this will never happen but a new Jak pls)
People complaining that it's short. Remember that this is DLC.
Rhys Booth
Just wish Charlie Cutter made a cameo in this. Loved that guy!
jay folk
Lost city #5.
Dynamic lesbo
preorderered today for free! Cant wait for monday night!
wakyl Hakymzaada pashayeewar
no co op
is this a joke?
naughty for the win. such a talented studio
I just finished this. IGN review is BS. This game is epic. Stop reading reviews and get straight into it!
iElmo Rocho
I'm gonna play it!!! Sure, when they cut the price
I have every uncharted and 4 was boring not getting it. rather watch a let's player
6 hours is pretty good for a single player expansion
Once again fukk you Xone. Xone is on crack and going down. Crackdown
Man seeks God, Lions seek Pray
No annoying brush-haired thief with unwarranted self importance.
Instead a more Tomb Raider vibe thanks to that voice actress from FarScape.
A buy.
Chris Burdick
Sorry, but Lost Legacy deserves much lower than a 7.5 from IGN or a 9 from GameSpot.
Uncharted lost legacy is good but I would rather another uncharted Nathan Drake game
Devon Gasparotto
So did anyone else think this game was a perfect opportunity to make the singleplayer co-op?
Bruz the Chopper
anyone here from IGN review
Mclain Bolf
Well a better pairing would have been sully and Sam
Rajendra Biswas
its too early too judge but that black women looks bit ugly remind me of the evil firefly lady in last of us
Ethan Willhite
Man...IGN, Gamespot, and ACG all uploaded their reviews at the same time
9 out of 10... Welcome
Chayton Ross
about 20 days til that xbox storm and its gonna be HUGE
this game is great, but way too short
Allfather Todd the Godhoward
Finally this is done. Now naughty dog could put all focus on TLOU part 2
Gotta say I'm really impressed, for a DLC sure seems like a whole lot went into it.
Sergio Herrera
I wasn't expecting much out of this game, but I really liked it, definitely a 9, I got some serious uncharted 1 and 2 vibes, mainly 2 overall
Great review. Nice to see that the series still appears to be going strong after Uncharted 4. Would also like to mention that there is a typo in the thumbnail image ("Dyanamic Duo")
Hey, they bought us, 9/10 like the last time and time before than an so on.
Plastronica Ramesh
There's no noticeable difference between u4 and tll and game spot praised this expansion to death but bashed gears 4 for being too similar to gears 3.What has happenned ti this industry.

Uncharted tll - 9/10
Gears 4 - 7/10
40 dollars for this is a true rip off not to mention uncharted = nathan drake
Krisna KABE
ign 7.5 lol
Henri Hilario
Can't even spell Dynamic
Andy Spelic
if they do ever make another standalone game, it had better be about Sam and sully
- S I L V A -
Better rated that IGN
Make Russia Great Again
So progressive
Michael Gutierrez
I didn't care for this game. No thanks.
Top tier graphics
Amazing sound and voices
Amazing animations
Chloe's background
All this for a Standalone DLC that took about a year to create. Masterpiece!
dustin smith
better than igns review
Tommy Cruz
Just picked it up for $10. It was freakin awesome!
Does this game have jiggle physics? I'm sure Nathan doesn't need those but Chloe might.
Swolelord Nito
Chloe is a babe so I give 10/10 would neckbeard stroke to it again. This really looks good although it seems like UE4 had better graphics but that's just me.
Gerry Taylor
I'll be getting this after I get a hard drive. Before October