PS4 System Software Update 5.50 - 6 Things You Need To Know

Firmware update 5.50 is currently in beta and will be available to everyone soon. We take a look at some of the new features coming with the update, including custom wallpapers from USB, Play Time Management controls, and Supersampling on PS4 Pro.

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I could probably use the parental controls for myself. Maybe then I’ll be able to go to bed at a decent hour
If only we could also set custom music for the theme.
MechWarrior 07
I still just want backwards compatibility
The Hero of Goats
Parental controls!? Man, it sucks to be a child! I love to be an adult.... It's awesome.... *cries in bills and lack of sleep*
Still waiting on the PSN name change function that was teased a long time ago
Raymond V.M
Are you sure changing the volume of spotify via quick menu is new? I remember that always being there
ZiggyThe assassin
But can I change my username yet?
RD 2
Anyone here just to check if the update comes with a PSN ID Change Update?
That first feature will ruin these kids lives
But can we change the theme music...
Psn account name change when? :(
Bobbysterity p
I really wish they would let us change psn name. Even if it would cost us some money
For the love of god I wish we could just alphabetize our games in our trophy collections again....
Im Nyx.
Change user name & REGION! PLEASE!!!
Matthew Hardwick
I never knew that Delsin had to check his Family's playtime management settings. 😄
Hrithik Thakur
Happy birthday ps4 as it turns 5 year old 👏👏👏👏
imagine playing a boss in nioh and just before the victory you see 5 minutes left
Aqua Wolf
psn name change please?
still no id change feature smh...
Jiyaad Armien
Nothing about changing user name?
Can you guys share that Playstation Access wallpaper? It is sweet!
Obi Daniel
CHANGE psn id
Why not (realised earlier comment was just trash )
Jesse Witham
Hopefully They Fix The NAT Type Problem With Party Chat
Griff __14988941
5yrs & NOW we can customize our wallpaper w/ our personal pix like we used to be able to on...ps3. Wow. Great update sony....

*slow clap*
Adding a custom wallpaper via USB should have been a launch feature, not four years down the line! Such a simple feature that we should have had for a long time now!
Marshall Miles
Still waiting on Game play time. Like on Steam.
Scott Dixon
But still can't change my psn id? I created mine back when PS3 first came out when I was a stupid teen and picked a stupid ID that I would really rather not have any more. Surely this must be one of the most requested things to be able to do and surely isn't hard to implement?
Please let us just change our PSN names
The Rabbit Queen
am i the only one exited for the easier library navigation?
jjames e
I just want to be able to play PS3 games on my PS4 :( That custom wallpaper is cool though.
chivi AMP
Rob's mum will have a blast with the parental control
It only took 4 years to add functions that should have been available from day one. Deleting notifications... 4 years later, really?
Jimmy Crackorn
I can't believe it took THAT long for some sort of notification control to come back. So many people were biting their heads off about it and they just ignored us for well over a year. That's absurd.
Ricardo Oliveira
Lets pretend this new update is really usefull 😂
Xbox had these features for a while now
Lyrical Truth
The update is cool and all but they could let us have a slide show for the background wallpaper and be able to use gifs. Name change & backwards compatibility is also a no brainer.
#4 How did the original Notification update pass QA without a delete option? I swear some of the omissions with new updates boggles the mind.
PS4 in 2018: You can import pictures with USB Stick!!! Woho
All good, till Ps5 comes and we have to start from scratch again when it comes to expected features
Haha, i don't think 1 single parent will know about the time restriction. No kid is gonna out themselves with THAT to the parents and say a word about it
I love how you limited Delsin’s play time
Ahan Bhalla
But... You could always adjust the Spotify music volume from the quick menu....
I have been using the beta for a few weeks. This update is amazing for 1080p ps4 pro users. If you are playing a game that is pro patched for 1440p or 1800p etc but doesn't have a 1080p option then downsampling will take effect. Looks great and gives a much sharper image
Fabian Vegas
In regards to the custom wallpapers, you can also just use the internet browser and screenshot wallpapers which you've looked up ;)
Dj Chesed
Supersampling mode was a good feature.
Did you mention the bug you know the NP- thing yeahhhh this update is "great"
Felix R.
That background theme looks awesome
Julian Harrison
I want to organize my trophies by percent complete, have multiple wallpapers that switch, change music and change psn id
which//Malachi //one
No one carries about custom wallpapers or notifications, WE WANT PSN GAMER TAG CHANGES
Fury SpamsL2
I love firmware update video and also the background music
Keep it it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
I want ps now for all countries
The ability to clean up our library? ...nope
Mr. King
They can't just make it to where we can put our own wallpaper on existing themes? There is a theme where I really like the music but I don't like the wallpaper so I never use it. Been hoping for an update to change this.
James Bolter
I love the video cannot wait the update 5. 50 it was really interesting😀😎
Daniel Flores
Why cant they implement support for Sony high end BT phones like the 1000x or Wh-1000XM2? This update is for dads... and truly disappointing.
Leon Daglish
I just want a PSN store update. It's a pain when you search at the moment
Love that Wallpaper artwork
Call Me Drew
The feature that allows you to delete your notifications is the only thing I'm looking forward to.
I REALLY want to delete some notifications.
Ethan Williams
Doctor: You are only giving your kids 2 hours of screen time a day right?
Me: *Bursts out laughing*
Me: I mean of course, absolutely!
Me: *Snickers*
Kez 2009
Meh I want Spyro remastered
Jerome Sears
Now if my PS4 can wake me up in the morning, I'll be impressed.😁
Would rather have an easy to access volume control for other players in game than a Spotify volume.
Piet Keijzer
You can already change the Spotify volume?
RigBONe 360
But when you'll add the "Your Friend's online" notification?

I always don't know if my friends are online or not.
will the supersampling mode improve quality on SHAREfactor???
Travis Roopnarine
But can we change our PSN names?
• Haze •
The spotify volume control is already there and has been for a long time. Am I missing something?
Manak Mishra
I still have the launch edition...
I just wanna be able to change my damn psn username 🤦🏾‍♂️
I wish the wallpaper update came earlier. I’ve already bought a nice looking dynamic background
Vileblood Hunter
Thank you really much for this video, it helps a lot to get a quick and informative overview of the most important features of the new update without having to read all of the patch notes. ^^
I need to know how to "unpixelated" my Ps4
Félix Fernando Fernández Quiroz
Play Time Management sounds like Nintendo Switch Parental Control.
Will I actually be able to upload videos to Facebook now?...
How bout changing our gamertag? We’ve waited long enough 😡
Cry _8x
Oh yeah .....This thing is truly for players.
Cyril Jan
The first new feature got me shook.
Turn off camera shake in Rocket League and you will improve a ton

Source: Am a Diamond 1
Heart Knight Engaged
How about the share factory volume. It still needs to be fixed
Chris E-O
I always appreciate quality of life/interface improvements.
Matt M
I keep getting errors and I can't play fortnite😟☹️☹️☹️
Simon Watsfeldt
Wow the home and quick menu were better than xbox already but now it’s even better. Great job playstation.
Allen Mira
Deleting notification is back!! Thank the lord
Danny Hernandez
Doesn't supersampling reduce FPS?
l X K I_

wtf was I thinking😒
Paulo Lameiras
Strikers Edge on your home menu. As a Portuguese it makes me proud!
Icecl Keyheart
If we could also add our own song for the background would make it perfect
Can you add in music to custom wallpapers? Can you choose GIFs (dynamic themes)?
David Muzzall
We also need a trophy tracker like they have on Xbox now
Still waiting for the update to take advantage of that super sampling.
Илья Троилов
Family manager? Who is that?
I just want the ability to change my psn name
Custom USB wallpaper was on the PS3
M A L i K
When We Going Get The Update To Chang Our Name Like Xbox
Phantom Leo
All I want is to keep a theme active but change the background wallpaper....
All I can say is, "Thank goodness" for most of these.