METRO EXODUS - 40 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2019

METRO EXODUS - 40 Minutes of Gameplay So Far | New FPS Post-Apocalyptic Game 2019

• Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019
• Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

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Daniil Utochkin
Надеюсь Артёмка помнит САМОЕ ГЛАВНОЕ - не есть жёлтый снег
Jugger naut
no pregnant women with machine guns? no lesbians with purple hair? whats going on
Maybe Bethesda can watch and learn.
Надюша, да пошла ты сука
Играем на PS jmcclane393
Английский с украинским акцентом убил )
Hernis De La Cruz
Once January hits, I'll be replaying the first two metro games to get in the metro mood
So, a serious fallout game
Riddle ???
This game's atmosphere is very good.
cheeki? breeki?
Bugsy Siegel
It looks incredible. If you not played Metro 1&2, I really recommend you to play em from start to finish.
Gamers' Ascent
I'm almost as excited for this as I am Cyberpunk, 2019 is going to be a good year
alwaysalone soki
Love how you must be very careful playing this game and the details are stunning
Ох тыж блядь. И налобный фонарик после смерти сам гаснет, и никно этого не замечает. Пиздец он что от сердцебиения работает???
Man, the sound design this team does is really incredible.
Akira Moon
After watching the video and thinking off how amazing the game could be, the comments are just ruining it with toxic opinions and non-reasonable questions.
Космодесантник Кровавых Воронов
Fallout : Ukrainian edition
Fallout for men
Sata Brat
графика стала лучше, и все, больше нечего сказать, от атмосферного шутера игра стала похожа на кибер апокалиптический фар край.
Sanchez Ramirez
Fantastic colours, outstanding balance of contrast and saturation. There is a visable depth of shadows and it looks very realistic. I don't like games where shadows are flat and grey without gradation up to rich black. Here not only shadows look like, I like but every colour seems to have very wide gammut. Even if you use such filters like in Private Ryan (bleach bypas) extremelly important is to have very deep and rich shadows and lights. This is the magic, and it seems that this magic is in Metro game. Good job.
Ádám Fellenbeck
The only thing I did not like in Last Light was the fact that the best (and canon) ending was hidden behind a walkthrough which made you ignore 95% of the games core mechanics.
I think it got a bit repetitive to sneak around, put out the lights, get behind an enemy, knock him out and repeat. It would be enough to make a few critical decision, maybe do some side missions, generate some good karma and get the good ending.

I hope the developer team will not force us to be a pacifist in an action shooter game to get the games best ending. Or maybe put in more ways to knock out enemies (tranquilizer arrows, non leathal wounds/incapacitations like leg shots, etc.) to keep the non-killing gameplay more diverse.
When did Bear Grylls start narrating video game walkthroughs? XD
General Cacao
Неужели годнота! Я впечатлен от того что увидел!
Texas Moto
Am I the only one who feels this doesn't give the same scary metro hopeless feeling that's so iconic for the game series?
красиво, но мультяшно...
diego simao
Metrô Exodus 8.0/10 FarCry 5 4.5/10
Yoda loves Luke
Amazing graphics, beyond any words, but the performance though...almost cinematic 25 FPS.
George Archontopoulos
I smell a hard winter, METRO EXODUS - LAST OF US PART II.😎
2019 probably the best year ever about games!
Mike Arts
The saliva of the wolf. An incredible game :O .
Hard Limiter
i7-8700k and maximus hero board will ruin this game for me :D ULTRA incoming <3
Guilherme Rodrigues
So atmospheric...And the scenarios looks sick!!
Modern Day Noob
Nice!! I have some upcoming xbox gameplay on my channel as well 🤙🏾 feel free to sub ahead of time lol
Darran Parker
I played this at EGX Birmingham last month. Such an amazing looking game. I enjoyed it and cant wait for its release
Martin Z
it looks bloody amazing. I hope devs are gonna price it sensibly, please take an example of CDPR :)
King J
I am hype as hell I preordered the Aurora Limited Edition for the Xbox one X.
вот оборжутся буржуи с акцента, хотя, ядерная война, можно понять
Алекс Амораликс
Лол кек, на 3:55 звук ранения взят из CS 1.6. Сэмпл удара ножом.
Zack 691
So basically I have to save at least $160 to get Resident Evil 2 Remake,Ace combat 7, and Metro Exodus on steam
Erric Emerson
I just beat Redux for the first time. Seeing this gameplay afterwards, graphics-wise, was a good decision.
Richard Jolly
This is the way fallout 76 should have looked like.
The Metro games 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Logan Young
Typo at 2:08, under twin bow description.
Enes Malik
More Gore and phsyics and its Perfect 💪🏼
Huffle Puff
The athmosphere feels calm...
Unlike metro 2033, that legend made me feel unsafe in the entire game.
Tau Ceti
what game is it? exodus metro 2018 or 2019, are they the same?
Dugi Devet
When the Devs dont play in 4K you know how gaming in 4K is pointless, your EYES DONT SEE IN 4K xD
And that is the fact.
I really hope for an actual open world, like fallout 3/NV, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with serious survival mechanics.
Tréan Baptiste
The background music from 37:55 is reminiscent of "In the House, in a Heartbeat" from 28 Days/Weeks Later.
Sounds like a remix - so cool.
for someone who speaks Russian, it's fun to read all the graffiti on the walls
Hey Bethesda see what your missing. Thank you Metro!
Michel Lopes
I really love the atmosphere of Metro... But the robotic movement scripts of the models never change!
Justin Sane
Building a PC for this, except I have to wait until I know the specs. I want to play this on maximum settings.
That song near the end of the vid like 34:26

Snatch xD
By the way game looks amazing 😉 and yes I’m buying it for 59.99 😝
Happy User
Stalker 2 is in trouble of not being needed
Ivan Sushong
Everything is fine, but when I can see the metro?
Ioan Dănuţ Ovidiu
My best fap up to date.
My body is ready.
Tony Ejay
I realy hope they will spend time on xbox one x version of the game éven if im sûre they will just target à stable 30fps 4k .
всё круто,очень понравилась будущая игра
Brian Ditto
I already saw this. Why reupload it?
Noah Kirsch
*Gas mask is damaged, allowing contaminants to breach the mask*

*”Nothing a little duct tape cannot stave off”*

*literally slaps duck tape over the cracks*

This game truly IS Russian.
YadJ tra
I hope Dolby atmos on that game. The ambiance is awesome.
let me tell you my secret: "i love the metro series"
SKYRIM/ FALL OUT im definately buying this one.
Akira Moon
Tbh. This game will be released as one of the first masterpieces from 2019
Dur Hu
Sounds like at least one of the same voice actors as in STALKER.
I dont like open worlds since Fallout 3 and 4... but for how good Metro has been..i Guess if it good, I'll make an exception
holy shit this game is looking dope.
Kevin J
This game will blow Red Dead to dust.
Атмосферу Метро акцентом ещё добавили, браво👏👏👏
Looks good. 2019 will be a big year for games. Definitely buying this.
Billy Bones
Посмотрел, но так и не понял при чем тут метро
Bruno Kawalsky
Жаль, а так хотел прогуляться по Москве 3: Хотя бы в игре :D
David Liggins
Great series..Roll on February 2019..
Пушистый Плющ
METRO: Call of Ukraine :)))
Jackson Ville
Bethesda: this is the fidelity and imersivness that a 2018-19 game should have. Step your game up
This game is gona be awesome like two games before but not chance to stand against RAGE 2 and DOOM 2
Dylan Lachance
Is this RTX ray tracing or just 1080ti?
that's me
A pack of wolves meh

A huge herd of deer oh Shi......
Felix Wiesner
To me it looks like a mix of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Segas' House of Dead.
Min 27:09 ese parche cubre toda la mascara en fallout 76 XD
Becoming Dauntless
1 minute in...I already want to buy this game.
stable 60 fps in beta. meanwhile fallout 76 barely managing 20 fps
Kévin Bottier
Kadirov probably should love this game!
FarCry devs should take notes!!
Виталий Андреевич
Этот триппер нужно обязательно подцепить!!!
The game il be enjoying in 2019 and RE2R the rest I don't care.
Никита Поляков
Это просто круто,атмосфера,звук,локации это всё топ конечно)
Надеюсь озвучку персонажа изменят, хныкает как Тесак
Xoxey Xian
Metro 2033 and redux was very good games dont compare this with fallout .. Fallout is rpg
Beta gameplay....... more like alpha gameplay.. drool I need this
Derek Falls
Definitely a worthy sequel to the original.
Simply channel
The captions on walls are so funny!
Jack Marston Child
To get moral points nevef kill just knock
Some models feel like they are made without not much weight put in, more like without having any mass, so the way they fall down to the ground or when hit, the feedback simply does not justify it. But 26:27 mark is pretty satisfying, the problem mostly happens when firing with a non-automatic weapon I guess.
Почему оружие выглядит непрактичным? Оно же неудобное. Мастеры из Африки IRL делают лучше
Frince Francis
Metro: Battle Royale 2035

I know just wondering if there was a battle royale game based on metro universe.
Natalie Wattson
this game so beautiful.. i can't wait to play this game..
Metro:slava Ukraine edition
Im not a fan of the silly accents. Would have been better with proper english or native language with subtitles.
жду не дождусь , хочу геймплей на 1000часов +)