PS4 New Update Not Working How To Fix (update 6.50)

PS4 New Update Not Working How To Fix (update 6.50) How to fix your ps4 if you get a error or it will not download.
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Aaron Asamoah
Go notifications delete the update then re download, it worked 4 me
Ghozt -
I’m still getting the occur erro
Thanks for the help. I followed your instructions and it's worked.
Wavy Kiid
For some reason I can’t hear any sound out my tv I only hear it through my headphones and this started after I updated it...please help
Ricardo Milos
i've tried everything nothing happens i just get logged back in
Fly promise1234
Found this video very helpful🤟🏾🤧😩
Lluvia Velazquez
Im having trouble with the update it wont download please help
Thanks 4 the help! It's working.
Why the heck didn’t I think to turn it off and then back on again🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Xd gamer 600 YT
Basan Gaming
How could we fix it😡😡
Ruan Koen
I tried to update it .. but it said update file corrupted .. I tried internet and usb .. it does the same
Cone Entertainment
I love you reemo hop and Aaron asamoah your tip worked
I tried opt 5&3
My Ps4 pro dont recognize disk after update, but power off/on and it finds the game. For now..
yung Yorke
Thanks man you really help me cuz I didn’t work for a hole week now
QB Hooping
Thank you for getting straight to the point
Now im having issues with 6.51
Amir Anderson
My sound wont come on my PS4 but my tv works great and i cant play kingdom hearts 3😩😩😩somebody help me
Thanks for that..i was so worried
Zain Erick
They need to fix this I've tried and still nothing
Dash Copland
I did not what he exactly said And it did not bring me to safe mode
Carlos Ingram
Just go to the failed update in your notifications delete it and try again that worked for me
Kaiden Beaty
Your a god thank you so much
RJ- 071298
Do you play on PS4 with the update
Captain Obvious
Just restart your PlayStation, worked for me.
Sarah Clarke
I’ve done update but still saying cannot update file or connect controller
Please help!!!! I tried everything I am getting pissed so much
Miguel Tinoco
It worked 👍😀😀😀 thanks. But you need to show how to get to safe mode, had to watch an other video how to get to safe mode.
Ali famly
don't tell it show it
Mad Man
I turned it off and back on and it work and sound still works
Wayne Spark
I just don’t get it, like I go into safe mode and click update software using internet and it still says “an error has occurred”
I’ve also tried the reubuilding option
Edit: okay It finally worked, so I went to downloads and deleted the fail error notification and then I went back into safe mode and updated the software from there
I tried to do everything please help
Thx ur a legend
NIGHTMARE 71 Warfare YouTube-YT Official
I guess all you had to do was Shut it down and turn it back on
Peter Senior
I swear other week disc tray went after I didn't open it for 3 month and now this ps4 man don't make me switch
Drift Plays
Thanks for the tip
melissa rosalez
I’m getting error code 42-118-6
Thanks. It works on the PS4 Pro.
Angelo Arevalo
Dude this helped so much td
My update gave the error SU-30645-8 so all I did was delete everything in Notifications and Downloads then Rebuilt Database.
For anyone that keeps getting an error code even after the Safe Mode process, try rebuilding your database. And try the whole process again.
im doing all of thoes things but every time i do it the opions never come up it just logs me back in
David Mowry
I'm stuck at the safe mode screen and the screen that says install 6.5 or later. Those are the only 2 screens I get. I've tried everything other then "initialize ps4" and don't wanna do that and lose everything. I tried attaching a LAN line for internet to get the update but it says "connect lan cable and try again."
NANDO Ramirez
It worked
Jamarie Banks
I got my disc corrupted thank you very much 😠
Stacey W
Hell yeah thx
Preston Gibson
There’s no sound on my ps4 but it downloaded
pearls gt
Yurt Turt
Thank you so muc
Anne Luttrell
do you need a pc to turn it back on?
mines still not working plz help
Boruto Uzumaki
Okay nvm I got to work
Rayaanz Vlogz
I can’t find the options...
Maddox_ 070
Thanks man
Thx man
Daveina Scarlett
My ps4 is not updating
Sean Thompson
My controller won’t work now because of the update so unable to select any option on the boot menu
Peter Senior
Don't work I tried
yurty durt
My PS4 won't let me go into it
I can’t get on my ps4 at all on the new update
Rico Drako
It’s doesn’t work tryed every way
Joey X Smith
I'm having problems with the sound. A lot of people are having the same problem on the PS4 forums. Download worked but the sound is gone. Tried unplugging it and switching it back on and tried the safe mode but that doesn't work. Thoughts?
wolf boy of the gaming and art
Thank the gods
Ffortnite18 Fortnite
That didnt work
Dynamiic Wizard
I don’t even have the update :/
Eber Vasquez
This video was uploaded 5 months ago how does he have season 8 fortnite
Andrey Hernandez
It says the usb is not connected but it is
Dayne Horne
everytime i press update software system it says download it via USB and when i do with USB it wont work plz help man!!!
Big Oy
I did the option 3 download it via internet on safe mode but then when i download the software after it reaches 100% it fkin says error something
Tristan Neverov
Tried this already, didn’t work
Dr. Mutant
Error SU-42118-6 SEND HELP
Ryan Petersen
Did the update and now I have no sound. Resetting and unplugging the console does nothing. My resolution changed to DVI 1920x1080. Any tips?
skullfook galaxian
I try everything and the only thing that works is I've got to format and rebuild PS every time I turn it on wtf .
Eric xxx
I did all tht and still having trouble with it the PS4 will shut off but not come back on and if I turn it on it gives me the error code again
Victoria N
If you type where is DNS settings on ps4 a reddit website should be there click it. It should say something likw how to improve connection speed, follow the instructions. When i did this it quickly downloaded and before i found reddit it kept saying error so try it
Basan Gaming
Error su-42118-6

1= no

No working
Manuel Juegos
Well i found a black screen error while i was playing call of duty modern warfare remaster, was a short black screen but this is happening after 6.50 update... They are making things even worse
Moises Gonzalez
My question is how do you put it in safe mode??
it still don’t work like WTF bro
Shawn Burnett
LED Fletch
dont work
FxnallyRxch Tv
42-118-16 is the one they say you have no resolution for. We have to sit out this update, next update we’ll be back and running
Screen stuck at System software update says please wait, it’s been like this for 5 days. It’s hardwired, I don’t use WiFi.
Thouxan Ban
Just keep spamming and it well work
YouTube headquarters official system monitor Ted
I can’t get to safe mode after the two beeps
Mr.nobody 01
I realised after the update my ps4 is lagging anyone face the same issue ?
ashleigh lever
My ps4 won't do it
Beth Lockser
I can't get on the safe mode? Help please
jit jit
It automatically takes me to safe mode and says I need a USB storage device ( Flash drive) and doesn't let me pick options and stuff
Moonlight Gacha 24
How do u get on safe mode?
Michael Smith
Does anyone ps4 keep saying the error massage. I can’t even sign in into my ps4. When I tried to update it does update
Fortnite action
Mine is su-37553-3
pink boi
I still can’t update it sooo this sucks
Mike just says “connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.5 or later” and I tried going to and that didn’t work😒
Lewis Mcguire
I am