How To Transfer PS4 Hard Drive Data To PS4 Pro

What are the quickest and best ways to transfer your game data from PS4 to PS4 Pro? Rich suggests three different ways to get the job done. Be warned - it may take some time...

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Vladimir Pejić
I've just conected my old PS4 with Pro directly with single LAN cable. It took 4 hours for 900GB of data. No router involved ...
Sina Madani
3:16 anyone else imagine Angry Joe saying "NINE HOURS!" in slow-mo?
Will Parkinson
You can connect the PS4's directly via ethernet - it's much quicker than going via the router. Did about 300gb in 30 mins or so.
Andrew Arbogast
That moment when you realize a grown man still can't pronounce an "r" consonant...
Ever G Salas
So i can't just take the old hard drive from my old dead PS4 and put it on a different PS4 and have all my stuff show up?
It is good to clarify that the external HDD must format in exFat
you can connect the consoles directly with Ethernet. 360gb will take about 1.5 hours... can't believe they didn't know about this one
So for my situation usb hdd is way to go as I want to move my hybrid drive to the pro unit.

1 - hook up usb hdd
2 - backup ps4 and wait
3 - move the hybrid drive to the pro console
4 - hook up usb hdd to new ps4 pro
5 - restore ps4 and wait

Good to go hopefully at this point.

I agree that if you are happy to use the hdd that comes with the pro then ethernet is the way to go.
Taylor Pinkham
I love how disk encryption is optional on PC. Sony forces it down your throat.
Daemon Lestat
U gotta love that left arm moves😂😂
i always use the first method, which is saving my data files then start from scratch (doing it actually right now on my new 850 EVO SSD) :D
Polo Surf
Do i have to log in with my psn account in order to restore my data with the HDD backup method?
if I sign in to my new account in my new ps4 and put the cd that I used to play on on my original ps4 will my progress be saved while im playing on my new ps4?
Nicholas Allyn
0:32 I was thinking about doing that.
"Nine Hours"!!!
So with a big hdd or usb stick, I can make backup off my game patches?
And restore it to a new PS4 with my acount?
Emu Bii
We TutorialFoundry now? xD
Backup, wlan transfer, hdd swap, upload/download saves data..! My god! what a mess! An external hdd support? ah... isn't xbox one!
Carson Cook
I used an ethernet cable and ran it from my PS4 to my new console (pro) and it took about 4 hours to transfer 1.01TB. Easy.
Guts Dragonslayer
So I have an SSD in my OG PS4 right now, when I get my PS4 Pro I want to use that SSD for it, if I just swap it out will it work or do I need to format the SSD before I put it in the Pro?
Nicholas Nolan
exactly the video I was looking for thank you.
Jerry Flowers
I had 1Tb HDD in my old PS4 (filled to about 700 gb) it took about 6 hours to transfer with the ethernet plugged directly into both systems. That was the estimated time I had gone to work and it was done when i returned.
Amir Paydar
I transferred 500gb of data with the Ethernet option and it only took 50 min.
I love how all of these videos assume that you are keeping the old PS4.. Like why wouldn't I trade value towards it? Luckily the backup to hard drive option should work for me in this situation. Thanks for the help!
Dankuz M33mus Maximus
362 GB and 9 hours woah, it takes me 4 days to download 40GB so no thank you
Brecondo [Digital Renegade]
I deleted all the installs and transferred settings, profiles, captures and stuff using LAN :D
THANK YOU! This was extremely helpful, just finished watching another video analyzing the Pro as I'm thinking of trading in my launch model for one, and I'm stressing over how to save all my data and settings etc as it's just the game files I'm worried about (as well, Final Fantasy XIV will take like a whole day to finish if I gotta update it from the base game again yeesh)
I got PS4 Pro and I transferred my stuff from my old ps4 to new ps4 pro by Ethernet cable, I had about 400gbs of stuff transferred in about an hour.
ERB 88
I transfered my data (212GB) to my pro via ethernet cable, and the process took less than forty minutes.
i had like 350GB and it took 1 hour guys!
All I want are my saves and trophies. I don’t mind installing the games again. I think I’ll go with the cloud option as that seems to be the fastest.
Kim Lima
Top-notch video, thx.
Vincent Vinyl
I normally love your videos, but this one was really phoned in and even wrong: The fastest way to transfer data from one PS4 to another is via direct ethernet connection. You don't even mention this method - that was poor research.
This is exactly what I was waiting for, I will receive my Pro today and I have around 350gbs that I need to transfer and only a 250gb external HDD, so wanted to know what was better if delete games from my ps4 to squeeze into my ext HDD or use the cable....guess I just got my reward
Maldo 12
What if I save my files through the cloud and then sell my PS4 for the Pro? Will that's still work?
Think ill do the hard drive backup thing, as im selling my old ps4 for the pro.
Wow, no update to this video to mention connecting to the two units directly with one Ethernet cable?!
9 hours !!!! it took me less than 4 transferring 667GB from my old ps4 to the pro while both were connected to the same router
I just transferred 797gb from ps4 to router to ps4 pro and it took me 20 hours long. but it's all worth it.
I just bought a PS4 Pro and this video helped me a lot, so thank you guys, and keep up the amazing work.
Load of bollocks. 1tb took just over 3 hours for me, both connected to router via lan. Sick of this negative crap from DF. See first sentence.
I have about 1.8 tb worth of stuff on my hard drive would I have to buy another to install in ps4pro so I can transfer all of that data or can I simply install my hard drive some how?
Heha Direx
I connected them directly with a LAN cable, took me around 50 minutes to transfer 370GB...
Super Ducky Blue
I always use the external harddrive method glad to know i can use the same method to transfer data from ps4 to ps4 pro
I have a 2 Tb in my PS4 & I want it in my pro when I get it. That looks like it's going to be hard
i just uploaded the saves files. and re-installed, re-downloaded the games, and i was good to go. thank god for my unlimited bandwidth :)
Fairus Bapok Siam
Just curious, I already have a original ps4 (2tb)and a ps4 pro (1tb). I just bought the pro btw. If i change swap the hard drive of the pro and use my 2tb drive, will all the data be included in the pro?
Hhhh Hhhh
What if I deleted every thing on my ps4
Xbox One: Unplug external HDD, plug in to the new one, login, done.

Moving data to a new PS4 is a mess and it takes FOREVER. Even installing a new HDD in a PS4 is because you need a third HDD to store the backup temporarily...
And also. What about loading time with an sata3 ssd on the pro? Faster than the other ps4 versions?
All Kindz of Gainz
when I first got it, for 800gb transfer, it was going to take me 16 hours+ via Ethernet LAN. that's ridiculous. I just did a fresh start, installed just the big titles, and downloaded the saved data from the could. was up and playing in minutes.
I was able to transfer 1.58 Tb from my old ps4 to the ps4 pro in about 5 hours. I left it all night and got it ready the next day
Luke Smith
468GB from a 1tb HDD to the Pro. 76mins to transfer. 9hrs for you? Damn
Tyler Swann
I used a cat5 cable between them. Was very easy and 360gb took around 1.5 hours.
if do the second or third option, am i going to lose PT ?
Why would 64 people dislike, such an informative video shot so well? i sometimes don't get the logic behind these kind of viewers.
wut? I can't take my ssd from the original ps4 and move to the ps4 pro?
Game Of Justice
Just buy a PC guys seriously sony on some joke ting :)
Mahtab Khan
How many times can we do this cuz I might sell my ps4 pro to get a new one
565GB took 2,5 hours over Gbit LAN (The estimate started at over 12 hours, don't trust the first estimate)
I'm glad I can play my games from xbox one external hard drive.
Alexander Rucker
Great advice. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
Valeed Qureshi
Thanks. This helped me a lot...
Prince Dizzy
Great vid thanks, more Pro content pls.
Harsh Kumar
DF, please make video on comparision between Rise Of Tomb Raider Enriched visuals more & orignal ps4 version.
I did the LAN cable connect and it did 500GB+ in just over 2 hours. Hybrid to Hybrid however so that might have sped things up.
T Miller
LAN cable attached to two systems is the best way to transfer data by far.
Ross Wagner
glad I have cloud storage, and external storage on my console, atleast there is a decent way of doing this for the PS4.
100% correct. Thanks!
Landoku Ryu
Thank you for the information. It was very helpful. That was my biggest concern about upgrading to PS4 Pro
Are u the Rich Leadbetter, previous Editor of The Official UK Sega Saturn magazine?
1.2tb 5 hours via router (BT Smart Hub)
I used the Ethernet transfert method, and it took me "only" 90min for 350GB.
My PS4s are plugged on the same switch, connected to the router through PLC.
2:57 3:19 rooter???
Debanjan Chowdhury
Why the sound is so low?
Daniel Isaias
Soooo I can't swap my 2tb hard drive on my old PS4 onto a PS4 pro??
Thanks for this. I never understood why Sony doesn't let you use the old HDD with a SATA USB cable and just plug it in and transfer the files that way. Seems like an extra step for everything else.
I'll use the hard drive method. thank you
Howard Goldstein
I don’t have my old console there’s no way to upload via the network?
oh wow, i thought consoles were supposed to be simpler than PC?
all this I have to do when on PC i just swap out HDD or plug in a USB or SATA or ethernet cable or use the cloud.
3 hours for only 360GB? That's slow. I transferred via my home network my whole nine yards which was ~900GB and it took only little over 3 hours on 1Gbps network.
Sabah Ahamd
I connected my PS Pro to 4K tv and I don't get my 4K signals it works when It's at 1080p. But not on 4K Signal My tv is 4K. Any suggestions will help thanks. And yes I have HDMI 2.0
External USB backup and restore seems to be the best option.
Love how this channel has become strictly ps4 pro now with ps4 pro videos for more than a week straight, as if no other gaming systems exist and yet you have not done a single video to show what kind of improvement people can expect with PSVR, which is one of the main reason this system even exists.
Sony and Microsoft have both screwed themselves over by focusing on 4K so much.
so can I copy game like PT to PS4 pro after I sell PS4?
Instructions unclear, got my rooter stuck in the PS4...
UttR Concrete
I transferred 2tb of data took five hours
My Biggest questio..... Does the game PT work though? after transfer from ps4 to ps4Pro?
you're a shitty person
I used an external HDD with usb 3.0. Transfered 300GB of data from my slim to pro. Took me 4.5 hours total.
I'd like to know which is the best way to keep cool the ps4 pro. Orizzontal or vertical? Is the vertical stand useful or not?
Grace Kelly
How can you transfer PT? Will it be available on the Pro?
0:47 oh dear, has it's own sub section now at the bottom.

And don't upload to the cloud or user a usb, plug an Ethernet cable from console to console, transfer via storage settings. Automatically formats new HDD and should have up to date firmware.
Chris Carranza
what the hell so I can't transfer my 2 terabyte hard-drive from my standard PS4 to a new PlayStation 4 Pro?
What if I trade in my PS4 for the Pro?
Taha Imran
Will Digital Foundry do a test for the Souls games for PS4 Pro?
Megan is a gamer
Actually getting it tomorrow, but just put everything on my external hard drive.
It’s forcing me to use the external hard drive as extended storage. It won’t let me me back up ps4.
David O.
can we just switch the hdd's and that's it???