FIX! PS4 Turns on then off. Simple

This is a very simple solution to fix your ps4 which when turned on, shows a blue light for a about a second then shuts off. Could not get into safe mode, i tried a new power supply, tried everything and this worked!
All you need it a Philips screwdriver and a few washers!
Ps4 won't turn on switches off shuts off blue light clicks turn off
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Kian Thain
precut ziplock
It didn't work for me :/ So I smacked the top of the PS4 like it was an old tv... That worked lol.
Brian LOKS
Watching in 2019 and still works
Sharr M.K.D
Damnnn worked forr me right now in 2019 !! u are a genius thx Shelly
This works because the solder joints on the GPU starts to loosen. Adding the washers allows more pressure to be applied onto the GPU keeping the joints contacted.
As a compute repair technician, I was REALLY not expecting this to work. To my surprise, it DID work. Thank you for this video.
Calm Spacey
Where am I supposed to get washers I don't have random shit like that lying around my house
Jamie Mitchell
If you still have this YouTube channel you are a genius I managed to bring back my old PS4 I live because of this technique
omg i loooovvee yoooouu soooo muuch thhaaanks it's worked pmg thanks a loott
before i watch this video my ps4 with blue light and i can even open it but after this video it worked omg thanks alot
Benny Rodriguez
Truthfully, thank you
You really saved me 🤗
Sat Nav Gav
amazing I can't believe it works thank you so much you're a star
شادي الحارثي
You just saved my vecation ❤️😍
OMG it worked!!!!! I love you thank you so much you saved me from going to prison I was gonna kill the guy who sold it to me. bless your heart
Mine Had Some Kinda Of Springs On It Do I Remove It?
It worked for me. Thank you very much. How did you figure it out??
XD Climaxx
All my ps4 needed was a good smackin
Lucca 040
it looks like you're making a lego spaceship😂
K City
Im buying a ps4 off ebay that says it turn on then turn off im gonna try this thanks you also nice accent 💯💯:)
Brian Brand
Worked like a charm! You, madam, are absolutely AMAZING 💕 Thank you so much for making this video and extending the life of another PS4 😊
This worked for my PS4 with same issue! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
john the king
My ps4 is turn off when i play a game. I start the game and after 10-15 min is turn off and the same time is turn off is do piiiiiiii and then close
What need to do?
Adi Florin
I got the same problem
jimidelphia igguls
you must be my ps4 fixer angel,,,thankyou!!!!!,,, if you're ever in Philadelphia food is on me,,,
John Homsey
You are a goddess among men. Thank you so much!
Stevenson Neou
Do you still need a new power supply?
Many thanks! Ill try this on my daughters unit.
Master Ed
I smashed my PS4

It's still alive wtf hate my WiFi
Kurt Snow
yes so far mine has been fine since I booted it into safe mode and hit option 5 rebuild data base.
Love ur accent
Mark Roberts
Holy shit!! Its working! Thank you so so much fir the help
Sniper -T
Thank you, you saved my ps4.
Juan Agustin Lasala
WITCHCRAFT!!!!! 2 years later, I revived it. Just thanks.
Spoon Legend
Where might I be able to get those SMALL screwdrivers and where might I get those washers.
aj Baugh
this works like a charm.. thanks.............. i love you
Worked!!! Thank you! Just remember to make sure it's screwed in tight... I tried it a first time and it didn't work so I tightened it, worked like a charm! 🤩
DJ Knight
should have shown the fault first then the fix
The Full Suns
thank you..hope this works for me!
Derek Girouard
Love the accent.
Oh. My. God. 1 year later and you helped me!!! Wow.
FaZe Icey
Alright I’m gonna smack it I’ll tell ya if it works
roclan parkinson
DOSNT WORK, well , didn't work for me, probably my power supply
Mikko Lopez
That accent. 😍
it actually worked 10/10 gg back to gaming. thanks!
Glyn Jones
Thank you, ended up using 4 washers
Payten Allen
I did this and now it wont even turn on ;(
dirtymack 10 network guru
IT WORKS after i changed my power cable .then reinstalled data base thanks
Kawanaa Broadus
I would like to thank u 4 this video, we had tried so many things & your video was the only 1 that work. Thank u again!!!!!!!
Jackson Harris
Thank you :)
iCu For Sure
this fixed mine ...thankyou!!
Justin Fewster
just got my ps4 back after a month at our local repair shop, he said it needed a new motherboard and wasn't worth fixing. ...guess what? it works now...took 10 minutes...incredible.
Hector Hernadez
Omg this worked
Spoonfed Truth
Thanks for the video! I’ve heard about this before, I hope it works, my ps4 will power up, I get the logo, then it cuts off. So weird, it’ll work randomly and then stop. I’m gonna try and I’ll update this!

I tried 3 washers, one at a time, still doing the same thing :( thanks anyways
Gong - Gentle Mind
Omg it works thank you so much.
This saved me so much money. Thank you
You helped me realize that my PS4 was missing that piece that you unscrewed, where can I get one?
evanjaline harizz
I just pressed on the top of mine now its working well ha ha ha ha :) LOL
Mo the pro7865 Luqman
thank you so for a really help full tip.... my ps4 has started to work yippppy.........
Definitely works! Thanks for the fix!
this fix sounds like one of those "how to get free cable" videos.
Neptahli Parian
Jesus Christ. I put like 3 goddamn washers and it works. ps4 pro , nope. not yet time
Cid 117
You're my heroine.
the awsomedom
Worked wonders thanks so much for the tutorial

Edit: it sounds like a boeing 737 now
How did you remove the top of the ps4 cover without unscrewing the t8 security screws?
Lord Ronald
July 2017. It works. Thank you. Mine would shut off and/or rest mode by itself.
It’s worked thank you
Kaminari Gold
do you know the size of the washers? i only put 2 (1 on each side) and it turned on and the fan went crazy and shut off with 2 beeps
jonathan johnson
I thought to myself " this will never work" but can safely say this is the happiest I've ever been to be wrong. Thanks a million.
M Gaba
O my God I love you its working ty fro this vide 😘😘😘
Mike McCoy
I smacked mine in the spot where she replaced the washers. Boom. Turned on no problem.
Carlos Fernandez
I almost bought a power supply but I said F it, let me try this, and it worked! Thank you for posting the video
Itachi Uchiha
I just bought a PS4 3 months ago and it's having this problem, ima try and see if it works
Didnt you forgot a few screws? In the second cover?
Yado Koyee
It actually worked thank u sooo much may god bless you
lovely voice i could listen to you allday lol
Brett Santillan
It worked! Thanks a stack!
Guillermo Martinez
worked for me! thanks!!!!!
Ricardo De Jesus Marcelino
Wow was a bit sceptic at first tried it out and now it works!!!!WEIRD!!!thank you
mine only turns on by itself then stays on. and my ds4(controller) turns on by itself then off
Texas Hermit
my ps4 wouldn't turn on, so ordered a replacement power supply. while waiting for it to arrive I watched several videos so if the power supply didn't resolve the issue, I would have other options to look into.
after seeing you're video i removed the top covers (i had to remove 2 screws to remove the right side cover), my system didn't have the metal bracket to remove to use the washers on, so put it back together and plugged it in and heard a beep, so i hit the power button, and it turned on and worked normally. I turned it off and back on an it still works. so thank you for posting this video.
p,s I think the screws may be causing a grounding short.
ms. angelιqυe
I'm going to try this I hope it works for me !
Miguel Angel
God bless you
tried this and my power button wouldnt work after i put the cover back on lol
ashley latscha
It worked like magic I cant belive it thanks
Juan Zuniga
you need to unplug the ac cord for a couple seconds then plug it bck in and turn it on from the ps4 and it should work it helped me
Josh Hernandez
Omg thank you so much my ps4 works again
Ed Charette
Wow!!! It worked.. ps4 has been running clean for 3 hours! Thanks! Great video
Taz Martin
Haha nice one thank you, only bloody useful video on the net :)
Jeffery Baker
It's working! Hot damn!
warrior cats unturned rp
omg I'm getting a ps4 tomorrow evening. it has the same problem. this will work Ik it will! thank you!!!
Rodrigo Robredo
Oh my god it Works!!!! I Will never figure out what kind of witchcraft this is. But my old 1st generation ps4 just came back to life. Thank u so much ma'am
Alexander Sierra
YOU'RE MAGICAL!!!! Can't believe this worked!
Ian Mckie
I just lifted the top up and it worked sweeettttt
HeartBreak Anonymous
Thank you so MUCH PlayStation is my life and I would legit die without it thanks again also you have a lovely voice
Church Production
Just found a ps4 in front of my house last night. YEAH lol. Took it in and it had this issue. This video works! Thanks again! #free ps4 lol
Alpha Male
Im having the same problem with my xbox one s help
Um. I don’t have a slide thing on the top of my ps4
gunna give it ago when my ps4 gets here and the bit you was taking out keeps the cpu and gpu tight with the thermal paste on a ps3 you have 2 :p
Gian Nielsen
Holy shitttttt it works o my god thank you so much.
Chronic Scurvy
This gives me an idea. If you guys can't afford washers (you can) or if you are rushing to find a way for this to work, you can hit your ps4 where the power supply is (not too hard) and it will push the motherboard to connect to the power supply. Thank me later
Joerail White
my ps4 did the same but ill try this to see if it works!!