Is "Valiant Hearts: The Great War" Worth Buying? Is it Good? Valiant Hearts Review (PS4/XboxOne)

Is Valiant Hearts: The Great War Good? Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review, is it Worth Buying? (PS4/XboxOne) Kritical Reviews

Is "Valiant Hearts: The Great War" Worth Buying? Is it Good? Valiant Hearts Review (PS4/XboxOne)

Kritical Review

Heres just a quick sum up of how my reviews are normally laid-out (sections may vary depending on the game and/or genre):


I’ll briefly go over the main story and plot in the game highlighting several aspects of it without revealing any big spoilers, I’ll talk about the narrative and characters too giving my opinions on how both the story and characters are and if the story is engaging. A strong set of characters and a good story are often high factors in making a successful game though not all games rely on a storyline so this section may vary in opinion depending on the genre and type of game (e.g. racing simulators don’t normally have much of a story if any) but if the game does feature a main plot, I’ll say about it in this section.


One of the most important factors of the game is what the game actually involves you doing and whether it’s fun or not. Here I’ll be telling you what you actually do in the game and all its key factors (side missions, collectables etc.) I’ll also give my own honest opinions on whether I enjoyed playing the game, I will also mention how varied the gameplay is (whether it’s repetitive)


Does the game look good? This might be obvious if you are watching the video in HD, but I’ll be giving my opinions on how the whole game played on my TV, sometimes giving comparisons to other games and talk about how smooth the animation look, I’ll also mention any slight (or major) problems I encounter, like repeating textures, texture pop-ins, framerate judders etc.


How I perceive the overall style of the game and whether it flows. If the game has a particular art style then I’ll comment on it here and I’ll also talk about the menus, loading screens and transitions of gameplay are set up and whether it’s a simple game that’s easy to pick up and play, or if its more complex requiring a bigger learning curve to master (games like RPGs)
Multiplayer (not always available):
If the game has multiplayer (competitive and/or co-op) I’ll probably say about it here, giving you basic info and my opinions on what you’ll be doing and the game modes and whether its worth playing or not. (lots of games tend to tack multiplayer on a solid story mode so I’ll tell you whether its worth playing or not)


Basically how long the game lasts and whether it’s gonna be a quick weekend adventure or a long hauled journey, usually games with lots of collectables, side missions, leaderboards and multiplayer increase the games overall lifespan, and this is where I’ll tell you about that.


My overall verdict of the game giving pros, cons and a star rating.

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