PS4 New Update Not Working 3 Fixes (update 6.50)

PS4 New Update Not Working 3 Fixes (update 6.50) 3 Little fixes that might work if you can not download the new 6.50 update.
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Muhd Solehin
I've done everything , but when it comes to initialising the ps4 it stuck at 99% and then back to cannot initialise
Connor Hofmann
Thank you soooooooo much man!👊🏼
Ffortnite18 Fortnite
I havent played my game in 5 days☹️
Young Snowyy
Once I click the rebuild database it just keeps saying cannot start the ps4
Mr McClutch
already tried this didnt work also initialized evrything nothing works
Okay this is new for me and i don't know why i keep getting this but everytime i play online games it disconnect me. Like literally this happens for a bout a week now and i don't know what method of fixing it should i do. Plus i did restart and reset factory settings on my ps4 but it still giving me the disconnection error. I tried it with my lan and wifi still giving me the error.
Adan Olmeda
Thanks for the unplug tip! The damn system said it would take 11 hours to update! I unplugged and tried again and it was done in minutes. Many thanks!
2Lit Jeff
It found my file but get to 1% n keep getting a error ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ I jus wanna play my game help
My problem is that with me l am the update 6.50 of the pc via usb download and then everthing is deledet
Cheers man, never knew about safe mode. Helped out a lot
Veenu Bindra
Best video award I tried it for days and you made me do it in munites
All 3 fixes don't work
Flippercape Games
Mine just says no internet connection even tho im flippin connected
I got mine to update eventually and my disc tray hasn't worked since, no discs in or out.
Luke Masso
I'm going to rebuild my database and tell you if it works
Jason Kouwelaar
So here's what I've done.
Several months ago my disc got stuck in the tray, happens to playstations a lot so didn't think much of it. When the update came I got this SU error (cant remember the exact number but a lot of people have this problem) and couldn't install the update. I have tried everything. From updating from internet, updating via usb, disconnecting one of the ribbons connecting the disc player and reconnecting it, rebuilding database..everything. it hasn't worked for about 5 months now. I have more than €200 euro's worth of games on there and it's completely bricked. The only thing that works is netflix. If anyone has any idea on what I could do please let me know, though i'm so done trying to fix it.
Crafts Gaming
Thank you for helping me now im subscribing
Ffortnite18 Fortnite
None of this worked
Jonathan Garcia
Thank you so much thank you so much 😊
Fontay Bennett
I’ve tried 104 videos and it only worked from you
Karan Rokad
Thank you bery much bro it worked
Rockstar Quezz
Damn PlayStations
Hey I have a problem maybe someone could solve. Whenever I move my joystick up the camera goes down! I don't how to fix this and I have searched this up, cam anyone help?
Sean Thompson
My controller won’t connect because of the update any idea how this can be fixed
I havnt played in years
Kristian Malt
Thanks for the help budd
Yo CookedU
i keep getting error i’ve done everything
icantgetnosleep1 subscribe
Same as me all 3 and I cannot get usb more than 250g atm will they bring new update or fix it or just leave it?
vade Kryiptical
I don't have usb cable for my ps4
Kyler Seal
It did not work it won’t let me sign it or nothing
Thx it worked 👍
Ayman Safe
I've done every single option and nothing seems to let me update my ps4 do u think u can help me
It's wouldn't work
Enterim Zip
I tried rebuild database and still got the error
Alastair williams
Keep getting error su-42118-6 please help
Anika Lewin
Hello, Let me give him his props. This actually worked. I went in safe mode and select the option to update and I let it ran and did its thing. I am now signed in... Thank you so much...
Pls help me i cannot download 6.50 plsssssssss
Astro Wolf
thank you so much
So I did Option 3. It downloaded all the way and said system will restart now. Now it shutoff by itself and hasnt turned back on.
Ohh Creativity
@Ricks Youtube Channel Tried updating v6.50. Have tried multiple times and I keep getting error code (su-30679-5). Please help
Basan Gaming
I have su-118-6 error plz help
Nathaniel De Hahn
Yesterday my ps4 froze . So the only thing I could do was switch off the power to let it start up again . The ps4 now enters safe mode everytime I turn the ps4 on and it says I should download the update from which I did and that exact update that I downloaded from the official site , the ps4 says its needs version 6.51 or later . Please help me
kaerlenko games
I can play games with disc only but it says cannot download update 6.50
Karan Rokad
I subscribed u
Adrain Sanchez
I tried both things and nothing
Ohh Creativity
Anyone know what error su-30679-5 means
Ohh Creativity
Anyone know what error su-30679-5 means
6 subs 2 videos
My home button is broken
kevin dotson99
If you try to rebuild database it just says error only thing that did work was restarting PS4 it worked for a little bit then when I tried to turn off the PS4 it would not turn off I thought I beat it and just ended in a fail lol fml seriously I'm getting tired of this happening it's not easy for me to download my games again because I use a hotspot off of my phone a definite fix is factory reset but then you lose everything you just have to re-download your games all your progress from your games should be saved in the PS4 cloud online
Abstract shymere
It says update found but it won't work .-.