UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End - Madagascar Preview | PS4

See Nathan, Sam, and Sully explore the plains of Madagascar in this gameplay video.

Several years after his last adventure, retired fortune hunter Nathan Drake is forced back into the world of thieves. With the stakes much more personal, Drake embarks on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. His greatest adventure will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.

© 2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Created and developed by Naughty Dog LLC.
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Has anybody found a lower jaw bone? I've dropped it while watching this and can't seem to find it.
Erin B. Paz Flores
Uncharted 4 xbox's end.
This is one of the rare occasions , where the actual graphics are better than those you see in this video
This godly series became more godly.
Matthew Maduli
Hope this doesn't sound silly, but I'm amazed by the dirt and powder looks and wet mud. Like what supposed to be dry is dry and whats wet looks wet, like too real.
Cesar Hanson
Throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening!
Give any game to Naughty Dog and they'll turn it into a masterpiece.
Bejbi Zombi
Now this is a next gen game.
I can't believe some people actually won't get to play this game lol. So sad :(
Arii lmaoi
the 1k disslikes are 8years old HALO players
Naughty Gods are once again showing their incredible power here. Uncharted taken to the absolute next level with these open environments. I can't wait!
Hugh Mungous
These graphics are sexually harassing me.
Anybody of 2019
Lewis J
Finished it in one day. BEST. GAME. EVER
Okay so, these graphics are like, the best I have ever seen on ps4... I can't wait!!!
Luciano Garcia
Anyone else noticed how the waterfall wash the mud out of the car? So many details...
not sure why I love it so much, but the fat the jeep actually struggles through mud and the AI acts accordingly is so satisfying
tEch OnE MaLayalam
anyone watching 2019
Angel Villegas
I just got it today and I gotta say, this is the cleanest game I've ever played (Graphics) I love it
I could play an entire game of these guys riding in a car. Uncharted 5: Family Road Trip.
Lamberry TV
So many butt hurt PC gamers 😂😂
John Doe
If you haven't traded in your Xbox for a PS4 you should probably consider doing it.
Charles Martel
If IGN doesn't give this game a 10/10, I will be shocked. Anyone else agree?
Wolf x
can't wait for my Slim to get here so I can play Uncharted 4, on my new PS4 Slim.
Nate: "Aaaaand go."

Sully: "And no."
Lieutenant Yoshi
I love the dialogue in these games. The sarcastic quips and funny comments between the characters never gets old.
Data GamerXxx
this game graphics is more cool then gta 5 graphics
Monkey D. Luffy
So funny when PC guys come here JUST to spread hate, I mean seriously how sad can a person be LOOOOOL..
Tcho Laury
I enjoy driving in the mud 😊
Watching that jerry can move around in be back of the truck excites me as much as the gameplay
BYU 11
R.I.P Xbox
It's called 'Uncharted' yet there is clearly a map.
Fabian Siegers
Uncharted 4 is the best game for ps4 and Naughty Dog has done an increbely good job with story, graphics and emotion. Thank you
Rawknee Salami
They nailed the colors!
Cael the Player
The plate says "Elena" upside down.
The One And Only
After I finished watching this, I immediately remembered those fools who said "Lara Croft's Tomb Raider is better than Uncharted." Those poor Xbox fools!
Hamza Karim
2 days left ladies and gentlemen!
Zain Alabedien
I don't think I can play and enjoy this, the graphics are too distracting!
Saiful Islam
September 2019
Jesus, the way everything interacts with everything else is nothing short of astonishing. The conversations. The mud caking on the wheels. The winch sliding over the terrain and the fact that Nathan actually has to jump over it in stead of just clipping through like in every other game. The way the water ripples.

And on top of that it looks so freaking gorgeous.
Imagine what an Elder Scrolls 6 would look like in 3 or 4 years.
i bought a ps4 again for this game
The graphics are incredible... no game probably tops this in terms of technology. I wonder how many staff and money was put to this game...
Kaleb Cookie Crisp
RIP Xbox
The way the sun reflects off the wet mud is so amazing. It's the little details that make a great game
"Aaand go"
"Aaand no" XD
Marcel Motorzoneza
This game has the best grafics ive ever seen!
I love these adventure exploring action games like uncharted and tomb raider
Varun Garg
I am 100% percent sure that volcano will go off...
yes, i've done this game some time ago, and still makes me shock how incredible massive game it is
RIP Sully's spine. already preordered the game, i'm so excited!
This game is the reason I bought a PS4, one of my favourite game of all time
The best game with the best storyline and graphics 👏
Berkay Shady
Stop teasing us sonyyy i cant take it no more :((
César Torre
Estoy enamorado de este juego.
I am in love with this game.
Justin Carter
"We're good." lol "I got mud in my mouth." lol
Robert Langley
omg I need this for my life xD
Martin Tan
Now see, a Mako could've climbed ANY of those rocks.
Max Shuvalov
watch... or not watch..
Carlos Ley
i think i need to change my xbox one for one ps4... :( i loved the graphics of this game
I love this game. Some of the best voice and face acting, and dialogue I've ever seen in a game. And amazing gameplay too
Oh my god there's just so much to look at, definitely gonna take me weeks months even to look at everything in just this small section
I hope nate carries around his own lighter this time
Estan brown
Man u reallly are osm, i tried playing that mission the way u did but i ended up replaying the checkpoint for about 5 times
Ahmet Çağatay Kuğu
I’m playing this game since i was 5 and i finished the all serie 5 time and finish the Uncharted 4 9 times and i think Uncharted is the best game F O R E V E R ❤️👍
Abbas Parayil
who else is playing games with
ps2 only me hmm I know ...
"Too much sun. 60/100 SPF."
Sunglass Enthusiast Weekly
I hate you .
I hate you so so much.
I've been waiting so so long for this game and here you are playing/demonstrating it.
Super ahmed
11:11 Uncharted VR confirmed.
I cant wait for the game, ive already pre-ordered the Libertalia Collection
tom2002monste r
this a beautfil game....I love it
Nathan Drake
Levin Gönül
Gurman Singh
I love PlayStation 4 PRO And this game was fantastic it was so amazing
Jacob ferg
You can even drive through mud? that's amazing.
Love it. I can't wait to play it!
Diane W
Honestly, looks amazing, not seen anything looking this good in a long time.
Dan Jun
im playing this and im so bored
Wow off-road simulator 2016 looks great
Elijah Daniel
Me: Dude, check out how amazing these graphics are!

Brother: It looks the same.

I no longer talk to my brother.
Sean Navarro
Too many graphics. 2/10 - IGN
Tommy Rupert
Uncharted 4 game of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opick Hidayato
507 xboner crying right now (T_T)
The ending of this game is unforgettable man i lovd this series
Ishaan Kalani
Xbox is screwed now
Boy Dags
The Graphics was so amazing wow :)
Uncharted 4: a Masterpiece's end
Chedi Hammami
it'll take the best game of the year :)
Joao Machado
These motherf*cking naughty dogs are some skilled game developers. Looks Great!
Chris Hecker
9:30 how my PS4's going to sound
Michalis Michaelides
Luu Nguyen
I'm going to get this game.....I know I am not going to be dissapointed
AKSSK Lwmssn
UNCHARTED 4 Athifs end❤❤👍 #ملزلز
Pano mo Nasabi
This game is like assassins creed and tomb raider at the same time
My mom bought the PS4 an hour ago and I'm just looking at some gameplay on this game because it came with the PS4 <3 it's is AWESOME #LastMinuteShopping
Elizma Taljaard
Im literally addicted to uncharted !!! ❤️
AZzKicker ENT.
wow!!! speechless. you just won a new fan!
Bravo Steve
Naughty Dog worked their but off. I love them. This is going to feel so good playing this after all of these disaster releases for this year. (The Division specifically)
Ok hang on, hang on brb. I need to find my mind cuz it's everywhere in my room