Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4

Check out the Days Gone gameplay demo from PlayStation's E3 2016 conference.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information
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Vincent Madrigal
Anyone else came back to this video after the game released
Arthur Morgan
When your classmates hear a chip bag
Nyny 100
He is literally every Walmart employee on Black Friday 😭😂
Imagine them putting up "Coming Spring 2019" how many people would be like wait...what?
Denis Parker
For those who bought the Extended edition of the game: *Attention - mini artbook contains spoilers. Do not open until the end of the game.
Tj Laumatia
Don’t let this gameplay fool you it takes way more bullets to put at least one of them freaks down 😂
Nearly 3 years later and we're only about a week away from the release... so hyped!
One way Jesus Christ
Come on. *COME ON!!!*
That was badass. 😎
Manos Soares
Am I the only one that would never look back and just run?
Chef Gamming
7 days to go.
7 days is enough to say goodbye to job,wife,kids ect...
Debargha Podder
Real one is much tougher to complete :") I almost uninstalled it
jus tin
How does he have so much ammo? I have like 300 with my bike
With 700 bullets like in this video it is easy af
FOU-Champion2322 8
When it’s Black Friday 7:45
Tyler Joseph
5:39 that lucky moment.
Who's here after playing the game?
I played this mission can someone explain why the e3 version is 20x better?
7:45 when there's free wifi
Cheeseburger Eddy
I love the game, and it honestly sits next too Red Dead Redemption ll, as my favorite games of all time. But I wish they would've kept this camera angle, rather then it be more over the shoulder like it is. They should have a camera angle setting.
Pancake The Legend
Bro if theres limited stamina and you need to recharge it by walking , youre dead.
Flagellar Brute
Great Horde wants to know your location
Mrmudmigs Gaming
this demo makes the freakers look like their skin is made of butter.
This reminds me of when I opened gum in school...
emiliano brugada
2 years later and were still waiting
Paper Ninja
I wish the freakers were actually this easy to kill haha (laughs in frustration, cries and sets PS4 on fire)
Vatsal Joshi
This like another horizon zero dawn. Again PlayStation king of all exclusive titles
ZKmahesa TM
Who watch this before 3 month Days Gone is Realease
This game looks scary af. I hate running from anything that will f me up. It's so intense
Ivaylo Aleksiev
Release date - April 26, 2019
Darul Ahmed
Finally playing my most awaited game😊😂
Looking at the trailer again don't know why
Pushkar N.S.
days gone
by the time the game comes out well be gone
Days gone now of waiting for this game. Only two months are remaining to release. After 3 years it is releasing in 2019.
Niels Lotterjouk
100+ hours of gameplay just like this and i will need a heart transplant
Aizen Sousuke
April 10th 2019, Can't wait to play this. This game is badass! Counting down the days! Until literally Days gone lol.
Claudioh RM
Se puede jugar esta versión ???? Por que me gusta más que la del 2019
John Jarocki
I cannot wait for next week. Days Gone AND Endgame on the same day.
Tylen Martinchuk
Can confirm hordes are just as horrifying in game
Mighty Mitch
Game buggy af
*Hey Joe, you wanna play a zombie game?*
• Beta •
We need that kind of Hud back in the game.
Steven Adiputra
Already pre-order dude. 26 April 2019 ❤️
InCharacter LetsPlays
Why would you even try to fight this many zombies? Get to your bike and be gone, bro.
iTz_ LeXo
Who is in 2019🤣 Then Like
So zombies surrounding a wooden house were struggling to break down the wood and get in to kill the player

Yet they have the inhuman body strength to push in a metal garage door

Logic y'know?
Maicol L.
I can't believe that Starkiller from Star Wars Unleashed live meanwhile with a Zombie Apocalypse in Oregon under the new name Deacon😮
Shooting feels a bit laggy...
Twiipz - Here is Back
The last of us + The walking dead + world war z
Donkey King
I was really hoping for this game to actually be like this, but it turns out not to be
tyreese gayem
If this is gta this will be easy lol. Especially in director mode.
Lucky ASMR
This is a genuinely great demo. The claustrophobic atmosphere, mixes so well with the zombie hordes as he desperately is running out of places to go and don’t even get me started on that booming musical score!
Nate M
When your class mates find out u have sweets
Uniform Tango 74
Jayy Lee
Release next month on the 26th April!!! Can't wait :F
I Want To Die
3 years go by fast
anshelo borja
ImIt is simply amazing. I love this game and every detail it has.
Deacon character who as the story progresses wins the love of many
Supreme babbby
This is me the whole video
Go go go go go go hemsnshshemeje
Brandon Lichvar
When you open a pack of gum in class.
Speed Roller!!!!
*I Need this game in my Life!* ♥️
Gabriel Keisham
Probably not a game for a person with high blood pressure!
Sa Ji D Bhat
Great Game i loved it
Who watch in 2018
Hit like
Why didn't he just run back to his bike tho? He had plenty of time after those logs..
Mustafa Hasan
I can't wait to play this game it seems awesome the graphics are perfect and who is with me give me a LIKE
Bina Bhatia
Days gone and we too are gone (while playing this game) 🎮
Torf Gorb
Bruh don't show me the demo if you're gonna release the game in almost 3 years.
Tenzin Tendar
This game play made my adrenaline level reach peak. Can't wait for this game. I doubt the played must be shroud.
Brendan D
How it be when you're the only one alive and its round 150 on COD zombies 😂😂😂
Mehraj Baig
I love it this game
I can't wait this game
Kegan Gowen
I’ve watched this trailer everyday for the past 2 weeks in excitement for the release of this game.
Kaneki Ken
Joshua.D murphy
Jason momoa must go through this every day

I see people complain about how there's no multiplayer.
Multiplayer *ruins* dramatic games. Also, this game would be terrible as a multiplayer game.
just me
I want this game now... take my money
The downgrade is amazing
Kobedrei gaming
has anyone come back here after the two dog mission as well?
Frederick Röders
3:21 My leg!
Benjamin Farrington
lmao did he just use that oil filter as a silencer XD
2019 version is definitely downgrade 😥😭 !!!!!!
Its crazy how close this looks to the finished game...
Ace Wolfgang
The trailer is so different compared to the game.
Good thing he deiced to bring 600+ rounds of ammunition with him to catch 1 guy...
Rio Damar
In the future is come out in 2019
Steven Croft
This game looks incredible!! Take my money now!
Syrus Nelson
Releasing Feb, 22nd 2019 :)
Eric Sommers
I was on the fence about this game... until I watched this.
''May contain content inappropriate for children'' Srsly? Where? I can't see that content... its just black friday in mall.
YT_Mirko Hendrixxx_HD
Jetzt am 26.04.2019 ist es endlich soweit ❤🤗
Yash Gaming
1:18 hmm a NERO checkpoint
Doctor Rumor
When your the only person who finished the homework and everyone starts chasing you for answers
Hoco Poco
My two favourite zombie games that are coming out days gone and dying light 2
I would have already died 467 times
This horde mechanic looks cool. Anybody know of other games that do it like Left 4 Dead?
There should be more games like that.
Abhilash Buragohain
Comments below are 'cant wait for this game' oo hello you people have waited 2 years already 😂😂😂
Beta version?
I M So Excited For This Game
The freakers remind me of the monster from I AM LEGEND
Finally on 26 april
kevin senna
O jogo está incrível
Agr eu só preciso do ps4 pra joga pq nem isso eu tenho :( kkkk
me: i been waiting for a longtime for this
Developer: Keep waiting Player were still improving it.
Leche Fran
if this was in real life, i'd rather waste all those bullets into my head rather than experiencing this terror.
Manav Paikrao
Orignal game is not like this