Yakuza Kiwami 2 - REVIEW (PS4)

Yakuza 2 is often considered the best game in the series. Can the Kiwami remake make it shine even brighter? Or is it best left in the gutter? Find out in our review of Yakuza Kiwami 2!

Special Thanks to Chris Kimble!

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KIRYU-CHAN for Smash!

Hey, if we can’t get him in Tekken, why not Smash?
The Golden Bolt
My boy's at it again! Love seeing the Yakuza love on GX, and Chris is the top guy for the job!
I'm playing Yakuza 0 right now. I bought it finally the other day. It's amazing! I plan on getting Kiwami next and then this one. I might buy Kiwami 1 today just because it's only $19 dollars lol
Tommy Deonauth's Archives
Ah... something different on Gamexplain. Nice to see them take on a PS4 game for a change. My older Sister likes the Yakuza Series, so I might recommend this to her.
Oh damn GameXPlain talking about Yakuza, that's rad.
killer queen
Ayyy, a review for a non-nintendo game!
The nerdiest Gamexplainer takes on the Yakuza.
Just bustin your balls always fun to see you here
ayyy videogames

The Dragon Engine feels so damn good from my time in the demo, I'm really looking forward to the first of a potential trio of Yakuza games out this year. Planning to do a review of Lost Paradise as well?
Zac Yoder
I loved this game I think it’s my favorite in the franchise great review!!
Great review! Hoping to see more non-Nintendo content in the future!
Sakura Stardust
I got the Steelbook pre-ordered, so I'm super excited 👍✨ I do have one question though:

Is the Majima Everywhere thing back in this one? I love that man with a passion and need as much as him as possible in my game.
Oscar Guzman
Not Nintendo related ? “Looks at dislike ratio”
Yourson Isold
Yakuza 2's definitely been the highlight of the series for a while, but Zero really outdid it for me. Kiwami 2 then once again upped the ente in a way thanks to how gorgeous and polished it is, making them basically even in my book.
Michael Sauer
Kick Punch Scream: The Video Game.
Joel Rodriguez
This has been the most elusive game in the series for the west, I'm happy it's easily available in stores now in remake form
Quality review, thanks.
The changes to the Clan Creator bugs me, I enjoyed mashing units in 6. It was easy money.
Pug Kun
Ive been waiting too long for this game
David Pérez
Very close to 1 million subscribers!
Carl Bloke
If he producer was smart he would’ve ported 1&2 HD to switch and anyone who says it can’t be done or run good I will fight you on the streets
Kiryu from Yakuza didn't make it to TEKKEN 7 instead he got replaced by Negan from AMC'S The Walking Dead (I'm not joking that actually happened look it up)
Sub the Scrub
Are you guys going to start doing more non Nintendo switch reviews?
Wilfred Cthulu
Could you guys review All-Star Fruit Racing
Guys, try and listen to the Battle theme! It's so jazzy!
Ive played 1 so I’m gonna play 0 next but THEN I’ll pick this one up! And after that I’ll figure out what I wanna do about 3-5 lol
Your non Nintendo videos are always a treat I cherish.
Declan Decke
Ahh i just have no time to get into this franchise! Where do I begin? And should i just wait for an anthology!?
Paul Howard
Yakuza!!! 😎🙌
Almost at 1 mil bois
YO KIRYU CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Gamexplain for putting up a review on such a hidden gem of a series. I just beat Kiwami and I’m so looking for part 2 👍🏼
I just started this series with Kiwami 1, how should I proceed? I have 0, 6, and the ones on PS3
It was pretty ok to me
Jonathan K
lol switch would explode trying to run this game but I don't think it would be a bad idea to port 0 + kiwami the switch could handle those and they are great entry points to the series
D-Jams #1086
Did it say Club Sega?
Does the small in game area that was cut refer to the place where you climb the watchtower and have to solve the shogi mystery(tried to keep vague bcz spoilers)? If so, that's a shame but understandable why they wouldn't want to recreate that entire area in the dragon engine for a part of a chapter that lasts about, what, an hour or two on a blind playthrough?
Of course Andre isn't doing it lol
Tyler Pendleton
Is the map bigger than 6
Strat Christ
Kids Games The Channel
Marco Olivier
I know nothing about this series, but I'm half-interested. Any tips from current fans to lead me on where to start? My primary platform is PC, my secondary is the Switch, and I can wipe off the dust of my PS3 if I'm desperate.
I'll wait for a PC release.
We want to see Daisy’s Final Smash!
Oofle Doofle
Not on nintendo switch, not watching