Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Before You Buy

Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4) is the expansion/continuation of Uncharted 4. Does this Nate-less adventure live up to the name? Let's talk.
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uncharted lost legacy ps4 pro gameplay
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Uncharted theme is noticeably absent, otherwise I would've start the video off going "bum bum bummm bum bummm.." you're welcome.
Joshua Oswald
I would be totally cool if the next uncharted game focused on sully.
Discover Earth
Before you buy...

make sure you have a PS4.
Joe thy Hoe
No Uncharted game is too long.
Shouryadripta Sircar
How on earth does someone get bored while playing uncharted 4????
Dutch Fighting-Game Federation
So an uncharted game without Drake and a badass female in the main role. Sounds like a better version of Tomb Raider
Tvrtko Kotromanić
Wanna hear a joke?

Xbox One
I don't care if it's the worse uncharted game... it's more uncharted
Sam and Sullivan story might be awesome. It definetly deserves a full game
Not Spider-Man
"Admit it... you're gonna miss this arse"
Monkey D Luffy 24
It feel weird without Drake
I want an uncharted with with drake's daughter as the main
Fiseldisell GmbH.
I would prefer a game about sully
Bilel Hidri
Uncharted 4 was too long for you ? Dude... I wish Uncharted 4 felt too long for ME :(
I said it before and Ill say it again

but chloe has a nice and thick booty ...
Robby Bobby
Just finished playing the game and I must say it's a very good/solid game. Yeah, it's shorter than previous Uncharted games, but it's still fun and the story is pretty solid even if it does have a generic villain. What I like about this game is that you do get to know Chloe and Nadine more as characters.
Lucia Ozaniaková
I would turn gay for Chloe
Marcelo Guia
The reason the game was over so quickly for you is because you rushed to the end. Other people who have played it have gone up to 11 hours of gameplay. In that open area you probably ignored everything that didn't have to do with the main story which is probably the main reason why it was so short for you.
does it bug anyone else that there are two main characters and not a lick of offline/online co-op.
Uncharted: Kim K edition
Shawn jassal
I feel like this is just a dlc for uc4
Unnamed king
We want a next one with sully
Elijah Horn
I fucking love how it's not Nate it's Chloe and Nadine because chole was my favorite character in uncharted 2 and in the series and I loved Nadine in 4
Joseph Su'a
Man that end sequence was freaking rad! lol Wished that was in Uncharted 4.
2:05 You use the word "pretty" 4 times in less than 5 seconds. Get a thesaurus.
Mike Echo
Damn I quite piss when I bought Uncharted 4 Deluxe Edition & just get multiplayer skin & some shit that I don't care, now I so glad I bought it because I got to download this masterpiece for free.
Logan Wheeler
Nathan Drake lookin THICC
I don't know why but I keep imaging that the female character is Lara Croft.
I loved it! I was so sad when it was over :(. Definitely hope to see more of Chloe and Nadine since they are partners!! Just hope we don't have to wait too long !!
ScrubLord 445
I wanna see an animation of jake baldino vs. Falcon, 8 bit style, their powers could be the games they, like if one of them like street fighter they coupd haduken
The_DIM _67
Oh yeah, that last scene was so goddamn good, I couldn't believe I was actually playing it! It combined my fav scene from uncharted 2 and my fav scene from 4. It's like your playing a damn action movie! The 40€ (in my currency) where totally worth it. I love naughty dog! 😁😀
Jordan Robiller
One of these days I'll watch a before you buy, before I buy.
Got it for $9.99...& Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $9.99 cant wait to finish gaming schedule to start on them!
Faisal Hafeez
I like Chloe more than Nathan honestly
Mitch Lamm
This is my second favorite uncharted game right behind uncharted 2. I think naughty dog did a great job with this story which had a cool villain.
Bima Sudiarto
For some reason this channel is ALMOST always my go-to channel whenever I want to see what a game looks like before buying. It's good. No wonder it has 5.1 million subscribers.
Hunter Katze
I like the game alot even with out Nate. The characters are funny, -Cool- Bad ass, and the game is beautiful
Monte Wolf
XBox: We have Tomb Raider exclusive.

Uncharted 4: Hold my Nathan
Michael S
Just finished this game. I loved this installment, and despite loving Drake, I will continue supporting the series. These two characters were great and I'd love to see them in another game.
maddie does life
God I got this game as my intro into the uncharted games. Damn... I need to get uncharted 4 now
Anything from Naughty Dog I will get excited for. Too good of a track record to not be.
Oops too late I already bought it!

"... two main characters who both aren't exactly good guys, I know *Drake wasn't either* ... "

How is Drake not a good guy?
nobody survives even one bit
Theres nothing to say about this game. It's just a masterpiece like4.
Just finished it. Bloody fantastic. When the third character came in I was so happy ;)
Ibtisam Anjum
We love Nathan ❤️ and we want it back in series as main character
I absolutely love it ! Started playing today .. love Chloe! She's amazing ! Worth the money as I'm a huge fan !
Chris A
“The dirt on their pants” ;) ;)
Chloe's always been my favorite 💕
Brysen Famularo
I want one with Drakes kid
My biggest criticism is probably that it is so much uncharted 4.
I'm in
Andrue Finley
The game was really nice and since I bought the "season pass" I was given this experience fairly cheap so now actually receiving and playing it I love it, just loved it. But I wanted more. Honestly uncharted 4 was perfect for me because of its length but the vehicle exploring part made it seem long which was at least kept interesting due to the interaction of each character. They were trying something new and I appreciated it, didn't work out for everyone but unlike other developers, they entertained you from beginning to end. Oh also playing younger versions of them self in uncharted 4 was meh. Not horrible because storytelling but I wanted more high octane action but it paced itself so nothing was stale.
I love Chloe <3, so yeah I didn't mind
The game is amazing 👌🏽
Political Destruction
Damn, I'm in the system. They know that if I'm watching a before you buy on Uncharted: Lost Legacy, that I might want to buy the game and show me ads for it.
OsG Kingz
4:10 the dirt on their pants really lol 😂😂😂
Kc JoJo
Probably one of the best games out there
Jim Miranda
Question for the audience:
Who would you have liked to see Nathan end up with Chloe or Elena?
Who's better Elena, Chloe or Nadine? and why?
kapil busawah
Every uncharted game has made me want to have a Sully stand alone

Hopefully we get a glimpse of his colourful life with a few of his clients
Downloaded Uncharted Lost Legacy 12 mth ago cos it on offer from PS store, I couldn't get into it cos I was to use to all the (Nathen Drake) Uncharted games.

12mth on thought I'd give it another go, it's just as good the originals they should make a 2nd.
Magicfoolbus •
And IGN gave this like a 7.5?
I was blown away when I started it. So many details done perfectly. Especially in the beginning
Brent Addie
I can't wait to get back into uncharted pvp!! Uncharted 4 pvp was my favorite pvp game !!
Jonny P
Loved UC:TLL it was amazing as good as UC4. Loved the characters and I want more uncharted games with Chloe and Nadine in the future.
I love this game I like the relationship between Nadine and Chloe. I like how. There's two female leads it was a fucking amazing game
John von Shepard
"Lesbian simulator 2017"
That ending tho xD fucking amazing luv this game
Alfando Yogatama
Uncharted 4 was probably one of my favorite games of all time and this might be to.
Kari Ally
"I hope was longer, but not so long because i get bored?"
Developers: ah... ok.
Smooth cola Pepsi
I really hope they do another dlc for Sam and sully I want to see that since this one was a really good spin off/dlc
I like Chloe, I thought she was always one of the stronger characters of the series. Lost Legacy is a good chance to really show her off. I kind of hope that they give a her a longer story after this.
Gandalf Odinson
I didn't think Uncharted 4 was too long, I loved that game so much!
BadMan Grinch
First time I'm watching BEFORE I actually bought the game haha
Kendrick Perkins
Uncharted is my favorite game series and I would be absolutely okay playing more adventures with these characters or even different ones. I'd like to see a Charlie cutter adventure and definitely a Sam and sully one
Tiffany Peppylotti
I wish we could play as Nadia :( I want to play as her wearing her auction outfit and the heels
I've never seen an ass look so good!
Jenny Soto
I thought the game was awesome, Granted I love uncharted 4 and love the crates and climbing. I wished it was longer, but felt like the story was told well at a great pace. I thought I was going to HATE the fact that there was no Nathan Drake, but honestly, by the end I didn't feel that way. I still love him and the gang, but grew to love Chloe and Nadine almost as much (and that says a lot because I didn't really like Chloe before....home wrecker! 😜). Great game. Highly recommend and hope for more with these to at the front.
Jordinho Charles
I don't care about this list
Both of these chicks are attractive af

I'd totally marry Chloe
Julia Urbanowicz
I'd definitely play Uncharted with a young Sully as the main character. That would be amazing.
Jinjun Vonphilliys
I bought this game and played through the storyline this weekend. It was my first Uncharted purchase. I'll be buying Uncharted 4 next weekend. This game rocks. It was so much fun to play!!
Manish Shukla
My Take:
1. The chapters are too short
2. Feels the same as Uncharted 4, nothing different
3. Combat scenes are not that good.
Damien Centers
I think a game with a young Sullivan would be amazing and have it end right when he's about to meet Nate for the first time
Daniel Gurney
Was going to wait to pick this up but it looks to be really good with a good price as well. 🙂 I've heard a lot of good things as well.
I personally would love the next one to focus on their daughter more or less like the recent Laura croft series
s e b a s t i a n
It's already out yet, I'll be right back...
Miles Wittig
I preordered it and loved it! I'm definitely going to replay it multiple times, and I haven't even touched Jak and Daxter.
Give Victor Sullyvan his own goddamn game.
I pre-ordered as a long time Uncharted fan, and beat it on the first day. I loved every second.
1:00 IGN's review stated the exact opposite. I guess I'll find out which one is full of shit. I'm putting my money on IGN.
Riley bazan
What would be great is if they continued to explore the other characters of uncharted like maybe Flynn or Eddie
I almost didn't play this game because I wasn't too thrilled about an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake.... but man, I am so glad I played it anyway. I actually enjoyed this so much more than Uncharted 4! The graphics was almost mind blowing. It also did such a great job with the story and building the comradery between the two main characters. I have played this game through twice now on crushing and there wasn't a part in the game where I dreaded having to play again. If anything, it was the opposite, I loved playing all of the parts including the puzzles. I cannot say the same for Uncharted 4. I'm not sure why this video kept bringing up the carts.... there were two carts in the entire game that I can remember. There are two more rail carts... and that was it.
Steven Ezzat
I just finished the game yesterday and i was SHOCKED about how good this game is i really wish it was longer if it was, hell i would say its better than uncharted 4
M Farrow
I personally would love to see a game that focuses on Sulleys story, like take the game back to the 70s or 80s, that'd be awesome 👍
tesla forka
I love this game, and I want ND to explore more characters. But its never the same without Nathan Drake.
KeLion Pro
Gameranx is my top choice channel for insight to video games
Damn I never realized how sexy Chloe looks in a suit
Play Golden Aybss, I will love you forever.
Ryan Howe
I really hope we get one or two more
Theweirdbeard 336
Literally saw this after buying the game-_-