Yakuza Kiwami PS4 vs PS3 Graphics Comparison: This Is How Games Should Be Remade

Yakuza Kiwami is a fantastic remake that needs to be released outside of Japan.


Yakuza Kiwami PS4 Yakuza Kiwami ps4 graphics comparison
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But technically that's PS2 and PS4 graphics comparison.Yakuza 1 from HD Collection is just a PS2 game rendered in a higher resolution. Honestly, I thought this video will show us comparison between PS3 and PS4 versions of Kiwami as it is indeed pretty interesting to see how Ryu ga Gotoku Studio managed to make the game look great on both systems.
Kyle Lamb
"Too bad it won't come to the west"
DTS Demon
Well good thing it's coming to the US now in summer 2017!
Alex Kim
One thing kiwami also released in both ps3 and 4 why don't you compare that
Why does this feel like a copy of DigitalFoundry's Yakuza Kiwami video?
Love the series! Sega got a special place in my heart, Genesis (Mega Drive) was my very first console.
Tchitchouan Inouane
yakuza kiwami is a good game
jay hyatt
Todo 1996
Pre ordered for the ps4 yesterday! Can't wait!
Jesus Vazquez
Greetings from the future, kiwami and kiwami 2 DID got released outside japan
yea ryu ga gotoku is almost remastering 1 to 1 with added features...
Marc Rosado
It's coming out this summer , and yakuza 6 in 2018
James Sutherland
fail comparace com kiwami de ps3 esse ai só é o remaster do ps2
Donny Ohakam
the original yakuza released on ps2 not on ps3.
Kenneth Shiro
No longer interested in bringing them to the US? We always get them, just takes about a year. except the samurai ones i guess. Westerners? Not too into samurai shit, as we saw with way of the samurai.
i think left is not kiwami but 1&2 hd...right? the reason i think like that is at zero that there was no difference between ps3 and ps4. but in this video they are too different (i heard zero was released earlier than kiwami)
Romeo Eng
yakuza kiwami ps4 = yakuza 2 on ps2? same??
Adam Harits
The title is kind of misleading
Michelle Sutton
Not only are you not comparing the PS3 version to the PS4 version...but you can't even pronounce the name of the game correctly...
angelo cruz
rip ps3
Ananta Damar
that's PS2 on the left !!!
sad we don't get this game..not until 2020 or mybe not.. sigh.. sega sega sega :(
Ferdy Yanto
This is not kiwami ps3 vs ps4 but ps2 hd for ps3 vs ps4 kuwami... stupid video...
Nurkay Erbay
I would buy the kiawmi if there was a way to cheat i the game. I played 0 it was fun but wher ı reasarched kiwami was not so diffrent from zero in gameplay mechanic. I don't want to grind again to unlock all skills gain money etc to enjoy the story so ı'm gonna probably play ps2 version on emulator.
theres a real ps3 port bad vid
uhh that is the ps2 game
R en
Ps4 best
StarBossMarine Crunch
Yakuza Kiwami's Fighting styles SUCK They're exactly like Yakuza 2 and yakuza 1....
John Chi
It's releasing outside of Japan!!!
I think the left side is ps2 not ps3
Angelina Vie
still its looks like what I play in ps2
so you want tell me that they just copy old ps2 version to ps3 disc? :v seriously?
no shadows improvement on ps4 since ps2. SHAME.
The boss fights suck though.