PS4 Safe Mode Guide (Fix Restore Error, Update Error, Factory Settings, Initialize PS4)

▶️Download PS4 UPDATE FILE:
▶️If these steps fail you need a new Hard Drive: +Drive
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How to make a PS4 Update USB drive.
-Format a USB stick to FAT32 format with atleast 8GB capacity
-Download 'PS4UPDATE.PUP' file listed above
-Create a folder named 'PS4' in the root of the USB drive then create folder named 'UPDATE' in the 'PS4' folder
-Copy 'PS4UPDATE.PUP' to 'UPDATE' folder
-Insert USB drive in the USB port of your PS4 and follow the instructions in this video.
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Lawrence Holmes
I know someone had to get on fortnite after this
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You helped me better then the PlayStation company
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Thank you im too poor to be buying ps4s willy nilly worked amazingly
Still stuck in safe mode
dupree lifesurgreatesttherapy
You said that you had to use a ethernet cable to do the update but that's wrong sir I'm updating my ps4 rn through my girlfriend's hotspot. Seems to be working just fine for me. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️
dupree lifesurgreatesttherapy
Thank you for the safe mode guide though🤟🏾
My PS4 asks for an update via USB
Is internet update don’t work or the USB as well

Been stuck forever I’ve downloaded the latest one
Marcus Watlington
Thanks a TON! Although I had to choose the "Initialize PS4" option, it still was way better than the SAFE MODE loop I had been stuck in for the past 3hrs. I almost just threw my hands in the air and went to the Irish Pub. Thanks again!
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Thank you so much last optioned worked for me yah transfered all my data from my other ps4.
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Thank u it help out a lot!!
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Thank you so much it worked I was panicking i went out bought devil may cry and was thinking I wasn’t gonna be able to play you saved my life
You are a God! Been looking for hours trying to recover data from an old hard drive and your video has helped me recover my kids game saves. Wish I could like this 1000x. Good looks brother man.
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Thank u
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@Fasttech plz help me i think u r the only one in world who could help me.I have a ps4 and it was not starting up it was stuck in like restart phase and was not restarting than i checked my ps4 was not working than isaw your video which recommend me to have a full service of ps4 which i went to technician who did it i played it for two days and it was fine now i m facing again the same problem it is not restarting as in pakistan electricity cut sometime so it have to restart but when it checked 100% it does not come on and it becomes mess plz help me????????
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thank you so much. it worked for me!!
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You are the man. Very helpful video. Thank you!
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I assume the new update is messing up with everything
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Thanks bro helped me get my ps4 back up Lol Couldnt update it it wouldnt start, safe mode fixed it and updated it to 6.02 no problem, working MINT :)
M Bakez
This genuinely helped me so much thank you so much xx sub and like
It goes to screen to say connect DualShock but my controller is just turning on and off I even plugged a usb in the ps4
I cant update and play online why??
My ps4 is 6.20
I have good connection
And its says an error has occured. (CE-32955-4)
thank you
young dagger dxck
What do I do if when I tried to get on a game but keeps login me out
Thank you so much! You saved my life. Much love man.😍😭
I hold down the button while turning on the ps4 and it just turns back off
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I don't have a computer
You hero❤️❤️ he’s me geeking out😂😂
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Hi, i just downloaded the ps4 update.. im gonna try to use it now.. keep you posted.. lets see if works.. (fingers crossed :3)
Sameh Elnashar
i couldn t update it for a whole month until i saw this
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How do you fix the ps4 in password in safe mode????
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Thank you so much u are a young god I subscribed and liked
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Most useful video yet thanks man 👍
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You are the best one in my live
Can i ask u a qusation
bro you are the best you solved the problem for meeeeee
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Hi I cannot update to 5.50 just keep say update then turn off then
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video was super helpful thanks!!!
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It WORKED!!!!😂😂
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Helped me with my ps4, great video💯
i have Only One Way is The 7
in safe mode i don't now What the problem ,,...... System Dosn't start 😭
I need to reinstal 5-53-1
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Thx so much bro my uncle almost killed me because neither of us knew wtf was going on XD 😂
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well put video, thank you. Helped me out!
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Thanks mate ! This really helped!
Joseph Gonzales
Can’t do any of the options. Says I need to download update 5.05 and I’ve tried with a usb stick formatted fat32 and I’ve tried every update for the ps4 system on the PlayStation website and still can get it back to normal. Won’t go back to default or initialize
Joseph Preston Jr
Thank you for the help bro, it worked for me!
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helpful vid had to reformat..
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Thanks for the help your awsome
My PS4 wiped itself and I thought I’d never see it work again, you saved my Ps4! I am deeply grateful!!!!!
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thank you

but i have to be like 6 hours reinstalling everything i had :(
I'm stuck on the conect controller with usb safe mode screen.
Joshua Howard
I tried clicking the ps button on the controller but it wouldn't connect for some reason
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thanks bro this really worked. saved me some money.
Sweezy M S Samura
I need help, on mine it says the USB storage device not connected (su-413334)
Henry Cajero
Ok so my PS4 won’t start because it needs the 5.05 update, and when I download it on the ps website onto my usb drive when I plug it in my PS4 it says it can’t find it. What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help? I have so many digital games on my PS4 so I really don’t wanna get rid of it :(
Broooo!!! Thank youuuuu
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When I press the ps4 it doesn’t do that
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mikes chanel
I did the last option because mine is stuck in update loop. Even after still makes me update again
thx man thats help a lot
B3N1 Memo
help Cannot initialise CE-34697_9
CyberJay HD
Can you please help me, it keeps asking me to update to the latest version. I have updating it a million times and I have initialized my PS4 many times but it keeps asking for the same thing and won't load in to the home screen. Please help
_ xXx_MlgGamer_xXx _
When it says connect DualShock to USB cable it just flashes 10 seconds later it will go gold please help
Yo Fortnite update is out man I need this fixed!!! Lol
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thank you very much for this video
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Thank you I love u bro
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What about if it fell and has blue light of death any help ?
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IF I WANT TO SAVE MY DATA AND WANT TO START MY CONSOLE normally then which Option Do i Choose?
Ramsyam ramsyam
Thank you so much it really worked
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0k so once i get the game in safe mode and pressed ps button my option screen never pops up :(
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Very helpful thanks
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Thank you! This actually worked for me! The 3rd option worked thank you so much!
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bro your amazing i couldn't get my ps4 to work for like 4 weeks but after watching this I got it working so thank you so much
Hey i need ur help. So my ps4 is stuck in safe mode. I tried to update system software, but it is always stuck in copying update files. It doesn’t move from 5%. I also tried initializing and reinstalling system software but it always gets stuck in preparing to update file. It doesn’t move, it just stops at 3%.
Ik switching to xbox next gen of consoles
Juggrich Chino
i thought it was over pressed the 6th option and im good... just downloading my games back cool no biggy
David Garcia
Does it matter if my usb uses a password protection?
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Ps4 fix thanks...
jared bengco
Hi there!

So it's Christmas season... I now have a little bit of time to play my ps4, what happened is, I couldn't go online because it said that I should update to 6.20, which I did...but after the download, it won't install. Sooo... I entered safe mode and tried to download and install via wifi. I deleted the notification of the previous update first before doing this, but upon completion of the download and upon installation of the update, it gets an error on 64% and restarts to a cycle of install and reboot.... my ps4 is bricked! What should I do?
Homicidae Truci
fixed my ps4 thanks dude