How to FIX PS4 UPDATE ERROR (2019) SU-41350-3

This is how to fix the PS4 Update Error.

Link to the update to download
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Mehran Meets World
after 4 hours of trying, i finally did it, without USB.

steps. go to safe mode. uptade via internet cable. then go to initialize. step 6. that should do it. i tried 5 different USB and followed the instructions, turns out at the end i dont even need a usb
Jake Kaufman
New lesson learned, never let yoyr brother mess with your PS4
Marvin Alanis
oh god the only option for me is initialize and i dont wanna lose everything i worked so hard on x~x
Omg thank you soo much it worked 💪
karan dadwal
Thank youu bro
very good instructoin bro thanks , God Bless u =)
Dixie Normous
I see that One Punch Msn poster in the back 👀
He was by me loading and he say error on 99 procent
No Trusttt NTE
Dillon Patterson
I fixed it went and bought a new Hd
Raman Ardawan
Thx alot
Anthony Pinelli
Is it system software update or complete system software update. Thanks
adnan alshareef
How if my ps4 stop works cz miss un plugin or power cut. ?!! Cant use cable for updates!!
It worked !!!!!!! Thanks
Gruber Fuhrer
???? ¿¿¿¿
Worked for me
Thank you so much your a saver after so many trys it WORKS!!!!!!
Alessandro Kumarasinghe
thank you so much it worked. U saved me from buying another ps4
C-137 _TREY
It says windows can't compete the format pls help
j spar
When I download the file it saves as a internet explorer file?
Elijah Bates
Thank you soo much. life saver
Dikke kip man
it still doesn't work for me :(
Anthony Gleeson
when u did it it dint work
gary conway
Man i could really use some help i have tried instal update in safe mode from internet i get an error has occurred (su-42118-6)says turn off ps4 i have also tried usb method still not work get error code when trying to read usb
Knight Assassin
It keeps telling me cannot find the update file
Spiiicy Nut
Does the usb have to be completely empty?
When I put my ps into safe mode, the 7 options come up but it only allows me to choose the 7th option, the controller doesn’t allow me to move up to the other options. I have put the latest update on a usb and followed your steps but it still comes up with the message (after a long process of the x,square,circle and triangle spinning around) that I need to download the latest update for it. Please can you let me know your thoughts on this as I am desperate for any sort of advice you may have.
Thank you for watching guys let me know if you have any questions :)
جواد الفرج
شكرا على الشرح 👍
NarrowTv - Gaming
It didn't work I still have the same error and I followed every step carefully
mohamad mansour
@2lol i tried both of them and it still didnt work what can i do
Nicholas Barnes
can you tell me how to fix a no signal
Andrew Gabaldon
Why do you play ps4 when you have a gaming pc?
The transfer between the real life and the computer was just amazing
josue diaz
Does it still work if you downloaded from the library computer?
That's what I did and it didn't work so... I don't know.
Over Pulse
Didn’t wrk
Dxddy Cisco
Can I use a labtop or does it have to be a computer?
RGQ xamogelasti_o_
We're are your from
Razor jaw86
I didn’t work ffs!!!!
King Solar
does this fix it forever?
Knight Assassin
It didn't work for me. Help please
Justin Camacho
1:49 ya me di cuenta que no perteneces en planeta tierra cb tu salistes de area 51
Alexander Pineda
did not work for me
dxyy Fn
Dillon Patterson
When it gets to 99% how long should it take to hit 100% going on 3 mins now
NotAkiller ZRG
pls work
كات سعودي الاساسية
انني احتاج مساعدة!!💔😪
Dj Noiizy
oooooommmmmmggggg l done with thiiss a all you tell me but is keep showing me the same 😢😢😤😤 please Help
hjj jui
Kwsta pes to onomasou sto insta thelw voithia
Razor jaw86
It doesn’t work and I’m doing everything right
ruweitha ali
ar yu a hacker how many computers
TBX_ Simple
Εισαι Ελληνας?? Το νομιζο αυτο από την προφορά σου
It deleted my account
Xristodoulos Markou
Είμαι πιο Έλληνας από εσένα
CornedBeefRocket Gaming
I accidently changed the file to internet and its not working how do I change back?
Mohamed Akashi
use less
Trump Awesome
Learn to speak normal English with propsitions
is the problem for me possibly that the update logo is an internet explorer logo instead of the little paper logo there? its not working for me and i formatted to exFat and all
I really appreciate it i fixed it !, currently awake at 1:54 a.m. wanting to play my ps4 and got fed up with this whole reinstallation things
josue diaz
My predicament is still stuck in safe mode
Everytime I turn it on.

I did every step to the letter.

Why isn't it working?
Is it because I used a library computer?
Topnotch cupoftea
Does all saved data get deleted
Ethan Scheepers
Say your do this and you put your account on the ps4 again will your fortnite skins still be on your account??
yousif alshuaib
It didn’t work for me
Version_ -_x
Your voice so annoying