Valiant Hearts: The Great War -- Come Back Trailer | PS4

A critically-acclaimed game of war and the devastation it brings , Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the incredible story of four intersecting lives -- and a canine friend -- struggling in a world torn apart.
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Maz Hunter
This game is wayy underated one of the best games ubisoft ever made
I enjoyed this game so much I don't want to spoil anything here but if you guys get the chance to play it you're gonna love it. Hope they make a sequel.
Joonas Ahonen
ah, brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the game. so beautiful. :,)
If you have not played this game yet, I urge you to buy it and play it. This game is just a fantastic game in all aspects and I promise that you will enjoy every bit of it.
João Mendo
Valiant Hearts is one of my favorite games of all time.
This was honestly my favourite game of 2014. Has a great emotional story that everyone should play.
Aaron Reason
I love this game. I got a little excited when I saw the trailers title thinking that maybe there was something new to show... 
King Tanvir
I thought it was a trailer for a dlc or a sequel though still the game was amazing and its definetly a must play for everyone the story is amazing
Jason Waterfalls
Stop what you are doing and go play this game right now. You've probably play COD games, Battlefield games (I played many of both), you probably played name a generic fps shooter...this a is a game about war that is truer to the realities of war than any of those games could ever hope to be..sadly. It deserves your attention. It's short too so it won't take a ton of your time. You will especially like it if you're interested in history/World War One. The gameplay isn't particularly amazing, but the story (and art) is just incredibly powerful. I won't spoil the ending, but after I completed the game and the credits rolled I just sat at the main menu trying to gather myself and my thoughts back together...I didn't want to leave...I didn't want to be done with this game...with the characters. 

Thinking you can play this game without being taken on a truly moving human journey is like thinking you can step in front of a run away train and not getting hurt when it hits you. 

Go play it. 
This game is one of my favourites
melqior masala
i cried when playing this game
Could have been on the VITA
Was hoping this was an announcement for dlc. Oh well, great game. Hope they make a sequel set during WW2.
Denny E
My heart really hurts right now
Joshua Aguilar
This story seems incredible; I would really love to play this on the vita
Carlos Miranda
i bought this game and i'm enjoying it so much. This is a true work of art. Fantastic job by Ubisoft Montpellier
Fernando Pereira
I love this game. One of my favorites ever.
Donald Crooks
"War, war never changes." If he ever said that, oh man.
If you buy it, you won't regret it.

That's all I got to say.
Free for PS+ maybe? :D (it would be great!)
Mert Bozan
Even the trailer makes me cry...
Dan Gar
By far the best game I played in a long time never thought I could get so attached to a story!
I downloaded it with it been free at moment through PS plus and I'm loving it, its a good game.😁
The feels. ;_;
Hairy Babushka
I love this game soo much this is the best game ever made i loved the story the narrator the emotional music the artwork everything in this game was absolutely awesome.
This Game was one of the best story games i have ever played (y)
Yeah Probably
every single time I see this trailer I cry so much and nothing makes me cry like this.
That ending still haunts me to this day.. Excellent piece of work
so..why was this needed to be uploaded? I love the game to death, but this is just a rehash of an older trailer. 
This game was A+, Incredible!
Welp time to revisit my feels :c
Divino Floyd
Amazing story, amazing music... Amazing game...
Play it !
Caleb V.
Wait, is there 'Come Back' DLC, or what?
Dead Serious
Best 2D game I've ever played.

maceo novica
Wow, goose bumps throughout the whole trailer...
If you have not played this game yet, I urge you to buy it and play it. This game is just a fantastic game in all aspects and I promise that you will enjoy every bit of it.
Haider Akbar
This game is just amazing
This game was awesome so when a new trailer comes out im obviously going to watch it anyways
Amazing game. Wish ubi would go ac on this and make other periods of war
The best game of 2014 IMO
OJ’s Bloody Glove
I've been waiting for this to be uploaded all day! Finally!
Still my choice for best game of last year.
I cryed with the end :(
Eduardo Junior
i love this game!!!!
Cody A
Can't wait play this on PS Plus!
I found the 'puzzles' mind numbingly dull which switched me off to the story.

Some cool historical facts in there though.
One of the most beautiful and devastating games I have ever played. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of WWI. Terrible time in history for sure. If this game serves as a way to educate me and others, then I'm all in.
i have to say the ending is really good
Diego Pino
Metal NEKO
Ubi Art does it again. After seeing what they did with Rayman Origins & Legends (Which both look absolutely gorgeous), This game comes out and blows it out of the water, This game is just simply fantastic.
Random Ron
I enjoyed this game, but the story made me so depressed... :(
This is free on Ps Plus for March !
this was a very good game. the music really captures the mood very well.
Brett Bishop
I thought this game came out last year.
Gefährlicher Burger
Just play it!
Slam Shot Sam
I played this ages ago, why is it now getting a new trailer? I thought it was gonna be for DLC.
José Daniel Rodríguez Bia
PS Vita version please!!!
Moacyr Matheus
O melhor jogo de todos os tempos !!
lion H
No vita ver sony??
I was excited for a second thinking this was a trailer for a DLC or a sequel :( Anyway; amazing game, totally loved (despite the game-breaking bugs i found); i really hope more people give it a chance.
Best game I ever played
Shining Wolf
Wait, why is there a new trailer?
Youssef Abi Raad
It's now available? I finished this game on Xbox one a few months ago.
Emotional game of the year 2015 *crying*
Amazing game
Great game but man it does show some of the horror of war
Stevan Savic
bring this game to ps vita goddammit!
Joel Larios
Supposedly, the game is free for PS Plus members on the PS4
Are there different endings in this game?
Stan Theman
I'm so sad now :-(
Aj Ruso
Vita please.
Andrey Semak
It is the greatest game 2014!!!!
Count Artorias
Karl Malkin
Best game of 2014
it's free this month with PSplus for ps4!! don't miss it!!!!
fede rivero
really need a second part
Seth Reed
Is this on disc or download only?
Things Happen
Why a trailer of this game? It's been in existence for a while now.
great puzzle game and history game
My favourite indie game.
I actually shed a tear for the dog.
Chris S
I thought it was dlc. Haven't bought the game yet, but totday i visited a Museum about ww1. Just very sad.
Hound of Uladh
Fun gameplay,great story and educational.Loved it. 
Filipe Sordi
the order 1886 for wii?
Zisis Oikonomou
Goty 2014
This was my game of last year by a country mile. Ubisoft have created a gorgeous looking game and a story line treated with the dignity and respect The Great War deserved and characters that you will remember for a long time. I couldn't recommended this game enough to anyone who has not yet played it!
Ça fait plaisir de voir un jeu Français, gros bravo aux développeurs !
Even if this not AAA project but this is a great story and great game! I enjoyed it a lot.
heel surfer *RANIDO*
Is that the song from Up?
Im still waiting for next Rayman.
I don't know why they didn't release it on the vita, I prefer to play these kind games on a handheld
I think this is a good idea, for this game to come out for PS4. This game as made me to cry so many times on the PC version on Steam. So yeah nice move #PlayStation this game is all about War.
Callum Quinn
why is this being re advertised
Don't buy it yet it was just announced that this is going to be free for march PS+
Play station plus brought me here
Stan Theman
Under 301 club whooo
This was a great game.