Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Forbidden Romance Trailer | PS4

Yakuza Kiwami 2 launches on August 28th. Pre-order your copy today at Yakuza.Sega.com and on PlayStation® Network. Don’t forget the demo is also available to download now!

“What you find out doesn’t matter. I would never think less of you.” Get a closer look at the relationship between Kazuma Kiryu and Detective Kaoru Sayama in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

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Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
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Pancakes On Rage
We all know that Kiryus REAL relationship is with Majima
Never clicked on a video so fast.
Dianne Renard
Yakuza is truly one of the greatest stories in videogames ever. Even romance is handled decently unlike many other games where their idea of romance is to randomly fall in love without any build up like getting to know each other or have intimate time
Roland Rios V
Yakuza is a game of deep emotions: love, hate, honor, betrayal, friendship, loyalty etc... all in the same pack no dlc required!
Hrithik Thakur
Yakuza> GTA
Only Yakuza can handle a romance well.
Gabe Johnson
Goddammit who left this bowl of onions here
Ordered it as soon as it was available Yakuza is such a amazing franchise
PS4 back at it again. My homie just finished Yakuza 6 and said it was the best game he's played in his 36 years of living. You guys agree?
Shendelzare E.
Just letting you guys know she gets written off because the writers didnt know what to do with her in future games. Also, this is the best story in the series.
Ian Miller
Already have Shenmue 1 & 2 and Kiwami 2 preordered! What a time to be alive
Cole Mercer
cop: your under arrest for assault
kiryu(covered in blood): what me, impossible, from who
cop: we have 14,000 reported cases of assault, one here says you put fire crackers in a guys mouth and then broke his jaw
Xbox is green
Playstation is blue
Xbox has no games🤔😂
But playstation sure do!👍
Dude i havent gotten these types of feels since Majima and Makoto 😍
Where's Goro Majima (Goromi) 😍😅
The teddybear scene in the rooftop it's still cute AF I love it already in the PS2 but with the dragon engine looks even gorgeous. too bad that in Kiwami 2 we can't hear the Crazy Ken band theme that was in the original though
Player One
Really felt the emotion! Well done Sega!
I always thought they'd be together in sequels but for some reason developers decided to Kazuma be alone.
Jackie Logan
romancing a cop!!!
Ivan Soedjono
Lars Alexandersson
It all started when she cuffed me ..... to her heart
Μιχαλης Αραμπατζης
Yakuza easily is one of the best videogame series of all time.Stupid casual gaming kids will never enjoy this gem.
My man Kiryu pulled a Kabedon on her! 😅
Dante Baker
This is the sexiest trailer to a video game I've ever seen. 😂
Seeing a shirtless Kiryu on the cover after that trailer really gave it that romance novel feel. All he needed was a rose in his mouth
Oh, one thing this trailer didn't include is the Heat Action Kiryu and Sayama can do together. It's pretty sick.
(spoiler alert) I like to think that after Yakuza 6 he went back to kauru and are living happily together.
FLAWless Felix
In life I think the most important part is to just be yourself
Matthew Chidester
Thought this was one of the best stories in the yakuza series..
wanna Sprite CRANBERRY
This game looks cool
Jackie Chiles
I didn't become acquainted with the Yakuza series until this current generation of consoles. I'm in love with it now. I completed 0 and Kiwami and I'm almost done with 6. I cannot wait to play Kiwami 2 on the Dragon Engine.
Ricardo Contreras
I'm so glad i jump in the Yakuza 0 train... This series are one of the best.
Kian Castillo
Can't wait to play this game 😄😄
The forbidden romance between Kiryu and Mr. Shakedown.
So stoked for this
Slovenator 92
After clocking in 78 hours into Yakuza 6,I think I'm ready for Kiwami 2 :)

Hans Wurst
Must....have...all Yakuza games...as soon as possible^^ And Hokuto No Ken :o
Another one to my yakuza collection, I will never stop supporting Ryu Ga Gotoku. Love this series since 2006
The rooftop scene was one of the best
I cant wait for the HD version AAAAHHHH
Super Baby Alfonso Barney Show
raja's VLOGS i got a nintendo 2ds
Le Tuan
Such sweet love.
This game will be hype
I thought it was going to be a romance like Chris Tucker and the Chinese girl from Rush Hour
Be yourself but add new things like skills, etc.
Shadow- King-3402
lol its like watching a romantic game

p.s what is this game a rpg or what never heard of it before but looks interesting
Rafli Rinaldi
So sweet kaoru
What is the background music please this is urgent
joao Gabriel
RIP Xbox
Christian Utama
Arigato * nod the stuffed 🐻 head *
kingroger 98
Dame Dame~~
Ryo's Wrath
Ost name ?
Noor Murrar
I finished this game on PS2 and I loved it
Larry Jr Mckenzie
No ... ! Im not crying ! I just have somethin in my eyes ...
Misha El fiñe
Now I am fall in love too...arigato ❤
Wagelaseh 1st
wow i played it and PS2 can't wait for PS4 😍😍
let the poor man be happy for once
Pelvis Wrestley
This is an outrage. Majima is the only true waifu.
Kevin Nguyen
Fake. Everyone knows the real forbidden love is between Kiryu and Majima/Goromi
Kiryu in love!
I just finished the game...I loved that Lovestory <3 why is there no happy ending? :(
Alvaro Avalos
Jack Loped
This is why ps4 is worth it
Guilherme Tavares
This is truly a great franchise. Western audience should be more respectful with this game.
thats it, im buying all the series.
Rafael Cardenas
Yakuza, one of the few Sega franchises that still is still being supported to this day and going strong
d dm
"My sausage......"

If you played 6 you'll know what I'm talking about.
Lyimo Ej
What a game
Forbidden love sounds cornier
Please make backward compatible with PS2 on ps4!
Sorry, I can't unsee the "but that's forbidden love" meme when I see this.
Yakuza Kiwami 6 Coming soon 2019
Nara V
I LOVE the Yakuza series SO MUCH.
L as in Lucky
Welp I’m sold
Zero Generation
Jake Willsher
Sega chill! I’ve still gotta finish 0 and start Kiwami!
Oyon Bu
Why blood bar in yakuza kiwami 2 lost more blood than yakuza 6
Amanda Anaya
Yes! I ship it. Now meet up again after the events of Yakuza 6 and be free together. Maybe Kiryu can make his own family....
Leonhart Leong
Now Kiryu can go stay with her without any hesitation after Kazuya 6.
Happy true ending.
Jon De Iconuc
I know this. I play on ps2 and knew he will kiss her..
The Fourth Chairman
Kaoru is cute alright, but that Dojima widow.... daaaayyyuuuummmm
I need Kiwami 2 in my boring Life!
Kiryu never stops serving life lessons with his quotes.
Project Monz Gaming
Waiting to add this to my Yakuza collection then I can start the series 😊
Irsyadi Aryadiva
This trailer and then Yakuza 3 PS4 Demo came out at the same time? SEGA is on the roll!
I am a big fan of Yakuza, please Sega and Sony give even more support to this fantastic game.
does anyone know the Name of the piano Soundtrack in the background?
Shenmue 3 please take notice of this masterpiece, so you'll be one as well.
Mauludy Yogie
I miss those days, when no one knows about this game , people were hard to convince. Guess I was cool before most folks 😂
joel carlos
Shayne Persad
All I care about is my destined fight with JO AMON!!!!!!.
I still prefer the manga
Grande Kazuma, campeón de la vida!
That ending with her making the teddy bear bow is the epitome of Awww.
Marquize Randall
LarsJunFan Oleg Troitskii
Yakuza 6 ending spoiler : Kiryu gone to Kaoru & they are were happy together :3
Hurrah For Sun!
I don't know if i should buy kiwami 2 or song of life
This romantic subplot was executed really well in the original Yakuza 2. Looks like they've done it justice here.
jotaro kuju
i miss the crazy ken band from yakuza 2 BGM some tension between Kiryu and Kaoru along the way and all answers will be reveal when Kiwami 2 is out for the PS4
Hami Chahal
Yakuza>call of duty