Let's Have a Look at PS4 Update 4.0

Let's Have a Look at PS4 Update 4.0
ps4 update 4.0 ps4 Let's Have a Look at PS4 Update 4.0 playstation how to update ps4
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Aryan J
Who's with me?
Storm Legend
They ruined the what's new menu that's terrible!!
So many unhappy fellas, cannot customize this and that. Consoles are made to play. Go customize your Facebutt
Thanks for the video! Would've liked to see the new backrounds and the updated library tho'
Laurence P. Whittaker
Thank you, I really wanted to see what the Update looked like instead of just reading about it
DKF Productions
Did they send out all of the emails at a certain time? I want to know if I still hope.
Mrswisssuperman 809
when this update comes out
Can we see some of the different backgrounds for the main menu?
I spoken to sony there told me release date 13th September 2016 for new system update 4 00
shaan chutoori
is that loading icon newM
Adad G
It looks awesome and pretty. I'm very excited. Thanks a lot pal.
Question about the update.

I got an email to test it out to but I want to make sure on how to like get back to the old update 3.55 when your done reviewing the 4.0. PLEASE REPLY
max jak
Very nice update , i hope there'll be a last time of sign-in
This update looks great!
Dan Nety
with next update will we able to record 60 min clip ?
wow that looks pretty cool, I have a question,
If you set videoclip's length to 60 minutes, is the video going to be in a lower quality than if you set it to 15 minutes?
Do you know when it comes out?
can we upload our own avatar without the need to have a fb or pay for those avatars at the playstore?
Ill take as we wouldn't be able to change our psn I'd or another term as gamertags? oh jeez! what a let down😭
Agus Lombax
Thanks for the video!!!
Hey i made a video of this too but i don't think youre allowed to show this stuff honestly so this may be getting taken down just to warn you man
is the update available now
I'm just want this update only for the increased length of video
The only things that I really want from this update are

1) PS3 backwards compatibility

2) external hard drive support ( i think )

3) more organized way of sorting out games ( which we saw at the beginning )
Ricardo Barrios
when is this update out for everyone
Can we finally change our profile name???
2 things I still want

1. Name changes
2. Ability to hide ps3, ps vita ( if you even played that) or just games you don't want to be seen in your collection

EDIT: I know you can hide them from other people but I want to be able to erase them completely so I don't have to see all my uncompleted games I played when I was like 11.
Meer Mohammed
why didn't you show us the notification section???
Can you play ps1/2 gamez on it now?
This update takes too long
Robin Olsson
Everything looks great except the hideous white notification pop-up... :/
557 Ttt
what videos will you make next ? wait until next update or make more ps videos ?
➊➌➌➐►MrSouthernModz◄ ➊➌➌➐
Don't update your ps4 to 4.0 wait for the 3.55 WebKit exploit to fully finish then wait for the jailbreak
It's look ace can't wait
Filippo Queiros
how can i get this update?
Un utente Google
sei un grande!!! ;)
Diamond Almighty
You forgot to show the communities menu and the dynamic themes
Sean Johnston
Filip Grzan
is the update out
i can use your video in my chanel? please
Only thing sonys good for is e3 shows cheering and hype the take most out of the game downgrade dnt get me started on development because the best is apks
Kaibil Balam
When will this update come out?
Can you show us the Color theme?
You should get into Tropico 5, really a solid game.
vladimir larionov
блин да когда же оно выйдет!?
Update is 13th September Apparently.
Fugal Mosquito08
Still looks the same tho but Sony copied some parts from the Xbox one's ui.
Rocks 176
Looks dope
Psn gamer tag name change ?
B Flesher
Wait to copy Xbox Sony
Well.. that was one boring video. So much for the amazing changes the 4.0 update is supposed to have... or maybe its just the video scrolling through the menus is hardly showcasing many changes, I'd call them minor tweaks.
daymo 249ntel43
they should've made backwards compatibility
Remember this only a BETA
Ryan Lowe
neature walk
If anyone is saying ps4 copied off on xbox, just know that the smart TV ui that has been around since 2008 had had tiles way before xbox. No need for Playstation to copy xbox when they winning in sales anyways. 🐸☕
Ghoul World Order
Does anyone here have an extra code?
Wow the menus are slot quicker
Frank Rodriguez
Quick question.. Will the game nav bar still expand? Or can I edit that and only have like the stuff I like? Like the standard "tv, capture gallery, folder, & 1 game" or will it still expand when I play different games?

Sorry if that's worded weird and you don't understand. I'm very tired right now lol.
I am still not pleased
XBOX ONE Shits all over this HAHAHAHAH Im here getting sucked of by my brother in law playing the Xbox One ITS SO GOOOOODDD !! #DicksOutforKeem
I'm sorry but this new update does indeed look like xbox one user interface that's crazy and I'm a playstation fan at heart but it really does
they said this update was also gonna come with a few surprises that won't be available in the beta so I'm hoping 1 of those surprises is psn name changes
James Eastman
Channel name checks out.
Dead Star is such an underrated PS+ game. Probably the most underrated PS+ game to date. I think because a game that seemed similar came to PS+ a month before it and that one was pretty bad (Galak-Z)
Should change the wifi frequency from 2.5mhz or allow option in network options to choose 2.5 mhz or the higher 2.5mhz is the old frequency the frequency as been improved on other devicers playstation 4 still users the old wifi frequency sony must have considerd this not to be a good idea updated to organise game apk of same name into one folder same as android best idea ever dhrrrrrr y didnt i think of that dum sony
so when is this available to the public?.... 😒
David M
like it
Is it possible to sign up today and get a code soon?
Mr Wahdawi
Guys this a 'Beta' not everything is here
Green Gang
This update is garbage. the ppl who like this. I feel so bad for your mothers
That sucks
Glitch the System
sony s a joke we dnt need to change ui but copies msft with side shortcut . beacuse they know it makes sense . sony devs have no clue what so ever msft may have tried to make the xbox one better and it its with cortana it s gr8 feature but sony should have put external hardrive support by now to play the games . but they wont beacuse sony has a secret drm policy . sony is not for the players . bullshit slogan the things u really want there not giving name changes... and so on .and you wong get crossplay with msft because sony infastructure for online is weak and they dnt want msft showing them up .