Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Majima Construction Anthem | PS4

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A company song originally composed in Japanese to boost morale for the hard-working employees of Majima Construction (which you’ll learn about in the game’s new Majima Saga!), this English rendition was created just for the Western launch of Yakuza Kiwami 2. Warm up your vocal chords and sing along to the Majima Construction Anthem!

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol

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Imagine being an employee of SEGA, you just want to clean the room and go home but your boss bursts into the room and is like "take this helmet and eyepatch, we need you to sing an anthem"
This is how you advertise a game, and everything else is just playing around
Majima is literally the best video game character ever created
Inhumane Knight
Game Critics: No game can have a perfect trailer.

Yakuza 2: Hold my beer.
Everyone needs to play Yakuza, greatest series that you’ll never get tired of.
If anyone asks me what the Yakuza games are, I'll show them this trailer.
Props to literally the most genius trailer iv ever seen
Dante Baker
I can't believe this is the Launch trailer. 😂😂😂
I would follow majima into battle
Blac Soul
I have nothing but love and respect for everyone involved with this
That coffee person
I thought it was a meme not an official trailer
Sony is the best
Cant believe they make a english version of this song and it sounds as nice as the original Japanese version
Hey, Crunchy Roll, this IS DIVERSITY. Just look at how BRILLIANT of this trailer.
The Real Estate Wrestlers are attempting to break down the foundation of this city. Join Majima Construction now and help defend, build and rebuild the city of the people from the rampage of The Real Estate Wrestlers.
Zevra Luna
This is the weirdest and yet most appropriate advertisement for a Yakuza game ever. Why? Because this is LITERALLY THE GAME.
Yakuza marketing in the west sure has come a long way
*Bangs head furiously on desk*
(With a construction helmet on of course)
This is brilliant.
Today has been blessed.
Thank you, Sega.
Step Hen
I was literally clapping my hands and giggling like a child over this!
Brings beautiful tears to my eyes!
All rise for the singing of the National Anthem.
Yakuza is a serious drama game involving the Japanese mafia...
Stefano Orabona
Ok you got me, tomorrow i will buy it.
Battle Royale
Shenmue + Yakuza = SEGA IS BACK!!!
Would've been way better if Mark Hamill was in there singing along. ^^
This is why I love Playstation!
Sarkastik Begger
Bra where can I toss my resume that’s a company I can get behind
Kage Gaming
Majima for president 2020
That was beautiful man
John Marston
I want 🅱 a k a m i t a i
Dustin Ee
This was made with love
Ewenya p
they need to make a spin off where you play as majima (after yakuza 0)
Indra Ootsutsuki
Can't wait to finish Kiwami 2. Game looks fantastic.
Kadra Dindane
This is one of the genius way to advertising your company😂
Majima quitting the yakuza to become a construction worker is one of the best character arcs ever
Jams from the Far East
this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Joe North
great trailer but bummed there wasn't a live action Majima singing : (
Jiyeon Lee
The best trailer to a game ever.
If don’t understand what was going on in this trailer, THEN BUY THIS GAME NOW!
Haman A
This made my day
Motoko Chan
This trailer needs to win an award
Sounds like the CCCP national anthem. 😂😂
Bless me for the day
Joshua Snead
This is so incredible!
Rex H
Yakuza in a nutshell.
Poncho Rulloda
Friend: Yakuza must be a dark and gritty game about the Japanese Mafia.
Me: (Shows this trailer)
Watching this, it'd be hard to say this series was almost dead in the West. Praise be to lord Majima.
Thank you SEGA for giving us this gold. I'm totally blessed 😂
Majima Majima Majima Majima to PC!!!
Hopefully this ends up on the official soundtrack.
SwoodMan 127
THIS is why the Yakuza localization team is the best in the business
Jackie Wilson
The world will unite under a single banner.

The banner of *Majima Construction.*
Someone needs to tell NicoB about this masterpiece.
Lowid Dy
steelbook here we come peeps XD
This is high art.
Trailer is so dope. 😂 Can't wait to play this today.
Yourson Isold
Ah yes, a serious sword fight to the death gets just as much screentime as Kiryu golfing and Majima singing karaoke. This trailer got its priorities right!
The Blue Wayfarer
This is, hands down, one of the greatest pieces of video game advertising I have ever witnessed. Not only does it encapsulate everything this franchise represents in one trailer, it does so with a catchy tune.
Wow, Majima even hired Nick Fury.
This is just to beautiful. Brings a tear to majima eyes that you've done it right
Amari Tate
Wackiest most badass game I’ve ever seen this franchise is amazing
Eric Sparrow
If i ever go to Japan, I'll do some Karaoke, I hear some places have Yakuza songs.
If anyone ever asks me who majima is... I'll simply just say "he's deadpool but even better"!
Phantom Blade19
I love is song when I play the clan leader when the song come up it make smile and sing 😊
Zoberg Wallace
I been waiting for this full English version of this song for days, And I tell you, They nailed it!
V Undertaker
This is quite the proud anthem xD
Man Sega knows exactly what I want and they love giving me more Kiryu and Majima <3
thank you for this,
i needed this
Francis Vines
I almost forgot to watch this today
Mashud Mohammed
This made me laugh so much 😂😂😂😂😂
Robin Ekariski
They really have this 😂😂
Ed Stolz
3rd time watching this
Please rise for the national anthem.
Namit Dhupar
May 9: PC
Leather wolf
This is what a video game trailer should be 😂. Best trailer ever lol 😂
0utta S1TE
The perfect ad
This song is so awesome! I love Yakuza!
Elizabeth Smith
No matter how bad a day I've had this song brings a smile to my face.
madlad mat
1:38 he's wearing my flamingo shirt.
Hidden Dog
Yakuza is a serious Japanese crime drama
Color Printer
Perfect trailers don't exi-
Poncho Rulloda
Yakuza is either the most serious crime drama or the best Japanese Comedy in a video game and that is why I love this series
If this does not sell the serie... nothing will!
Best yakuza trailer i’ve seen
Joseph McDonagh
This game looks glorious.
Heyo Jayo
Watching this as I scoff Pork Buns 👌
Le Master
This is one of my favorite all time trailers. Not for video games ALL TIME
Emji Amsdaughter
This is one of the best things I have ever seen.
Andrewking 99999999
1:33 majima censor
Trevor Philips
The smiles and construction in this district go through Trevor-Majima Industries, or they ain't going!
Wish i was there with you bro...
Sho Brown
Haha! What an epic theme 😂
Calmly Moon
What is yakuza
*see zero*
*play zero*
*play kiwami*
*see this*
This Dude
So I heard Kiwami 2 is massive in terms of content. Anyone care to build my hype since I can't get it yet?
Mr Lakiro
It's... Perfect..
Jenna A
This is so ridiculous

yo is there a version of this that doesn't have the sound effects? because i need to listen to it on repeat for the rest of my life