How to SETUP the PS4 Slim Console for Beginners

Hi, this video shows you how to setup the PlayStation 4 Slim Console. It shows you how to connect it to your TV via the HDMI lead, what settings to use on your TV, how to connect it to your Router via Ethernet and how to sync up (pair) the wireless controller as well as other tips. It is aimed at beginners who might not have setup a games console before.
Many thanks Vince
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1 word for this guy....AWESOME..... believe me he is not less than a gaming teacher!!
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Very informative for people born before the 1900s and time travelers like me.
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really useful video, every single thing explained extremely clear
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Im getting a ps4 next month and this is really helping me
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Thank You!  This was PERFECT...just what I needed.
This was the best tutorial video i have ever seen. So clear and thoroughly explained. Fantastic job
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Me and my friend are planning to buy ps5 and we are shocked about the amount of technology in this, our last ps was the ps1 btw 😂😂
i am asian, and you speak english very clear and sound, so i understand everyword you said. thank you for that.
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If you need to setup something or learn something this guy dose it best
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a very helpful instruction. as for me a beginner to buy a ps4 slim console. Thank you for making this video and keep it up always. 👏👏👏🤝👍
I wish I had one

I have an old TV but it's 1080p but I don't have a PS4 nor can I afford one. ;-;
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Keep it up very good explenations for the PS4 set up.
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we need playstation plus to play multiplayer in offline mode
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I watched this video like 50 times I have a PS3 and I'm getting a PS4 slim tomorrow
You are a good man , thank you 🙂
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Precise and very informative....very helpful for beginners like me...
Thx for explaining this clearly. I have a new ps4 slim and I'm lost but when I watched this I got it running
Thanks for making this video.
EXTREMELY HELPFUL I have been looking all over for a well explained video meant for beginners
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Bro.. it will support on my sansui led tv??
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today is my birthday and i got a ps4
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Next video how to rip paper for begginers
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Damn this is so well explained, subscribed
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I just got a new PS4 a and this video was very helpful for setting it up 😊 thank you
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Thanks for the tutorial because I am from 2050 and don't know how to setup PS4
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Well I already knew how to do this as I had a ps3 in the pay but my method is plug wires in were they fit but the video is very informative for beginners and newcomers to the Sony console line
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You got the same tv i have mine is a 4K
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Nice video man I'm bout to buy PS4 slim and I I'm selling my PS3 wish me good luck
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Please upload video on tekken 7&tekken tag 2 gameplay.great
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really helpful I just got my ps4 and its my first ever console I've never had a console or Playstation before, so very helpful and also there are ui guides too so I will have a look at it too
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Thanks for the clarity of every small detail.
I have a xbox , i came here for peace . OUR REAL ENEMY ARE PC PLAYERS.
You have so many tvs
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Thanks for saying That we need to read Which HDMI is LOL I've been fixing it For 30 Minutes Haha thank btw
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February 25 im gonna get a ps4 slim. I cant wait to play gta 5!!
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This is my first time buying a ps4. I have no idea how to built this stuff. Great and clear tutorial! Direct to the point. Thanks mate
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I subbed, and liked!
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Wow.. thanks.. ive had my ps4 since 2013 . Its 2019, now im able to play it Thanks alot man.. can you do a tutorial on how to set up a ps3 now... Man im soooooooooo far behind....
I just cant figure it out!!!!!!......
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Bro this man has like 6 televisions 😭😭
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Can I use an rj11 to rj45 cord to connect PS4 to the wall thingy?
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thx a lot my ps4 is not workihg but you gave me an Idea
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Looks Like You Have A PS4 Slim Like Me! :-)
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