Persona 5 From A Newcomer's Perspective

Persona 5 (PS4, PS3) is the latest hyped JRPG to hit. Is it worth the 100+ hour gameplay? I have a lot to say.

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Jake Baldino
BellowD Gaming
Velvet Rooms

Persona - Stage with a Piano and shadow heads
Persona 2 - Stage with a Piano and now with a painter
Persona 3 - An Endless Elevator
Persona 4 - Pimp ride in a limo
Persona 5 - An edgy prison cell

Welcome to the Velvet Room
when I play persona I feel like I'm playing an anime and it's fucking great
First Persona ever played, but I am so addicted...I never thought I was going to like it as much as I do. Like I wasn't going to buy it. I just figured it was another RPG...but boy was I wrong. I love this game.
Aaron Duran
TBH, it's my first time as well and I know it might seem over the top for me to say this but holy shit, I've never had a game that would break my sleep cycle almost instantly after purchase. Definitely, a masterpiece imo.
Beta Boy
Drop the dudebro act and embrace the weeb
Minh Mai
It's kind of sad that anime watchers have this stigma of "anime bullshit". Like it's wrong to have a passion for a style of animation. Though I will say, some people are just insecure about their anime viewing so I can see why the push back.
Cleb the Pleb
"I wouldn't say I'm an anime boy" LMAO Jake I love you dude.
Tchitchouan Inouane
*Persona* *5* is the new standard for JRPGs !
Putting perverted stuff under 'anime bullshit' is a little incorrect, isn't it? History is full of sex, the collective human psyche is full of sex. If shadows didn't represent that, they wouldn't be accurate as a whole.
Great video!
Kingdom Key
If persona 5 is your first persona game, you may find persona 4 to be underwhelming. Persona 5 blows persona 4 out the water imo
"Persona 4's characters were a bit stronger"
I'm not sure who told you that but just know that's maaaybe not the general consensus haha...
Jay Z
I got a little cocky playing the game first time on the hardest difficulty. I was like "what could possibly go wrong I played previous persona games, SMT, darksouls bloodborne, nioh. This game shouldnt be that hard" oh boy I was wrong......
Walid Chachoua
you seem very tired, how much hours do you have playing this??
I think the reason the fan base is unhappy with critics saying they wished it was a mobile game is that for the past few years, all the RPG's we've gotten from Atlus have been on handheld systems (with the exceptions of Tokyo Mirage). And now we FINALLY get to see all the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona demons and art in HD on a console and some critics say they wish it was a mobile title. I do enjoy playing my JRPG's on the go but I am very happy to see P5 on a console and would love to see SMT 5 also be on a console. For some people, myself included, Persona 5 was the reason we bought a PS4.
Dalan White
Bought this at the wrong time
Can't concentrate on my exams and shit :-/
Richard chigga
ive played 50 hours since its release my life is over
I'm at 95 hours and have just beat the second last dungeon. This game is life
Para Dox
Shin Megami Tensei is on the Nintendo 3DS and Atlus released a trailer for the Switch, if you want to play Persona on the go play the Shin Megami Tensei games, it's not exactly the same SMT does not have social links.
Shin Megami Tensei came way before Pocket Monsters
Adlan Raid
I disagree. I think that "anime bullshit" isn't as strong in P5 and the localisation team did really well, and you don't really get those Japanese mannerisms that don't translate well in here. It's there, but not as painfully cringe as a lot of other JRPGs, and thus to someone new to the Persona series like me it wasn't very hard to get into, and the characters were all written rather well. There are some cliche anime tropes and archetypes, but I think it's nothing too daunting for someone new to JRPGs. Also, it looks way better than any other JRPG and actually has a kick-ass soundtrack which pretty much sets it miles ahead of its competition.
you take a huge L for saying the game looks like butt.
2:08 I don't know how that is "really stupid"...I appreciate creative I don't care if something in a story is plausible or really...I don't comprehend such an opinion.

I mean seriously, you can find alot of that "anime bullshit" in almost any kind of western cartoons/games/ I don't know why people have such double standards.
when an "I played a lot of JRPGs but never understood the culture that inspired them" guy meets a JRPG that REQUIRES understanding of that culture to get the most enjoyment out of it.
Persona 5 on the Switch would be perfect.
Remy Dolce
I find it odd when people say it's overwhelming it has a lot sure but I never found myself drowning in overload from so much info.
Solid Snake
Can I have your Metal Gear Solid toys?
Kenji Tokumura
Persona (the remastered one. Not the original "original" persona)
Persona 2: Innocent sin (one of the best story lines. And the hardest, fckin rage inducing, persona game)
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (after innocent sin)
Persona 3 (arguably the best persona game, my fave)
Persona 3 FES (remastered P3 with an extra story line after the original ending, "the answer")
Persona 3 Portable (play as the female character for a different twist) (my first persona game btw)
Persona 4 (the supposedly upgraded version of P3)
Persona 4 Golden (remastered P4, with Marie in it, it's only better because of Marie, just kiddin)
Persona Q (Persona 3 teaming up with Persona 4. What more could you ask?)
Taylor Schweighardt
I'm so happy you used the term "butt-rock" that truly made my day.
Justin Yates
I've been playing a ton on my Vita remote play
Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man
This is my first Persona (I did play p3 back in the ps2 days, but I was so lost I gave up) and P5 is a 10/10 game imo.
It is so damn good.
I wish the old Personas get remastered / remade for the Ps4 in order to give them another try.
A Person
This game is like a drug, this game is my wife. I am going to marry this game. I'm going to kiss it. On the cheek.
Not Bad lad
Couldn't find any physical copy's here in Ireland so I had to buy it on the ps store. I only bought it today played about 3 hours and I'm really digging it, it's also my first persona and thank god I jumped in.
Charles Tran
For me this is my first Persona game and I am absolutely head over heels in love with this. I have ADHD so all the craziness makes sense to me. I'm addicted to this game, and thank you for telling me to keep an eye on it.
this is my first persona game too and i love it so much i think its like pokemon meets final fantasy but everything is super dark and edgy and all the main characters are super fun and kind of relatable
If Persona 5 were mobile, I would not have played it.
Jake: Calls Morgana a cat.
Morgana: Nice one, Joker.
Ryuji: For real?
Morgana: Go to sleep.
Love the in n out burger shirt jake!!
Why am I here
My exams are coming up in a month - so this game is a bad idea for me.
Nick Witham
I love it, for me it has reinvigorated my love of the JRPG. A perfect antidote to games like Nier Automata which while being amazing, doesn't have that lively feel of P5.
first persona game i have ever played and all i have to say is ..... thank you ATLUS ! .
"I went in thinking this would be a cake walk" yeah this guy is definitely new to SMT
Vera M
"Maybe Nintendo switch? Never gonna happen" You can get joker as a character there.... i think.
boba tea
For being a small team, (121 employees) Atlus has in my opinion some of the best quality control ever. Unlike K__NA_I if ya know what i meann..
I fell in love with this game the second I played it. I'm almost done with the main story after months of playing this game.
Funny thing is Atlus had a survey asking if people would want to see Persona 5 or maybe something along Persona 5 Golden on the Switch : )
My first ever persona game.
I wish i could play this for the first time again.
:: laughs :: "Weird crazy sex things" <- SMT games in a nutshell xD
Purple Mamba
7:24 never gonna happen huh? 😉
Kyler Ramos
I'm really loving it so far I still remember the first time I played a persona game which was 4 golden on the vita. I HATED anime and disliked the gameplay style of JRPGS but bought it anyway because everyone kept hyping it up. Played on and off for weeks untill I reached around the 20 hour mark and then everything just clicked, became my favorite game of all time by the end. It made me realize all of the things that I skipped out on that I could potentially love, now Im opened minded towards everything. So far not really feeling these new characters as much as persona 4 but they are still pretty good. Also, I think the overall story pull in persona 4 is a little better, it keeps you hooked because there is a single villain and it's a murder mystery.
Connor Broderick
I actually have never minded the opening sections in any of the persona games.
Silver Haku
Going to get the game in a week give or take, sounds like Everything I could ever ask for from a JRPG.
8:11 wtf? I've never gone through a painting in that palace.
Jake I wanna say admire you man, keep it up!
boop deeb
Glad the persona series is getting the love it deserves🖒
At the second palace right now, I'm loving it so much.
This is the first time I've ever touched a Persona game, and holy frick, I was blown away! Really great game, definitely a sleeper hit. The art direction and musical compositions really sealed the deal for me.
Darc Boykin
This is my favorite game series of all time ; not sure how I feel about it being dismissed as "weird", "anime bs", but with a fun battle system.
This game is so freaking good. Might end up being my favorite game of this year. Yeah, I know Breath of the Wild but this honestly has me hooked unlike any game has in a long ass time. It does something that no games not even many rpg games do. I love the social aspect of the game and I love the combat. I will agree some characters I'm not into like Morgana and Ryuji especially.
Nate Puterbaugh
Persona 5 is hands down the best JRPG since......well Persona 4
Persona 4 is a good choice, plus it's on the Vita! Like you said, these games are great for handheld console.
Anthony Tosh
I was overwhelmed at first . Just getting to the 2nd palace and I feel like I'll never upgrade some of my stuff. intelligence and so on ....
Matthew Burnett
There's a lot of irony in the "Switch? Never going to happen" part coming back to this video!
I spent hours in the game store staring at this game wondering whether to buy it. Someone came over to me and told me to definitely buy the game. Best decision of my life. I’m hooked I love this game
casey o'gorman
only just started, lvl 31, and I love it...been looking for a good solid timesink, and this is easily that. gonna play persona 4 right after I'm done.
✪ Akashi Seijuro ✪
It was my first time playing it and I fell in love with it.
"Pausing the game and equipping an item or looking at the stats or your character or changing the options, is like this crazy ridiculous in your face anime fucking thing."

Honestly, best sentence I've ever heard.

You're really convincing me to start playing this.
OtakuKid 101
The best game series that was ever released EVER!!!
Forever Zero
Persona 5 on the Switch is very likely to happen, is like a standard to the series now to have like special editions, and certainly the switch can handle this game, so I'll keep my fingers crossed
Ronnoc Nann
jake gotta remember that Atlus isnt a triple A studio like EA or Activision so considering what they had to work with (Catherine Engine) it looks really good and dont play P4 go play Golden its just the better version with bonus content + personas
Really interested in 4 now that I've been introduced with 5.
Marrick Batiste
This is my first Persona game as well and after about 10 hours so far I can definitely say that anyone that enjoys anime even a little bit will love this game. I'm usually more into action RPGs because I feel that most time turn based gets a little boring but this is games combat is one of it's best qualities as you mentioned.
Juggy Foad
I'm 6 1/2 hours into the game and I am excruciatingly bored rn I hope it picks up because it's just ass atm
I got the take your heart edition of this game (amazon sent it a day early, which was cool) This game has been amazing so far.
Havoc Surge
This is my first persona, and I love everything in the game. I'm 40 hours in, and just beat the 3rd palace. I beat the first one in 4 days, but the next 2 I beat in the least days possible :D Once you get into it, it's awesome. Super tactical.
The game ask too much of me. Beautiful game, got halfway through and put it down. I love it, but not for me.
I still like P3 More,
Andrew Mitchell
If you like good jrpgs you should also give the legend of heroes series! They're just as good I promise.
Michael garrity
I'm loving the game so far it's just the city is so scary I get lost when I'm trying to find any confidants so many things to do but not enough time it would be nice if they started from Year One and ended to graduation
Fox Trot
I learned about Persona 5 after the release of Joker into Smash Ultimate, and now its my favorite game!
I thought this was a Jeremy Jahns video
Angel almanza
I got overwhelmed on the first fight you're in, after the training palace I was used to it.
Narcissistic Bot
I am currently in a level where they have just met the cat thing , it doesn’t feel good to play and I don’t see how is this addictive
Carson Bailie
This looks awesome!
platanopapi luly
Good to see some impressions from someone new to the series. I've played several SMT games and 2 Persona games and I think you gave a good overview. Hope you enjoy P4G and fingers crossed P3 gets an HD update (strongest story imo).
When he says the first 6 hours in he hated it and then realized he loved it, well that 6 hours is nothing. This game on average takes 100 or so hours to beat, so that's a drop in the bucket of time.
Please do a Persona 4 review after you have played it! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Captain Spurt Dick
Jake, Bb, I need A kiss BB.
Russell Graham
Every one bragging about how many hours they played me games sitting on my hard drive un touched i got 0 haha
This was also my first Persona game and I'm still trying to figure out how I missed this series. JRPGs were all I played for the longest time but I mostly stuck with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. So far, I have not been able to put this game down! While a couple of the characters annoying me, I really do love basically every aspect of this game. And, as a huge anime fan, the art style and everything works perfectly for me. I'm still chipping away at it and both desperately want to see the ending and never want this first Playthru to end.
Blah Blahs
I thought Jeremy Jahns Reviewed Persona I was like Waht you're kiddin me
Chao Lingshen
I'm 22 hours into it an loving it, on the second palace. I know I'm way behind, just busy all the time.
I Love when newcomers don't know the awesomeness of persona 5... I never got passed persona 3 :,( I only ever did persona 1&2 but I'm getting 5 I just need to buy a new playstation
AnnoyedOtaku `
Why do I feel I heard this guy's voice from somewhere else?
Maybe from another YouTube channel?
Who knows?
We never will
I only played Persona 4 Golden and 5, so I'm really excited to See what they'll do with Persona 5 R.

It'll be fun to actually have a comparison this time around, and I also can't wait to see what they'll do with Persona 6...
" Persona 4s characters are a bit stronger" Boi 😂
Nah but the systems are the same don't really get what he means about the "New style or new system"
Andres Rubio
It's great to hear your perspective as a newcomer to the series. The Persona games have so much character and are extremely stylized, which keeps me coming back. I've played all my persona games on the Vita and I couldn't agree more with having it to go. There are so many things to do, and sometimes we have so little time.
I felt this exact same feeling with the Tales series. I recently started Tales of Berseria never having played any Tales game before and now I'm totally addicted to the series. I keep thinking to myself - why didn't I play these JRPG's before.
Óscar Polanco Medina
"Animé bulshit"? For some people this is a why we played. I supose algo you play the game in English.
Pete Martinez
thank you I was on the fence about this game never played the series you sold me