How to Reinstall System Software on PS4 - Troubleshooting Edition

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This video will help you troubleshoot some common issues as you reinstall your system software on your PS4. If you're getting error messages like, "PS4 cannot find the update file", these steps will help get you back up and running.
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If you're looking for the complete process, here's a complete tutorial ---
Every time I do this my PS4 starts up shoes the PS4 logo then I get a black screen and when I restart it it tells me I need to reinstall the files
Team TCK
I HAVE A FREAKING (SU-42118-6) WHYY??!!!!!!
ZACH Brummett
So I've tried this three different times each time I tried at least twice I've went through my entire hard drive on my PC to clear it out of any copies of the pupp update file and it's still won't work it keeps telling me that I do not have a USB device with the update file installed I've tried to call PlayStation they told me just make sure there isn't any copies of the update on my PC I did that and now PlayStation kids telling me that they are not accepting calls due to high call volume or that they are closed I've had a PlayStation since launch this is my second PlayStation 4 I really don't want to have to buy a third one and I've already went through this process of sending a PlayStation in for repair and it takes a long time on top of that they won't answer the phone so I'm not sure what to do
Jordan Ray
Mine went said something along the lines of "downloading system software, PS4 will restart when complete" finished downloading, restarted, then said the same thing again, finished downloading the second time, but instead of restarting, it just turned off and didnt come back on. I try to turn it on and it tries for a few minutes and then stops
siddhesh dakwe
both the video had the same things just +1 here and there, still didnt help
disstroy 223
kyle naidoo
there’s no perform a new installation file
happycakes game play
bro thank you very very much this video was the bigest help my ps4 is up an running now i spent about 4 hours listening to people this video was the the one the got my ps4 running thank
OverKilled Crane
ledgend, u deserve a sub. ive been trying to figure this out for a week and u fixed it. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liam Cole
I love this guy he explains so probably
Taco Moth
Hey man, thanks you saved my PS4s life. I sold my Xbox and I remembered I had a PS4 so I decided to open it dust it. This really helped, thanks again!
B Smith
Went and bought a new USB thumb drive because I kept getting the same exact “Plug in USB device with latest installation for reinstallation,” formatted it correctly, plug it in and keep getting an error that just said “Connect USB Drive.”

I find this video and while I’m beginning to watch it, i click “Restart PS4” in Safe Mode and it checks for updates, restarts again, and boots up perfectly fine.... .-.
it says "A usb device is not connected" when it is, and i don't know what to do and i really don't want to buy a new one, i cant afford it
Ricardo Hz
Looks like my needs a bigger update 1.1gb do you guys know where I can find it?
Brandon Stefanini
And then I went to go read download the file again to my system and it's saying they can't access the system
Once the update was done my ps4 just keeps blinking blue and my TV screen just says "No signal". I'm not sure if this is normal or not.
Jomar Amos
Mines say it won’t initialize
Manuel Vega
Thank you much had to try a few times n took a while but thank you thank you thank you ! Likeed n sub
Brandon Stefanini
And I did that the reinstallation of the system software a my system is still acting slow and then I went to go download myand my sister is messing up again and it's asking me to redownload the 6.72 when I just did it
arpi ipra
Big thanks, for this tutorial. Very well explained. For me it works 100%. Of course I subscribed now.
It doesn't bring me in that page!!!!!!!!!!
duffy west
Do u have twitter or Instagram I still need help
didnt work the first video, this video helped. good shit bro💯.
Roberto 206
Love you bro(no homo btw)
Sofus Dehn
Thanks m8, u made my day!
Dominica Quinto
Thank you sir for this guide it was really helpful
Kimmy Andrei Raphael
Does a 3.0 thumdrive work
I need some help, i just have a black screen when i start my ps4
Yes 200 years ago
Mine says SU-42118-6
Please help
Agiarto MC
the problem was the name of the PS4UPDATE.PUP is the right one to right THANKS A LOT MY MAN
my file keep showing up as pdf n it doesnt work on the playstation
“Cannot access system storage” help!!!!!
Tysher Ray
iuuk 7777
omg! thx you i love you!!
Brandon Stefanini
Because my update is 6.72and a lot of people said they've been having problems with this update on the slim and the regular PS4
ItZ JellyBeam YT
It worked but my PlayStation is in a gray screen and the light on my ps4 is just turns blue and a second later it stops then turns blue again and keeps doing that
right now its at version.6.71 and is the one saying "Complete System Software File" the right one?
Talia Sandoval
Mine says cannot find file 😭
@altoelder I did step by step and it worked . Thanks :)
Doctor- X
Mine says that your update file is corrupted. What i do now ?
I can’t find the file that over 1GB, it only lets me download the 442Mb one
But I just got this ps4 do you know how this happens
Seriously thank you for these videos man, I called PlayStation support before this and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. But I’ve done everything and it’s taken the update but my PS4 keeps going back to screen asking for the update like it can’t take it dose this mean I need a new hard drive?
Killer_sniper_-0 _
I have a flash usb and it doesn’t work
Edgar Soto
Please Help! Please!.. I have done all of the above to the T. I keep getting a “The update file cannot be used. Connect USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.51 or later. (CE-34788-0)”

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Peter Keehn
it just says that the update file can't be used?? help.. anyone
it says (CE-34788-0)
love u so much u made my ps4 work i got u with the sub and the like
János Szabó
Hi there, Thank you for the great video. BUT it seems my system is fried, as you said it might be, if things didn't work.... Well, I followed everything (twice actually...) and got the message, like I didn't do anything (I need an update, ... or later version etc.). Well, you have mentioned to do another troble-shooting video, for exactly this purpose, to change the hard drive. Is it somewhere, only I could not find? :)
Javier Pantoja
Thanks bro this video really worked for my PS4
Tylor Valentine
God Bless you
Blayne Smith
Ok so question, what would I name a PS4 Pro in the folder?
Ernesto Vivas
i followed everything to the letter but it says "cannot find the update file. (SU-41350-3)" please help
Umar Yahya
it says format it to exFAT (SU-41343-5) ? i formated it to exFAT aswell didnt work out :/
Andy Green
Your video shows more in detail on what to do, I'm just bought a new USB drive. I hope everything works for me, I miss my pro.... lol
John Henry
Mine is downloading through Internet Explorer so it’s saying I can’t change the name of the download. How can I fix this?
Riley Cockrell
Mine will go as far as "preparing to update system files" and the PS4 will start blinking blue
Christian Bille
I have an usb drive in FAT32 format, but it has a label(Name), is that a problem?
I done everything with the usb and PlayStation and it works everytime. But every 3 days it keeps on popping up when I turn my ps4 on. And I always have to keep on redownload it my games and it’s just getting annoying now
Blayne Smith
So question, if your doing this for a PS4 pro, what do you name the folder?
Roberto 206
Thank you so much
im honest, I downloaded the file and everything and.. im scared to do it, though im going to do it anyway, I just wana say its going to delete my data on the ps4, I just wanted to know if theres any way to not have that happen
Do i eject when im done?
Savas Ş
Not working
Marshalisepic lll
It said i need to use exfat and i have it like that and it wont work
ToastyChips YN
big help thx
Hey bud, not sure if I’ll get a reply. But! I’ve followed the steps, my USB was already formatted to the one you said from a previous time i had to do it. It doesn’t work for me, I get an error code and it says it’s unable to find it. I have everything correct, please reply
Brandon Stefanini
Does the FAT32 work for the PS4
Nico Nii
I was getting confused and starting messing with some things before this video, so now when I download the PUP files it opens with Internet Explorer. I have it named to PS4UPDATE.PUP but again, it opens with Internet explorer. How do I fix this? It doesn’t give me an option to open with nothing, so idk which app to open it with
TXS Galaxy
Mine still says cannot initialize code is CE-34697-9 i did everything in the video too
It tells me it needs exFAT
Fola Adewale
I am on ps4 though so how I make a.file PLEASE.HELP
Blayne Smith
Ok so question, what would I name a PS4 Pro in the folder?
Aaliyah Huddleston
I plugged in the USB and it keeps saying it isn’t plugged in
Mine says the word PDF file, will that work?
Jannelle Fair
why does mine say error occurred ?
still error CE-34788-0
Adrian Ström
My file is 452kb big
Idk do not see the download
Commentategaming HQ
So do you need a usb with nothing else on it? Because i've tried this once with a 2GB usb with a few files in it and it didnt work is this beacause of the other files in it? Or what
josue diaz
I just came to find a way to do it without the USB drive and computer.
Is there a way to fix it without all the things that were shown here in this video?

Who can I go to?
YEET Master
Bro will I have to download all my game back??

Because I have slow wifi

I fell like my life is ruined 😢😭😭
Brandon Goggins
My PlayStation is saying “The update file is corrupted” (SU-30645-8). What do I do?

This is not from your process, it’s just turning on my PS4 and seeing the update in my downloads
Blake Glaze
Hey man im still having issues with m PS4 i did all the steps you said to do but system says it cannot find it. I also tried o do it in safe mode which i thought would work but now im only getting a black screen then it just randomly shuts off. Please help i been dealing with this for days now.
hi bro, im having some trouble to connect (DS4) controllers to my PS4, I have tried everything PS support told me to do, and I did all of the things you explained to us in this and you're previous video. you did get me some steps further, but the message i get now when i try to reinstall the software is "" the update file is corrupted. (SU-30645-8)" Do you know what do? you can also PM me if you how to fix it i''ll pay you some money aswell. tnx
Patrick S
As of update 6.72 (July 26 as I write this) there is no longer an option for a new installation on the software page, just an update download. Am I screwed? I was going to install a new hard drive in my PS4. Now what anyone have any suggestions?
pao vang
I don’t see fat32
Dark Plague
Its still not working 😖😖
Solaiman Alolayan
It says all users a data will be deleted
Cams World
it says “ cannot access system storage”
HeyKenyon YT
GAYYYY didn't work followed this whatever GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Jp Peterson
Mine keep saying update file is corrupted.
@Altoelder i did everything but it says “cannot find the update file. (SU-41350-3)” pls help😩
Giannis Vrs
after that can i get my users back or should i make new ones?