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PS4 firmware update 5.00 is coming, and Sony's looking for beta testers in Japan. What features do you want it to include, though?


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Push Square
Hey everyone!

Little more information on this story here:

Let me know what features you want in PS4 firmware update 5.00!

- Sammy
Beef Curtains
notifications and trophy progress couldn't agree more
When a friend goes offline just like on PS3, I'd name change I'd even pay for it, more default themes,controller options like turning off the light bar permanently so I can save battery,option to delete unremovable items like the playroom etc
Mehmet Şahin Karmış
WE NEED AN OPTION TO DELETE DLC! cuz when there is a problem with DLC, we have to delete all game no option for deleting DLC.
Something that NOBODY has noticed is - with the last update Trophies auto sync as you earn them! nobody has reported on this at all. So, as soon as you see the trophy pop as you play - if you go to your trophies in the app on your phone or even on psnprofiles - if you update there (without leaving the game you are on ) you will see the trophy has automatically synced.

Before you had to manually goto the Trophies section on the PS4 to sync the trophies before they were picked up - This is a neat feature that they finally added that nobody has even mentioned.
coolbo831 Ps4 gamer
They need to add a video chat, like oovoo or Skype or something.
PSN name changes seems bae
The PS4 UI lag needs fixing getting to be a real pain surely I'm not the only one who has it?
Name change
Make background theme dymanic of any theme
Little internet boost bit
A game log similar to the Game Hubs on Xbox and Activity Logs on 3DS/Wii U. The ability to check stats like play time would be nice.
I would like to see FULL HD GAMETRAILERS in the psn store. I don't know why they are still in low res.
Uk Gamer
I'd like the game record to be better.There's always a lag which means it's difficult to record online stuff without being murdered.
BP Coaster
THEY NEED TIME SPENT PLAYING GAMES!!!! Oh and patch notes for each game.
Luffy One
psn name.....and system lag
route 151
If it is a major update, I'd welcome a complete PSVR home menu. Not a floating screen, but a space with VR themes.
As my friend pointed out to me, the ability to send videos via messages as well. Even if there is a limit on how long it can be.

I agree on that notifications thing as well, if they won't change it back, give us the option to revert. Game gifting would also be nice, but apart from that, I can't really think of much else :P
brdreis_2 games
Refunding and share play fix again
Brandon Goeckner
Can we get a video chat option so I can video chat my Bro's
Enable 3D video in the Media Player on PSVR, for... 'entertainment'.
Beeta? 🐝
I want to switch between the old and the new design.
albert Human GodBlade
I want e-mail program for ps4 & better dvix player.🤘🏻🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴
Super beast mode!!! ...just kiddin.
DemSimex The Gamer
We need 1 thing

Virtual Robots Revolt
I want the ability to upscale more ps4 games more than just "boost mode".
Beta should be written as Bay-Ta : Bayta... I'm just saying...
دذبوم Dzboom
Hamdan Falah
PSN ID Chance - Delete games from your console - update PS Store cause it's slow AF
PSN ID change, digital refunds needs to be implemented in this update.
super saiyan
One Moore update😂
Which theme do you use?
Sony Only
Out of this update id like to see a more positive Sammy 😆😆😆
Auto disc play and quick messaging from the quick menu
PS1 Classics, please!
animated trophy art
Sakuraba1982 Gaming
changing psn id is much needed
J_Player200 x
We need a revamp of the home menu. Maybe a revamped XMB menu.
Backwards compatibility is the most important of them all.

Plus why did they turned the interface graphic into shit?
Giraffe Rider
latest update makes my ps4 fan run louder. Does it mean its starting to say bye? it's my day 1 ps4 thinking of replacing it with pro and keeping this baby in the collection, don't have a 4k tv now :/
Console Worlds
Trophy pop up for vr
0:11 beeta testers 0:23 i aschume
Sammy! I want us to be super besties!
Better games
The Jimmy Dodger
I'd love to be able to post capture gallery videos to friends on messages. Also, digital refunds may be useful.
How about better Flash support for the browser so we CAN STREAM from WEBSITES DIRECTLY
Daniele Deiana
Atmos in games!
Red Beard Reality
PSVR home! lol I wish
Gavin Williamson
only thing I would like is for trophies to be in alphabetical order like on the ps3, you had the option to have them on either most recent are alphabetical as imo it looks better esp when comparing trophies
Eric Acosta
Able to change ID name for profile will be awesome
Undefined Gamer
I try updating but it doesn't let me
Field of view
Ghost Killer
I would like there to be able to change the PS4 menu music ;-;
stephanie placencio
I want them to let me delete my notifications invite
Ezra Thomas
I would like to see and have the ability to manually rearrange my trophies in my list. I've got slight ocd issues lol.
I didn't like what they did TV shows area (Netflix YouTube twitch) it wasn't necessary I prefer the way it was b4
دذبوم Dzboom
i want them to let us play ps1 discs...
to be able to make folders for purchased games.. would be neat instead of just being able to put games that you downloaded in folders
mg lh
Kacper Czerwinski
New Notifications is best but Sony should let us delete all notifications in it
Michael Serrano
I want boost mode plus.
Simon Bunyard
I'd like to be able to remove games from my library. I have a number of betas in there that I'm either not going to play or aren't available to play anymore anyway.

Secondly, I've been wanting better network integration for some time. I transport my PS4 between work and home quite a bit but I have to manually select between Wifi and cabled network. On my laptop it does it automatically, detects whether I'm wired or wireless and for the latter, stores all of my previously used wireless networks, why can't the PS4 do this?!
EDIT: Also, thank you for linking to the EU & US beta test sign up. Much appreciated :)

That Playstation Store, NEEDS a serious overhaul. I hope it is part of 5.0 :(
For a start, can Sony PLEASE get rid of the current Search Mode. That ridiculous vertical alphabet system. Just give us a keypad, like anywhere else on the system uses. A few less crashes, that need a hard reset would be welcome in there too :)
Sometimes, when i try to pay for stuff, it hangs for up to 10 minutes and then reverts back to the basket...i mean, did they take my money or what ? Going back to checkout, i'm never sure if i'm paying twice for the product!
CJ Porras
Well I guess it has something to do with PS Now. It requires PS Now to sign up for the beta.
CJ Porras
I would like quick streamlined option to start a share play session from a game icon. (Hover over game icon/ Option/ start share play). Been share playing my VR view of Everybody Keep Talking recently.
Andres Cubillos
I want to get a refund feature.
id change god damnit!
I still find it hard to find some indi titles even though I know when they're released. Literally have to search by name before they appear.
The Detonator56
The ability to mute notifications from certain friends. put trophies in order of difficulty so you can see every platinum someone has without going through their whole list of games
OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno
I'd like to be able to turn off notifications from Playstation
Johnny Me
I think they should upgrade the library, I hate how it organises your stuff, just let me edit it or something. And when ps+ services like cloud saves should be available to every sub-account. otherwise everything's fine
KeepOnDrippin -
Trade downloaded games and content like steam
od's reptar gaming
how about backwards compatibility
We want progress tracking, change username (when someone changes their username it says that when you click on their profile "was known as____) so you wont get lost and game giftig would be awesome
They need to sort out the trailers for games which automatically pause shortly after starting for no apparent reasons. And the presentation format isn't consistent when looking at buying games, sometimes you have to scroll up to watch the 'pausey' trailer, and sometimes you select it in a box and click on it. Therefore the UX is a little amateur.
I would like to have backwards compatibility on PS4 so I can play ps1 ps2 and PS3 games on PS4
Jaden North
I would like to have backwards compatibility on PS4 so I can play ps1 ps2 and PS3 games on PS4
Sam K
Name changes is the only thing Sony need to implement to have a superior Console/OS.
Retro Fan
I'd just like backward compatibility instead of the stupid PS Now to play games I already bought for PS3. Greedy rats.
Bee-tuh? Ashume? Smh
Viz Anime Fan