PS4 Firmware 6.0 vs 2.5: Speed Test, Features, Game Installs - SURPRISING RESULTS

If there's one thing a PlayStation fan is very familiar with, its stability and improved system performance. But today we ask the hard hitting questions, are we really as stable as we think we are? It's time to find out, as I use one of my old PS4's to see just how good Firmware 6.0 is, and how improved my life has now become.

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They should've never removed that P.T. demo......
Akilah Tucker
Wow 6.0 is a massive improvement
PS3 generation has passed, no PSN name change. PS4 generation is about to end, STILL no PSN name change.
Ioannis Stf
The Original 2013 Blue Background looks so much better!
Interesting idea for a video great work
I guess you don't really notice these things incrementally but looking at it this way it's interesting to see how far its come!
Knack 2 baby :P
What's going on with game installs is due to a few factors:

1. Sony streamlined the install process to prioritize the files needed to boot. The I/O isn't changed much at all.

2. The little I/O change there is comes from Sony both optimizing the OS/UI over time *and* Sony allowing more system resources for OS/UI *before* booting a game.
Once an app is ran the OS is given a single core of CPU and 1gb of RAM. This was universal at launch. Now, the OS is given 2 cores and 2GB of RAM before app launch. That does actually speed up the data transfer between BRDD and the HDD, pushing it closer to max throughput.

So, it's a case of better code and more hardware power. The extra power pre-app is barely mentioned because it reverts back to 1&1 after app launch.

The Pro actually has an extra 1GB of older DDR3 (iirc) for system performance, always giving the OS 2GB of available RAM (though mostly used for streaming and video saving).
*My system is so stable it could hold a horse*
The old background and the old design on the home screen looked much, much better. Sad that they removed it.
mostafa mahaki
new quick menu is so much better
"This system software update improves system performance".

Should be a supercomputer by now.
Framware 11.54 system improved (NOTHING MORE )
Jamie Owns
Damn I'm totally jealous of the that P.T demo.
Hugo Azevedo
6.0 behind the scenes changes are insane, the speeds woow.
Pao Chongloi
6.0 is so fast hahahaha
rob d
Firmware 7.00
Games no longer have to be installed to the hard drive, they play off the disc. (I know that would never happen, but that's the only thing faster than this I can think of.)
Najam wesal
They really improved the system performance. Great video.
Thanks man! I've been waiting for this
6.0 update was such a huge let down.
How about psn downloads? Any improvement?
DunnsDay Dash
Congrats on the views for this video, Ryan.
It actually surpassed your subscriber count.
Just Mystic
NO NO NOT ANOTHER MYSTIC nice vid bro keep up the good work
Beat Quake
You deserve way more subs bro. Alls have quality content
dead silence
Y'all remember like 2013 the text messages took forever to go through Even with great wifi
Tony Davenport
Thank god for that system stability!!! LMAO
Imagine trying to install Red Dead Redemption 2 on 2.51
One of the most important comparison of all is the game loading speed between the 2 versions which you did not include...sad
wbite aye
I wish i had the P.T. Demo!
6.0 new stuff
Gametag changing❌
New stuff❌
Mohammed Al Nass
I see Puppeteer :)
el negro
That long ass "Game Install" part was just to show off your library?
Odenys Mora
You have so many PS4s dude
Pillow YT
Why is everyone talking about the back ground when you can change it to almost anything
I changed my notification tabs back to Black cuz it just looks better
Galaxy Hunter
When will this update comes out?

And did I understand right? The copying thing is faster than before?
Lies mich
Wait for the PS5 and then made the same Test again 😂
Jim XxX RoadRunner XxX Mcpherson
Firmware 6.0 ruined my bufferbloat !!
Fábio Scp77
You have 3 ps4! I have none...😢
Offer me 1 bro 😂
Francis Daiz
The best thing about the 6.0 is the Quick Menu in games.
T2s ballsack in Rockstars Ass
I wish we didn't have to pay for ps plus but Sony is turning into Xbox
forcewear sorcewear
With these next updates it should be by choice is messing up my game Council
Nyan Cat
Who else was expecting new UI for 6.0 update?
José De León
Finally! A company wich OS updates improves the system speed.
if you have a slim ps4 and your harddrive is almost full.
the menu is so slowly if you are on 5.5.
it's also the same case in 6.0,
you could have used a timer to tell us how many minutes it took for game installs
Sergio Monteiro
You can actually copy the silent hill( P.T Demo) to your new ps4, and keep the game in both ps4
Rowen Ramnath
What if the background is diffrent
Cateto Fantástico
Windows XP interface is better than this lmao
Video should be 6.0 vs 4.55
The Original Dark blue theme looks so much better than 6.0 theme
mynameis bob
Wow, you put a lot of effort into this. Good job.
that fonv dude
Who else played on 1.0 ps4 my dude's
malek shut up
Oof! You still have PT :'v
Bravo! You have Knack!
I like how the older firmware has this blue outline when you're navigating through options and games
Mono Chandio
how to fix cannot download game error plz tell me not update game patch plz how to fix this
Basically both are the same but everytime you update your ps4 you have less space in your firmware
Milher Méndez
Who won the giveaway?
LaLiLuLeLo ThePatriots
Great explanation, I heard this new update is preparing for some huge this year.
Abdulla Adnan
in the 2.5 ps4 you could see the clock on top right corner is 4:17 while on the 6.0 it says 1:15
( - . -)
Copying definitely has gotten longer
Teh flaming ninja
Other than the speed the UI has mostly stayed the same throughout the years for good reason because it's perfect!
why i cannot pause the updates???
2.51 had a better design
Artie Knight YT
Honestly, 3.55 is the best version in my opinion.
Balta Bueno
I felt like they trolled us a bit with 6.0 lol
i kinda miss frimware 2.51
Magnus Krantz
Not much improvment overall. But still faster.
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Need to be a new video comparing Xbox and ps4 install times.
Bro did you did the left screen on a ps4 pro or a ps4 ?
Ryuutarou Smith
Installs and load times are based on hard drive performance I’m not really sure if it is Firmware versions
LuiZ EduarDo
If I could back in time, I would've installed P.T in my ps4. Dude, I remember to saw it and say: "This is not gonna happen dude". ;-;
I got an Xbox ad while watching this.
this is not apple product lol
I guess those stability updates do something afterall
Should be able to jailbreak that!
Viktor Sundström
I like the 2.5 software theme more than 6.0.
Nice K-Mart shirt
Briar Wolverine
I subed after watching, great video!
You can just do a backup of the PS4 with P.T. and restore it anytime you start a new PS4 and the game should be there.
If this is True I am Glad that I Updated but I don't see any Performance improvements At all..!
Mianlo 2
I like that you tried The Order 1886. Most people joined the hate bandwagon.
Marcus Mizerak
Very nice. You should try to do 2 videos a month like this. But only so much time in a day. These types of videos are well thought out. see ya on LTPS!
у меня пс4 слим было до этого версия 5 обновил стала версия 6,все одно и тоже только обнова съела 500мб где то, (content 👍🏿)
Eddie Sánchez
This video make me sad! :(
Arjun Ahir
Wow, version 2.51 is super slow.
Wow dude this is awesome!
As an apple user I feel that these are how incremental android updates are
Para Sol
For some reason it made Horizon Zero Dawn take longer to install from disc when every other game sped up,weird
Marcin Kralka
Why do I watch this? I don't even have PS4 :P
Steeley Gaming
My games are still downloading slowly.
yeah it is actually faster
Am I the only one who came Download 6.0 and can’t sign into my acc bc of it?
YodraG gaming
just too say that the game instalation is much quicker when ps4 is conected to the internet
Brad Adam
Its like winxp vs win10
Alberto Alves
It's not fair Use the PS4pro vs Standard PS4, is the best agaist the worse, should be both on standard PS4
So beautiful 😭
Some of us prefer older PS4 firmware for a good reason
Only thing I truly miss is how big your profile image used to be. Although profiles look a lot cleaner and more like Facebook and Twitter, having a large profile image was something satisfying to me since I liked creating Hi-Res icons. A small nitpick but I really loved that.
Jonathon Vickers
In memory of PT