Devil May Cry 5 – PC 4K Max vs. PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

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Devil May Cry 5 is the first Non-Resident Evil game to feature the RE Engine and it looks absolutely fantastic on every platform. Some keyfacts: all consoles target 60 fps which they mostly keep during gameplay but during cut scenes, the frame rate drops. PS4 resolution: 1080p native, PS4 Pro 1800p checkerboard, PC 2160p native with max graphics (AA = FXAA + TAA, AO = HDAO).
Grafikvergleich von Devil May Cry 5 auf PC, PS4 und PS4 Pto. Der PC ist auf maximale Grafik und 2160p Auflösung gestellt.

System used in this video:
ONE Gaming PC
Hier kaufen:
AMD Ryzen 2700X 8x3.70 GHz
32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Palit GamingPro OC
ASUS TUF X470-PLUS Gaming Mainboard
1 TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCI SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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Please note: my Xbox One X is currently broken, so there won't be any Xbox One X comparisons next week. I already have initiated an exchange, so this problem should be solved by the end of next week (it switched off right after turning it on, reset etc. did not solve the problem, quite annoying. But the Xbox support was very helpful and reacted quickly).
Devil May Cry 5 is the first Non-Resident Evil game to feature the RE Engine and it looks absolutely fantastic on every platform. Some keyfacts: all consoles target 60 fps which they mostly keep during gameplay but during cut scenes, the frame rate drops. PS4 resolution: 1080p native, PS4 Pro 1800p checkerboard, PC 2160p native with max graphics (AA = FXAA + TAA, AO = HDAO).
The pc once again looks gorgeous and runs buttery smooth.
RE Engine is one of my new favorite engines. So high quality and fantastic performance.
Charlie the owner of the meme factory
The only reason I still come to videos this is to watch people fight for their beloved platforms
Philippe Moret
We can see on youtube that the PC version is far superior but... if you can watch the pc version in 4K HDR full setting on a large TV, that's just incredible !!!
Bentchich Mohamed
Players will not focus on such small details when playing
Gamen Boiii Sahil
Human eyes can't see over 8GB Ram.
And don't forget: The Special obstructing Michael Bay Lensflares only on PS4.
Julius Greig
All consoles look great. if you're getting into the finer details, PC comes out victorious, followed by PS4P then lastly PS4
Leo Corder
The game looks great in all of them, even thought like always pc wins.
Proximity liq
Pc always Wins :) If you compare with Graphics
Pc easy win.
Great graphics and awesome optimization.:)
Blurstation 4
Krusty Krispy
When I run mine the graphics of the character looks great but the floor looks blurry
Tru Gaming
konstantinos pre
Pc wins yet again hope ps5 be a beast and win over pc
Saravana Genzo
Candyland please choose good bg music for your videos. it's awful.
My pc plays this game in 4k on my Sony tv
Dale C
No, PS4 Pro. You can't use Motion Blur to hide that hideous graphics.
rama fahlevi
i play in my pc with 4k resolution
Jaafar Sadeq
always pc the winner
PC easy win
PS4 vs Xbox One (original versions)
Playing this game at 144HZ is orgasmic.
These are the most realistic facial expressions I've ever seen
We-Shall- Overcome-The-Tory-Government
Not a lot of difference really between the two consoles but the Pc looks much better in all the details .
Darius Lithav
No xbox hahaha??
1:32 scared the shit out of me
Daner Kurdi
The pc version is very smooth while the ps4 and the pro have some lack and frame rate dropping
Emil Mahmudov
PS4 PRO forever champion
The censorship killed the PS4 version for me anyway
C A P C O O M 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Your Nightmare
This game looks really good on XboxOneX
Jackie Silverr
ümit çağlar
ps4 forever
look same anyway bluray best ---->4K and PC
Cesar C
For when comparing XBOX ONE X vs PS4 Pro ???
Yegor Shkulov
Adrian SH
Will the 4k resolution be available on youtube soon?
Riza Fahlevie
pro wins
Alipt Shrivastava
The best part about pc is 60fps
Gianni Palma
consoles wins
I am going to be honest here, the difference is minimal. The truly noticeable difference is going to be FPS.
канал FOKUS
Nico, congratulations on March 8
saad alshehri
Ps4 +ps4 pro stuck at 60 frame per second. And this is the major difference and it is a huge difference. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun it's just important factor. But if you ok with what you got then don't bother
When PS4 beta will stop win?
Base PS4 looks great for what it is and I've got no complaints for performance either.
Gotta say, they all look pretty good.
Ben Jamin
What’s the title of the song playing? I think it’s great 👍
Bentchich Mohamed
Days gone in pc
& Black screen
Ps4 For the players
pc ps4 pro ps4
Xxx Xxx
pc 4k max :) perfect but how many people plays like that :)
Minh Ngoc 031989 Tran
Ps4 pro supperslamping number 1 =))
Gianni Palma
pc master cess, ps4 master race
Laio Gamer
ONE X????????????????????????????????????????????
kiki rizky
keep support this channel subcribe and like guys , how bout doa 6 ? im waitting
Iván Cortés
PC Master Race.
Diogo Oliveira
Pc: 144hz ps4: 30hz ps4 pro: 60hz
Developers did a good job, looks almost the same on all 3 but still impressive how the ps4 handles it.
Bismarck Au-ra
Ce qui serait intéressant c'est de comparer PS4 vs GTX 1050Ti car une RTX 2080 Ti, disons qu'heureusement le jeu est plus beau ^^ Bref dans tout les cas sans le mode zoom, les trois versions sont top même avec les 70w de la PS4 non Pro
1:35 when she keep going after u nut
Epic Gaming
1:37 damnn my boy dante drinks to much coffe ☕
Xemesis KO
PC win.
Łowca KureF
suprise, suprise
Cuarto comentario
gigi gigiotto
Can someone explain me why consoles use low ansiotropic filtering?
we're talking about the pricepoint here. which every Elitist PC "Gamer" dodge.
Moralmente Incorrecto
pc wins
Айк Погосян
PS4 Soap Pro ))
Devil Kate
I like all xd
Dead Or Alive 6 please.
Judit Obrusánszky
Blurrystation 4
Acharya Tech
Waiting for Last of us part 2.
Justin Y.
Pc always gonna win but ps4 & ps4 pro obviously look good too

Pd: YES i'm not the real justin Y. So say whatever you want
kratos nova
Gana mil veces la pc claro..
i actually buy my games as a ps4 fan but i wanted to have a new experience with my pc gamer and uff, good that i did it
i leave ps4, join Pc download free LOL
Candyland are you sure by 1:15 we see the PC? The PS4 Pro looks much sharper, no diddering there.
Calvin Asuncion
I have a PC but bought DMC on PS4 since it ram 60fps anyways. Certain games i feel better about playing on console
Gianni Palma
il pc non è buonooooooo per giocareeeee non lo volete capire?
Bang4BuckPC Gamer
Flawless Victory!!
John Krain
01:45 yellow teeth dante.. :(
ps4 is 6-7 years old.
Sarthak Panda
1440p 144hz on this game made me feel like a child again
Mystogan Naco
pc lejos por detalles
Gianni Palma
è buono per tuttoooo ma non per giocareeeee
kenshin745 himura
Que pijiaderas hace la PC!!
Simon Sarkis
This is probably the most optimized game to date. I am running the game at 4k way above 70fps which is insane!
John Cliff
Ps4 pro not bad for 350 bucks console
How many fps is the game having on PS4 and PS4 pro?
bean waiting for this video all day!
Abdessamad O.
This game isn't beautiful
Автор даун
Ps4 pro easy win
Polski Patriota
Easy for my RTX 2080Ti Zotac! But, u can only DMC3-5 for PC playing. And for PS4 DMC1-5! For a true fan, is the PS4 Edition better!
Akhil Bhargava Ramisetti
Gaming feels beautiful when u have a $4000 PC and a PS4 Pro 😃
Juninho Correa
Does the PS4 PRO run 4k Native?