PS4 Firmware Update 5.00: 5 Cool New Features Sony's Added | PlayStation 4

PS4 firmware update 5.00 is out now, and while it's not the greatest update in the PlayStation 4's lifespan, there are five cool new features that we spotted that we thought deserved sharing.


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Push Square
Hey everyone!

Have you found any other cool new features in PS4 firmware update 5.00? Let me know about them.

- Sammy
Mikarmas PS4 Pro
Very important... now u r able to delete notifications u dont want to see - i.e. some errors
Thing I have noticed from going from 4.70 to Beta 5.0 and 5.0 is that scrolling through the main UI for games doesn't stutter anymore. <3
Anyone else having a problem with installing the update? I've downloaded it a few times now and it absolutely refuses to install, keeps telling me an error occurred.
Randy Bradley
One that you missed was when you have a game highlighted and you hit options and go to information select and if you have any dlcs download it will have a view option select that and it will tell you what dlcs you have installed for that game.
I call this the "I can have black trophies again" update
Tomáš Kořínek
PS4 now support my native language thank you !
how about support for UW 21:9 monitors, I have actually stopped using my PS4 because of lack of support for this
Efthymios Peroulis
More languages available for the menus like Greek!!!
Looks Cool! sadly i have a sub account and i cant find a way to make the main account accept terms and agreements so yeh as always they didn't think abt tht
Nabil Trabelsi
Why don’t you delete the people you don’t like?
Game share still working?
Not Eboler
Lol I tried downloading it but it won't download guess I'm not going to play ps4 for a while
Great video Sammy!
I love the black pop up colour
kevin dotson99
I don't know if it's new or not but I seen a thing that says what's on your mind like Facebook I guess you can write messages on a Community wall I've never noticed that it might not be new though not sure
Rakibul Haque
I think the UI performance has drastically improved in this update
The Notification and party chat sound has changed
Sakuraba1982 Gaming
The only thing which has any meaning is changing psn there any other feature which is more requsted?
10/10 humor
joey rydzewski
Still no party chat upgrade from 8 to 16
kevin dotson99
Has anyone been having a problem with your PlayStation crashing because of this 5.0 update mine got stuck in safe mode saying cannot turn on Playstation must update 5.0 update I had to do a factory reset because I went on Playstation downloaded the update but it would not recognize it I lost everything it has done this three times now
Albert The Anarchy
Crap again.🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹
Mario Lončarević
It's a pity that they have not put backwards compatibility into a new update so this 5.0 update is nothing special, even some have problems logging on to their accaunt.
Refracted Gaming
*cough* Firmware update 4.5
I want to change my gamer tag!
Brandon Solomon
Changes do psn name ps4