PS4 Firmware Updates: 5 Features We Need in 2018 | PlayStation 4

PS4 firmware updates are always a popular point of discussion, so we've compiled five PlayStation 4 features we need in 2018. Do you agree with our list?


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Push Square
Hey everyone!

What PS4 firmware update features do you want in 2018?

- Sammy
Dutchy's Gaming Channel
Xbox has this neat achievement progression thing. Say you need to make 5 potions for an achievement. It'll display that you made 3/5 of that potion. It be neat if Sony did that for trophies too. And Nintendo's diary option too. How many times you've played a game, how long, average play time etc.
Being able to delete trophys from games ill never play again
Jonathan B
Push square they need to enable Dolby vision and Dolby atmos support. More lossless audio options. 2.1 features.
lil homie Mouse 97
Add more one color when it comes to the notification boxes
WayTooSimple OK
They need to fix lag and slow ps4
Kevyn Grams
I use my PS4's for everything I do, so I think there are quite a few things that could be improved or added. I'll give my top 5.

1. Major Overhaul to the Internet Browser (Bring it up to date, Bring back the downloading of Pictures & Videos, Bring back Printer Support, Bring back Mouse Support, Add PDF support, Add Folders for Favorites, and upload our saved settings/favorite to PSN to share between systems, and as a backup.)

2. Built In System E-Mail App & Calander App (Give us built in calander and e-mail like we have on PS Vita, or our Smartphone. Allow us to sync to PSN, Google, Microsoft, etc.)

3. Full Access to Spotify (Would love full access to Sportify on the PlayStation Music app, and full access to our library through the quick menu.)

4. Give us more Cloud Storage on PSN (We need much more, 1TB should be standard with PS+, with additional storage available at a premium.)

5. 4K HDR from PlayStation Video (Simple as it says, update the system to allow 4K HDR services through PS Video on PS4 Pro, and PS4 if possible)
Things I would like to see:
*Ability to see install progress on disc based games* like a percentage going up or a time left. Sometimes you can see that in game, sometimes not.
*Download DLC all at once* whenever I've had to reinstall my rock band 4 disc, I have to re download all of my songs individually from a list... all five hundred of them... one by one, would be nice to just be able to push, "download all".
When you re-download a digital game, then you get an option/promt. to download all DLCassociated with that game. Why cant we have the same option for disc based games?
*ability to delete individual DLC's and patches without deleting the whole game* We can see which DLC's we have installed in our games, but we cant delete them individually without deleting the whole game, why is that?
*ability to hide/remove icons in the XMB* Would be nice to be able to clean up the XMB, I never use the community section/internet browser/events/media viewer etc; so why should they be there? Let me hide them.
*Ability to shut down console when its in rest mode* This always bugged me; I have to power up the console to shut it down whenever its in rest/standby? Why not just hold the power button so it completely shuts off?
*Search bar for the download history* would also be nice to see on all store fronts, pc, smartphone. Not nice having to dive through 1000+ items to find one thing.
*Ability to delete things in download history* Old demos, betas or themes take up place in your download history, why cant I just get to delete them permanently to make it less cluttered?
*Better playback controls for media* whenever I boot up a Blu-ray and I accidentally hit the L2/R2 triggers when I put the dualshock down, it sends the movie into fast forward/backwards, also the touchpad does this useless 3 second skip thing whenever you look at it. Let me disable those "features", or remap them.
*Better playback interface on Blu-rays/dvds* on ps3 I could see the bitrate of the audio and video, why cant I do the same on ps4?
*Sort out how saves work* Say you want to upload a save and then delete it. First go to upload then find the save you want to upload, then upload it. Now you want to delete said save, then you need to back out of the upload section. Go to the delete section, then find the save again and then finally delete it. Why is it so backwards? Why not just find the save first, then give you the choice of how you want to interact with it?
There are so many unnecessary steps as it works now. Imagine if things worked the same on a pc: I want to copy my picture to the usbdive and then delete it off my hard drive. Ok first choose copy then find the picture, then copy it; now back up to the desktop, find the delete options, find the picture again, then delete it. That would drive you mad wouldn't it?
The way saves were handled on the ps3 worked great, why did they change it?
*Ability to save custom controls for different games* Under accessibility you can map custom controls for games, overriding their original controls. But it only remembers one control scheme at a time. I would love to be able to save different ones for different games so I can easily swap without have to remap them all the time.
*setting master volume on applications* when you use the YouTube app or watch a bluray you can't raise or lower the volume in app like you can with a game. It would be cool to be able to do that from the XMB, maybe just press options next to a running application and control the volume output without effecting all the other audio volumes like chat or system sounds.
Komodo Khan
I really want to play lord of the rings ,true crime on on ps4 . Like ps2 classics
Frostbite Gaming
In no particular order:

1) trophy descriptions in notifications (similar to what xbox has right now)

2) ps+ game voting again

3) PSN Store wishlist (on console)

4) Refreshed user interface (on home-screen)

5) Night mode
Mark Thomas
@Push Square How about giving us the option to remove icon/programs from your library that you no longer have installed such as demos and betas.
Dee Mann
1. Improve software emulation accuracy of PS1 & PS2 games and upscale them to 1080p/4k and better texture filtering.

2. Perhaps a UI utility/theme option to reduce blue light during the day/night. Something along the lines like f.lux on desktop.

3. Provide more PS4 Pro optimizations for pro enhanced and non-pro games.

4. Manually set a toggle that enables boost mode on certain games automatically, without having to enabled boost mode feature universally.

5. Automatically turn off the PS4 in Rest Mode after finishing downloading queue (DLC, games, and etc...).

6. Using a better Content Delivery Network so I can download update files and patches much faster without being tethered to my console.

7. Rollback on previous firmware and patch versions if current build has bugs that can break games.

8. Improve internet browser UI and navigation speed.

9. Deleting games from profile, themes and trophies (any %).

10. Disable following when adding new friends and an option to disable who I am following.

11. Faster/Snappier UI.
Gwynevere Sunlightblade
It would be nice to upload game play so your PSN friends can see it. Instead your forced to upload to social media only. Sigh. 😰
Content manager for the PlayStation 4 for the PlayStation Vita
What I long for.
1. Better web browser. With more video format supported. And more cache. I keep getting errors.
2. Ability to download mp3s and mp4s. And have a built-in player for them. With playlists, shuffle, repeat and all.
3. Ability to customize even further the custom ps4 theme by selecting a custom mp3 for the ambiant background sound.
4. Better stability regarding friendlist, user search, and ps store. I keep getting long loadtimes or errors.
Mr. lag21
3:05 how did you get that backround
ashley mcdonald
to be able to delete notifications
Strider 1184
I just want to see the UK get the same titles as America. Been dying to play a game called Icey thats been out for a while over there and I can't seem to find any infomation on whether it is actually releasing here on the UK store... And no, I won't make another account.
Backward compatibility !!!!!!
Γρηγόρης Χριστάρας
Imput for mouse and keybord
The Detonator56
They should update and improve the Web browser so it can support more websites and not be so laggy and crash all the time. Shouldn't be too hard to do. Also I still want trophy sorting MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY 😠
Jin Kazama
The update the vita.
Beef Curtains
Trophy progression
SlickRich86 Calderon
We need firmware for tlou the servers are down
Reed Naylor
I just want the ability to clear stuff/organize my library. Like, when am I ever going to re-download the Infinite Warfare Beta?
Willy Rosado
I want my own music olayback back on the Pro without upgrading my flash drive 3.0
Dragon Ballzzz Deep
Customize the whole UI. Give us the ability to use our own theme music with any wallpaper. I also want to use Twitter and Instagram on my ps4. Use theme icons like the ps3. Example, use any icons from a theme and match it with any wallpaper you chose to use. Move around apps like Netflix and YouTube.
Ryan mcmorris
The other thing we need is a "close all applications button" just like on phones. My ps4 is fine until I open more than 1 appilcation then it seems go slow down. Then I would have to close the one app I opened first and test my Wi-Fi speed and then it's snappy again. Just inserting a "close all" button would be helpful.
Ali Al-marhoon
- Name change feature is finally coming, that’s great.
- Statistics about the player...I LOVE THIS IDEA and I’ve never thought about it actually lol.
- Pin up..that would be a cool feature.
- OMG yes the PS4 sometimes is SO SLOW!

- What I would love PS to add are:
2- this one I just thought about a few days ago and it’s the ability to change your ID’s region, maybe it’s a little surprise cause I’ve never seen anybody talks about it but I created my ID years back, and unfortunately the region I chose doesn’t have all games and discounts, it’s a shitty region 😂 I know I can create a us ID and buy stuff (that’s what I’m doing) but I would LOVE to buy stuff on MY MAIN ACCOUNT.

Man I wrote too much stuff 😂

Thank you!
samori warfare
We need more battery life on the PlayStation controller
Lord Keaveney
Haha, you sound like Ethan Forrester from Game Of Thrones.
A feature that for a lot seem stupid but for few its really important is Let Us Change Psn Account Region!!!
403 GAMES! Youre insane... a true gamer :)
Unknown N
I hope they fix not receiving verification codes problem. BECAUSE IM GETTING SICK OF THIS.
I dont care if the architecture is bloody different, um lets see release an emulator for ps1 and ps2 that receives regular updates
سطوره الا وتاكو ايتاتشي
jordi plavic
Great video!
802 Garage
I agree. I love speed and efficiency updates. Work those low level programmers!
Clara Pagett
Features i would like..
1. the ability to create sub folders in folders on the dashboard, it would help tidy up the dashboard alot
2. PSVR Cinema mode themes, maybe could be done with looped 3D 360 video.. but a customization 3d area would be awesome
3. Use the lights on the VR headset in cinema mode to prevent drift and improve tracking
4. PS2 & PS1 emulation (using original disks)
5. USB/Bluetooth Mouse support in web browser and dashboard

6... I know its unlikely but custom music for custom themes as well a selection of different icon styles plus the option to set different a image for the upper menu of the dashboard
I’d say the notification system needs an overhaul. The current one is a mess IMO.
MixTechno Media
Wee need a Decent Media Player and the ability to use them On games, like Music.
What game is that playing when he first starts talking about PS1 support?
Juancarlos Rosario
Dolby Atmos and 4k movie library
Tha_Real_ Gangsta4x
Only thing i want is them to upgrade the ui and OPTIMIZE it everyone vote to upgrade and Optimize the ui
HoRcHaTa 1442
How bout utilize the touch pad to navigate thru the UI. Swipe up for favorites. Swipe down for most played etc..
I want to be able to record gameplay and export right to cloud service on computer or computer its self. Less cords for recording. Cleaner recording for faster out put to edit and upload.
Oskii Gz
Bro something we definitely need is backwards compatibility and an early access program for all the sweet games in early access like pubg and other things. Anyone agree

Had to edit sorry
Ben Williams
What I Want:
Able to delete trophy lists (if something is at 1% then we could delete it for a less clunky space)
Name change
Ability to delete uninstalled games from your library so it isnt so clunky, then when you wanna play them you go to play station store and redownload it.
Ability to make folders in capture gallery to organize your clips.
Brad Pitt
We need firmware update for deleting games in your trophy list / trophies them selfs
Money Matt
Where you get that ps2 theme from?
John Harley
New VR Dashboard environment with substantially improved Move controller navigation in the front end. The Pull Trigger and sweep to scroll lists feels clunky. The Current Dashboard is just a big screen in front of your face. Imagine if the Home screen was a real VR experience. With your games all around you. It would make PS4 feel like a complete VR experience.

Maybe? PS3 PlayStation Move Navigation Controller support - with a Skyrim patch for the new movement type. It is sooo painful moving around without a joystick. Or maybe this is a new Move Navigation PS4 controller with a bulb on top. In any case it would only be successful if they can get existing games to patch in a new control setup for it. Or maybe they have it work like a "Fake Dualshock" controller.

In storage: Different Sortby options. Right now its just biggest to smallest. How about "last used"
I want the option of deleting crashes without having to initialize the hard drive
Silent Killer01
ps2 emulator would be nice.
More stats = more servers resources and sony are cheapos. You seem like you be ok with the same food you eat all your life and happy with it. Innovations makes things better bet you love those stability updates. ms is doing so many new cool features a few sony copies but dang there lazy.
I want to be able to not see my hidden games
monty 1987
I would like to see official support for remote play on android and IOS. Remote play on my iPad would be incredible!
Bigger Party Chat!!!!!!
Ajax Malokimby
Retro games are needed i wish someone would start a vote or something it should happen
James Clark
PS4 - Pro - I would like an organize media file. Right now recommended apps not even installed (sports and other channels) are in priority over actual media programs I do have like Prime and Netflix. I cannot make a custom file for these programs.
I want to see them bring back like how it was on the ps3 where it said your friends go offline
i cook
Burn cds like ps3
Jeroen VDH
They shoud give you the option to put the light on the controler out so you can save battery life its total BS that you can only dim it..
Jeroen VDH
Were did you get that theme bro?
Kaleb Hancock
Please give up crash racer sony
Claudius Heart
Plz no m&k suport like xbox !
Outcast Of Society
Also increase the party limit to 10
Jonathan Pabon
Yes my friends definitely need to know how many hours a month I watch porn on my PS4 thanks Sony
Cuntstructive Comments
Remove non-master account restrictions or make it so that you don’t have to be 18 to have a master account. The restrictions are pointless.
Nilesh Parmar
I want to see eject from the ps shortcut after holding the ps button on your controller. Also, i want to see youtube app back on the x bar.
Brad Corcoran
My only gripe that does annoy the hell out of me is the lack of actual customization to the layout of your home screen. Whether it be dynamic themes, icon layout (not just a left to right but full page). I don't get why we are forced to have such an ugly setup.
Plot twist username change coming because ps5 will release and you cant use your old account
Outcast Of Society
We need just need a little more space for hardrive cause if you buy a 8tb you don’t get the full 8tb the PS4 takes up at least 30gb to use it
There's new beta for new update
Android Guy
I want them to let us share videos and gifs in PlayStation messages, and this isn't a feature but I want them to fix connection issues with the PlayStation platinum headset
Claude Speed
The ability to create our own custom themes through an app where you can download other people's or whatever Sony creates with tons of different genes of games etc also a feature on the store if you own a game on disc it doesn't appear on the store only the DLC instead
Kaleb Hancock
I have tones of games in my trophies list that I never play anymore and want to delete them
Personal Avatar
scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40%
1. Name change
2. Name change
3. Name change
4. Name change
5. Name change
A small one but I’d love the option to change the order of the trophy list. If we could have the option to sort it in to alphabetical order it would make it so much easier to find certain trophy lists.
Jaymin's Station
I want mouse and keyboard support
I want the psn username because I don’t like my old account name so i wanna change it
Sony need to fix the UI lag because it's very irritating to say the least and at worst can ruin the experience for me, it even happens on my Pro too. Other than that would just like to see some more Retro love like bring in plenty of PS1 and PS2 games to download, look at ways to Bring some Sega and other arcade classics to the store some of us older folk like to play older games and would be great to have the PS4 as this all in one box.
FINN Gamer
I Just Want PSN Online ID Changes
As much as I want backwards compatibility Ik Sony won't give it to us i just really want to play some ps3 games but I only have a ps4
Sammy I understand you have to find something to make videos about but this has no real info at all. I could understand if you wanted to announce a beta sign up date for viewers, a release date for the firmware or even some rumoured features in the next firmware. This video and now this comment I’m writing is just wasting your and my time. So pretty please just post a video when you have ANY real information on the firmware.

Lots of love, this grumpy (but in this case right) youtuber 🙂
CLiNT East
We need a new interface tired of same boring look we had for 5 years straight
Patrick Rossier
PS1 support!?! Really?? Wtf do I need a 4k hdr tv for? Useless absolutely useless. Sorry Sammy but don't agree
George Scott
CLiNT East
Need more apps PS4 apps suck compare to Xbox
Corey Mckee
Crash trilogy Good. Now GIVE ME MY SPYRO TRILOGY REMAKE! His anniversary is coming up and would be the perfect way to celebrate it. A spyro trilogy remake is my most wanted thing in gaming.
NZ Mallrat 17
More PS2 games added to PSN, being able to permanently delete games you purchased digitally should you regret buying it cause it sucks, like I've got heaps I'd love to get rid of, that's why buying physical copies is better
CLiNT East
And the PS4 camera need video chat or something bcuz at this moment if don't own a vr its kinda pointless
Hey what's up push Square the number one item I want on PS4 would be video chat like you did on PS3 or the ability to watch a movie with your friend in a party chat and or video chat seeing your friend or family member kind of like Skype number 2 apps just like Xbox that's a ton of apps like example Syfy we need a ton of more apps to be the number one selling console we don't have that many apps maybe for psvr but not for anything else like sci-fi channel for example number 3 update the PS4 store to like PS3 where you can share the games you like or send to your friends at game that you would want to get and clean the store up to where you can find stuff it's a mess needs to be fixed clean it up and organize it better so we can find games we want to play or buy
Frank Nakamo
Linux the most corrupted OS that has ever existed, and they can break the PS3 and PS4 anytime anyone wants to by signals directly to the CPU, they design it that way to break the PS4 intentionally and make billions from the idiots
Marky 360
Yea I definitely want them to speed up the PS4 for sure it feels so slow some times especially when coming over from the Xbox One S because it's UI is so fast I mean it's literally instantaneous where as the PS4 has to visibly load before showing your friends list or letting you type a message or what not and checking trophies fuck no for get about it that shit takes so long I say fuck it I don't care what the trophy was for. I just want them to speed up the UI and make it less laggy like Xbox.
Shamino 74656
The Best would be if they would trash the BlueRay/DVD Drive. No one needs this. Since atleast 10 Years you can buy everything online and dont need DVD/Games sitting on the Desk at Home wasting Space. And The Playstation would be more smaller.