SOLUTION TO PS4 Error SU-42118-6

I have managed to find a possible solution to the PS4 Update Error SU-42118-6. WHILE UPDATING TO 6.0

Follow instructions on PS4's website:

SCROLL DOWN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR "Preform a new install of system software". You have to download the 1 GB FIRMWARE FILE by clicking "Download Now"

First, boot into safemode.
Go to Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)
Plug in the USB with the Firmware File.
Click okay, and wait for the Error Message to pop up.


If you have any questions or it doesn't work, please let me know! THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!
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I got it in 6.50☹️
H Ll
Who else got it for 6.50
The Legend
Cud u plz tell me all the tools needed to open up the console. I got the error on update 6.20
Dan Krutzler
Thanks for the video my man, helped me put a ton. Got my ps4 working, I'm using an OG ps4 too if that matters for anyone.
Shannon Matthews
Thank you so much you have really helped me
Iv looked up and watched tones of videos and non of em helped!
Tried this for the slim didn't work anybody else have a solution for this problen
Mike Kattan
i did the steps, error msg didnt come up again after updating from with the USB 1gb file.pup
Thatcher Robinson
you are actually a legend, if it doesnt work for anyone fiddle with the cords while its on as he is. The su error is the disc tray!
Jordan Brady
omg thank you so much. I cant thank you enough
Bible study Gang
The problem I had is that I tried installing the up date and before it would start is would give me an error
Marissa Maddox
mine still doesn't work
The Legend
I got that error on uldate 6.02 but i somehow solved it. But now im trying the same steps on update 6.20 and it doesnt seem to work. I need some help
Daedae 386
I got 6.50 and it still doesn’t work
I had the same problem i actually just fixed it thank you now i don't have to buy a new ps4
Basan Gaming
I got it in 6.50
Quick story...
Might work might not, if you're still under warranty call Sony or possibly find a local tech support. Otherwise if you're tech savvy take apart your PS4 and figure out the source of the problem.
Long story...
I got this error (su-42118-6) earlier this week on my PS4 (Slim) and 2 days later so did my buddy with a PS4 (Original/early model) and we both tried your method.
He was lucky enough for it to work after unplugging blue ray while updating and then trying to update again. (Original)
Mine however (Slim) I literally had to follow YouTube vids on how to completely disassemble it, so I could find out my Disk/Optical drive is broken. Plastic piece for inserting disks broke and seems my motor for spinning the disks fried.
Peter Artunin
Finally did it. Thank you so much
thx brother for the help!the issue is the ribbon cable.although little error pop up after update finish,i have manage to get updated.again many thx!
Timmy Dodson
Thank you got mine working
The Legend
Hey can i do all those steps but inatead of initializing my ps(step 7) can i just do step 3 as in just normally update ps4 via usb?
Vincent Booker
Bro thank you so much this shit work it was the wire you said to take loose after I unplugged it and plugged it back in my disk drive started working again and then my game begins update also if the disc drive starts spinning up put a game inside to keep it spinning that seemed to help stop the error messages from coming back
Angel Cajamarca Zamora
Got it in 6.51
Aaron Juarbe
Your awsome man thank you so much
John Smith
Well I just got that error too. I'll wait a couple days cuz supposedly they were gonna release a patch to fix their stupid mistakes but if they dont I'll do what you did.
Attiq Tariq
my ps4 dosent beep when
Daniel Richardson
You sound like john cena
Matthew Staton
Beeps when I pull the cord out... beeps when I put it back in... does nothing. idk.. ugh
star saber gaming
I'm only 14 and I can't do this help me plzz
Dr Dopamine
PS4 does not beep when I unplug the ribbon
my error came with 6.51 recently
Anas Saad
i had this problem and i opened my ps4 to check wires if it connected correctly (because i opened it before i get the error to clean it from dust) so yeah it was a wire that isn't connected right so it fix my problem !
CA ex
no entendi ;v
The_ phenomenal Gamer
I just take the bottom off the console then take the cover for the disc drive off then I move the disc reader around and then turn on the console and update works
White Knight
No way I'm taking my PS4 apart for this I need a professional.
Kaizer Soze 85
i really need your help. im desperate. i cant afford a new ps4. i did all the steps 20 times and i cannot get the ps4 to beep. i tried using 4 different new hard drives. tried the 1 gig and the 400mb file, tired everything step by step. PLEASE HELP!!! I will be so grateful. thank YOU
Andrej Gregus
Hey man. It works for me, but I only removed and took back that cable when ps4 was turned off. My problem didn't start with firmware upgrade, but I was changing thermal paste under processor cooler. When I assembled ps4 back, I get that error. Nothing works, only when I saw your video, tried to disconnect and reconnect the cable again and it works.
Mike Rosen
Hey there I just did a update to the new system software and it threw this code but my controller is doing anything all I get is the screen ware if says an error has occurred and I cant fo anything with my controller any help would be great
Thanks for this. I was able to solve the issue using this guide though my problem was a bit different so wanted to add some additional information. For me the disc drive would not eject or accept a disc. When I removed the ribbon cable and reinserted the PS4 would beep but not hard restart as described in this video. I was going to try getting a new ribbon but decided to check the ribbon attachment on the underside of the power board first. As I was removing the power board as described in the linked video, I noticed that the cable giving power to the disc drive (the cable just below the optic ribbon cable) was noticeably loose so I reinserted it fully and all my issues went away. I noticed some people commented they had the same issue with the disc drive not accepting/ejecting discs so thought I’d let everyone know how it was solved on my PS4.
stinkline 87
I just had my ps4 serviced by sombody and now get this issue....did they mess something up in the mother board?
Tay Marte
i guess Sony did this when people started modding the hardware on the systems a little too much. This is very common when the disk drive is faulty.
Can you make a vid where you gonna fix the Ps4 from begin to end step for step bc im that that handy with tech I also downloaded the 480MB update on a usb and it still doesn’t work it will still give me the error code SU-41 something
I bought a ps4 from a coworker for $250 and it's showing this code, doesn't read discs, can't do anything on it. I'm pissed off because I don't know how to fix all of this.
Tempus Fugit
I think it does happen for people who have changed parts lately on PS4 cuz me and my friend had an overheat issues with the ps we changed the Ic cooler on the PS4 and this is the first update the came after repairing my PS4 so it think some parts of the PS4 is not well returned
Tucker Gray
i have a first gen ps4. And to be clear is that the cable for the blu ray drive? I've had this issue before and fixed it. my fix was by tearing the ps4 apart and reapplying thermal paste and it worked. that was about a couple months ago and i dont want to do that again.
I did this and I’m still getting that error code. Old HHD failed and I put in a new one. It won’t complete anything in safe mode. Throws different errors for each one. What did I do wrong?
You saved my ps4
I initialized it and download the update but same problem keeps happening
If you have this problem, it's is very likely your Blu Ray ribbon is dislodged. If that's the case, you'll have to open up your PS4 to re-affix it. Good luck all!
Icia Lista
does this way reset the ps4 system? i mean, am i going to loose all my installed games?
John Smith
disc driver is the problem my stop working ,in the sofware installation i unplug and plug in , then read the usb just fine no error no nothing thanks 🙏🏻 great video
Ayixlia Merrets
I have enough money to buy another PS4 I'm looking at the days of play edition, but instead I'm trying to get my old PS4 working I thought it may be fun to be doing this, but I may just give up on it I cannot get it past the SU-42118-6 error
how can i download this 1gb file ?
Tyrese Renard
What if I don’t have a usb
Ritchie Tenamore
I just got this error and I can't even get off the screen saying that there is an error...I mean the machine won't do anything at all
Michelle Gomez
Well I have good news.. Call Sony and let them know Your issue and they will fix it. Sony just fixed ours last week and they didn't charge us due to the reason the issue was theirs and theirs to fix... They sent us the shipping box, we sent it back through fedex(gotten to them the next day) then next thing we knew, 3 days later our ps4 was on it's way back and it's working...
So do you plug the cable out while the console is on and displaying this error message?
Fernando Juarez Pajares
Hola, error SU-30631-3 ????
The One and Only Me
I have this error now. But when I put it in safe mode or even on the error screen, I can’t even connect the controller even with it plugged into the ps4
The Legend
Hey John will step 7 in safe mode delete all data on my ps?
Eric Kelly
Just got my PS4 back from Sony for them to "fix" this error. System worked perfect until update 6.00, then got the error. Sonys excuse was that heat from my XBox One caused corrosion in the PS4, so they weren't going to fix it. I'm still looking for this corrosion. All I can find is a little oxidation on one of the metal plates. Sounds like Sony just wants people to go out and buy more PS4's...
На обновлении 6.50 выскочила такая ошибка :( Разобрал консоль и отключил от BD привода этот белый шлейф, включил консоль и привод начал пытаться выплюнуть диск или еще что то :) после выключил консоль, и подсоединил шлейф обратно! При включении BD заработал и обновление установилось!
Court of Protection
Get on with it
Ritchie Tenamore
A little more my issue started when my daughter was playing Skyrim...she signed out and about 10 min after I went to load it up and all of a sudden it wouldn't even recognize that a disc was present and I had to manually remove disc so disc drive hasn't worked at all since that ....then the update and error came about a week or 2 after that the cause?
Roken Ssj3
Controller won't connect
1st There is absolutely no reason to take your system apart like that for the problem you are talking about with it apart like that it can not cool its self and will damage not only the motherboard but also the power supply! Seriously all you are going to do is teach/get kids to destroy their game systems! 2nd If you do not even know how to remove the ribbon cable from the board properly you should not be describing how to do it! What do you like it when kids damage their systems?