Metro Exodus – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

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This is a graphics comparison of Metro Exodus on PS4 vs. PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro runs in 4K mode. Basic facts: PS4 1080p 30 fps; PS4 Pro 1440p 30 fps. Adaptive v-sync is used on consoles.
Grafikvergleich von Metro Exodus auf PC mit Nvidia's RTX Raytracing.

System used in this video:
ONE Gaming PC
Hier kaufen:
AMD Ryzen 2700X 8x3.70 GHz
32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Palit GamingPro OC
ASUS TUF X470-PLUS Gaming Mainboard
1 TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCI SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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PS4 PS4 Pro PS4 vs PS4 pro
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This is a graphics comparison of Metro Exodus on PS4 vs. PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro runs in 4K mode. Basic facts: PS4 1080p 30 fps; PS4 Pro 1440p 30 fps. Adaptive v-sync is used on consoles.
Rodolfo Barquero
The pro is a little bit superior, but not a next gen worthy, I'm ok with my ps4 slim for now.
Александр Хилькевич
For system 2013 years, not bad)
I just hope & dream that the PS5 will run any games at 60fps standard please let that be the main focus for the PS5
danny lolo
The only difference is the resolution.
Spartan MYST
still as a 1080p tv user, expecting to see always high detailed 1080p ps4pro vs ps4 comparison. not 4k ps4pro vs 1080p ps4 🤔
Jun Santana
Words can’t explain how much I love this game 😭🙌😂
Cat Man
The ps4 and pro versions look great
i absolutely love your comparisons(long time sub), but this was the very first one that i did not like. dunno why, just my two cents.
Vitor Almeida
I need to know what song is thissssssssss. Such a sweet melody
Stas Nutz
Graphic good, but optimization has problems on ps4(no pro). Fps dropped 50% of all times on open map.
Need patches for optimization and fix glitches/bugs
Blind Puppet
Playing on the Pro and I see no difference. I'll get it for my X at a later date.
Lol I have a 2013 PS4 and it's the exact same as the PS4 Pro, thank God I can experience the game without some shitty compromises
Jonathan Soko
Lets talk about how frequent it drops to 20 fps and possibly lower even on the pro and one x
Gonzo Di Donato
Imagine playing at 30fps
Current gen consoles have another year in them,tops.They are already struggling,most ew games are capped at 60fps.TIME TO SWITCH TO PC I GUESS
Rev Ilo
1:54 does the ps4 pro support native 1440p or super sampling 4k on a 1440p monitor?
Headbangerr 1983
Lol, who cares, that PS4 was released few years ago? 30fps wasn't good even then XD
Edgar Donato
Natives on ps4 omg!!
Chris Ultras
This comments are killing my brain cells.
Denis Ruskin
The ambient occlusion and lighting is much better on Pro, I’m kinda surprised though that textures seem to be the very same.
Lord Asclepius
This looks noticeably better on the Pro, gotta admit. In most games, I did not see as much difference like this.
Irlan soares
Começo a perceber que na imagem não muda em nada,Pode mudar na velocidade jogo mais em vídeo muda Nada!
This videos help me understand that I've made the right decision , when I bought PS4 slim instead of PS4 Pro.
B Dre
What's the point of making this video without offering a 1440p quality option?
Артём Арнаутов
Спасибо за обзор.
What's the name of the music please?
Do I need a 4k tv to get the improved visuals PS4pro provides?
Pang Bang Dang
Youtube compression
I just came here to like all the Best on X comments
16 fps. ... Haha
Levy Barella
So my ps4 will do. Good to know 👍
How do Graphics become so good on the SAME console over time.Games are evolving on the same hardware is what I'm asking
Dominik Pagórek
PS One still the best graphics. PSX Pro even better. ^^
Tamari Hargrove
I got both and I really cant tell the difference its just little details.
go on pc guys :) 1440p 144fps on 144hz screen, the best
Timo Adjan
How can yall play this game as the controls are awful, the input lag kills this game
Владимир Захаров
Flavio GO
3:01 PS4 Pro > PS4
Gdiego3010 Mora
Yo no veo una gran diferencia. Es exactamente igual pequeños detalles mínimos nada más
wtf это 5 fps геймплей?
Cesar C
For when comparing XBOX ONE X Y PS4 Pro ???
Chromedome 2020
The ps4 pro is a gimmick, no teal upgrade just different shades of color. Slightly. I had one and sold it for the slim because the only difference I noticed was ps pro got way hotter and louder. Causes your power bill to go up because it uses 50% more power for no reason.
Harry Khan
Background music name pls
Imran Jaan
Please more videos about metro. Please do a xbox one x vs xbox one comparison candyland bitte
Post Scriptum
1440p but runs in 4K. What now?
I’m using ps4 only for exclusives
Why can't the pro just do 1080p uncapped framerate? Its entirety possible for it to go over 30 fps. I don't know if this is just me or not but I'd rather have 1080p higher fps than 1440p 30fps locked, just because so and so said console doesn't get more than 30
João kaduko
Xbox one X have the best version.
el viedo esta en 60 fps y el juego corre a 30 lol.
Ayad Kirkuk
I love your new way comparison keep it up
Which program u use to split screen?
welcome to the Real
Clear marketing.
Badma Ochirov
Хорошо что я прошку купил, по картинке все равно получше:)
its a console ..what do you expect ...
It's still close to Metro Last Light, but with horrible optimisation.
Vinnie Castro
And xbox one vs xbox one X ?
Chus J.
Materials and clothes realistic and detailed? For you, for me looks like textures are in low and the polygonized are from ps3
Lamour Lamour
Imagem não muda , só em velocidade só
fabio alcides rosa
Xbox one x is true 4k.
Fernando gameplay
Red read 2 não teve essa palhaçada
Baturalp Göral
What is the song used?
bow wow
This comparison in 1080p video dont do this game justice.I have both ps4 and ps4pro and 4k is like night and day.The game on ps4 looks like a ps3 game.
big dady
Ya no recuerdo el ultimo vídeo en la que comparaste la xbox one x, que ya no existe para ti esa consola CANDYLAND?
Помойму ничем не отличается
Dennis Ullrich
i feel like back in the days where ppl used to do this kind of comparison with ps3, x360 and pc .. and now its the same with this generation. And the winner will always be PC but those console fanboys never wanted to realize that. Good days
Dani Misio
Es ps4 slim mejor en precio y otras cosas .de 2segund mano ...😎.ps4 pro no es 4k real solo escala la imagen ..y todavía con parches ..huevada ? Ps5 ese sera 4k nativo pagar por algo q sea 4k real estafa d SONY ..como pintan su ps4 pro ..
Ichigo Kurosaki
Metro also has bad optimization for pc. Both pc and ps are in bad situation
Enja der Let's Player
Das Spiel sieht auf beiden Konsolen cool aus bei der Xbox One X ist das Spiel in 4K
Олег Павелковский
Что за музыка ? скиньте пж
daniiil booor
2:07 PS 4 looks better then PS4pro wtf
Still 30 fps though.
welcome to the Real
Чистый маркетинг. Че то там в прошке продкрутили с шейдерами, стала в некоторых сценах картинка чуть приятней, вот и вся разница.
El timo de la PS4 pro
Please PS4 PRO vs XBOX ONE X! :)
сергей фастовец
разрывы кадров просто ужас на хуане х все идеально и круто на пс4 про одно мыло и говно
Lucky Catニゲルぬこ
Sadly this game is broken! It’s been unplayable for me on my base PS4
представляю разрабов как они эту оптимизацию пилили под радионы, когда сама эта игруха пилилась в сотрудничестве с зеленками))
same to me
30 фпс держит?
You Noob
Перевод вообще говеный
Bloodthirsty Darkness
I want to ask you, foreign gamers. How do you METRO from our developers?
Oshstrix Guerre
Es la misma calidad comprobada nada cambia.
Gamer's Tv
Video Very Good 💛💛
I was expecting pro to be way better. PC it is then...
30fps, true cinematic experience LOL
Безумный Макс
Не будьте дебилами, как вы увидите разницу если смотрите не с 4К телефона или компьютера? Специально притощил домой пс4 друга чтобы сравнить с моим Про, и поверьте мне, разница колоссальная!
Simon Crowel
The ps Pro is and always has been a pointless upgrade from the standard. All these comparisons just prove that. Save your money I doubt even ps5 will b that much of an improvement.
The biggest improvement was HD over SD in gaming. Most people don’t c a difference above HD. End of.
Юлия Железкина
сглаживание на pro лучше
Ezio Auditore
ps4 pro vs xbone x
nithish rajavel
PS4>PS4 Pro.I really don't think that there is much difference in 1080p. I hate the PS4 Pro
FastGGlivelife Ra
Конечно луче про 👍
Corvo Bianco
This comparison is useless when you have an XBOX1X.It's funny how people still consider the PS4 the console to go when we talk about quality gaming in 4k DolbyVision.Grow the F.up and learn what really native 4k means and how DolbyVision work.Useless video.
Caio Quintana
Hermoso la.verdad
stevo stevens
No difference if your playing on a 4K 50inch
Sam Harrison
Game runs like absolute ass on my base PS4, especially during shooting no chances you get anything above 20fps. So bad I had to stop playing.
Diego Barroso
Xbox one x >>