Yakuza Kiwami 2 - All Cutscenes Gameplay The Movie Full Game [HD 1080P]

All Cutscenes Gameplay The Movie Full Game of Yakuza Kiwami 2.
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In Yakuza Kiwami, after 17 years he barely look like he aged. In Yakuza Kiwami 2, 1 year passes and the 17 years finally hit him.
Amanda Anaya
"An ex Yakuza and a Division Four cop....hellava pair". They truly are. I just wish we could see Kiruy's two best buddies Akiyama and Date fight along with them. Thanks for the video!!
Lelouch Ledouche
10:27:54 is one of my favorite scene ever cuz this is the first time we have ever seen kiryu act this way before and it hurt him knowing wat he done to the girl he has feeling for plus the music was good as well
lol i love how you called this a movie, cause the cutscenes are crazy long
Uncanny Aura
Near the end, I was like "This bomb isn't gonna blow cuz I know damn well Majima is gonna come diffuse this bomb and save me!"

Next moment, I see Majima just sitting on a damn bench at 14:16:26 look like he's watching fireworks or something. I never screamed so fucking loud before. Goddamn it lmao
M. Thorton

majima knew it's the pants stealer all along
13:04:37 the legendary meme
Oof... it is painful to watch some of this... especially during the tutorials on learning new techniques that are supposed to help you in situations like dealing more damage to enemies using firearms.. he uses it once, and then continues to not utilize the skill he just learned and gets wrecked by it... its painful to watch him try to brute force his way through even just the training x.x; c'mon man...
daniel edger
Majima is everywhere.. Kiryu's voice is damn good n I want to replay everything :D
brxken dreamz
12:01:20 I’m surprised he lasted that long with 5 shots in his body.
4:47:25 enter DIO
Walter Campos
12:05:52 does anyone knows the track Nane?
3rd Street AVolitionite
Thank God for these game movie videos. I had to rewatch some scenes because I have been interrupted during two of them, one because of my dad and the other because I had to call the police for an incident in the neighborhood. I also have been spending ungodly amounts of time away from the campaign and doing substory, feeding Kiryu, and spending A LOT of time at Four Shine. God, I love Four Shine. Anyway, thanks for posting this video.
13:32:13 this scene again from Kiwami
Shisui Uchiha
The whole time-bar is yellow on my iPhone
morris marshall
Thank you so much for uploading this! You are appreciated!
BRIAN Shooter672
Tips, if you want to make an easy money. Enter the coliseum or find a guy wearing a gold suit at street area
BRIAN Shooter672
11:09:15 ~ if up to me, i kept searching for 500 to 600 thousand yen. Because we been buying a lot of health drink
please someome help me find the song that was in the Majima massage cutscene!!!
Yakuza Kiwami 2
I want it to release on PC
Russell Woodhouse
This gus is straight trash at this game lol but thanks for the cut scenes lol
Ryu ga Gotoku -pt- BRASIL
Amigos temos este jogo em PT-BR, quem tiver interesse!
Marcus Lawrence
toranosuke sengoku looks like sohei dojima that's why i was so confused
Espada kurosaki
whats the song at 7:33:15 the background ost?
2:54:14 I need to know the name of those girls doing mo-caps, they're very cute tho :p
fuckkkinnn helllll that goro majima + makoto part was heavy af for me. Still don't understand how drastically different he was back then, when they made the prequel they were sorta inconsistent with that
Potter Nguyễn
tks u for video!
Marcus Lawrence
10,32,26 my bad that fat guy is modeled after sohei dojima
bruh... why didn't you feed haruka the ramen :(
This guy is so newbie playng Yakuza.
Espada kurosaki
is this it no more yakuza what happend?
In The Zone
Blue collar Majima is best Majima
that isnt the cutscnes, it s full gameplay
Marcus Lawrence
Hey there's a retconn in yakuza kiwami 2..... Ryuji goda is with sohei dojima and kidnaped haruka to set up kiryu............ Kiryu doesn't meet haruka until he gets out of jail after covering for nishiki killing dojima in yakuza 1 and sohei dojima has been dead for 10 years by this time kiryu is out of jail so wtf how can sohei still be alive when kiryu gets out of jail