PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade / Swap (500GB to 2TB)

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Roxann Samuel
I have always been afraid of trying this but I did tonight and it works. THANKS A MILLION
Timothy Lewis
Great video.  Very thorough.  I'll be doing this tomorrow and this is the video I'll be using as a reference.  You answered every single possible question.
Abel Melesio
I have “cannot find the the update file” thing and I used 2 different usbs what can I do? I downloaded the right file and did the ps4 file and then the update one inside it (capitalized) then putting it inside yet it keeps coming out, can someone help me out? Thanks !
key2dacity 91
Thank you for helping me install my 2TB hard drive today
Thank you, SO much! I got SO tired of un-installing and re-installing games on my external hard drive. I actually used the SAME external hard drive to do the update. It worked. Now, I'm re-installing all of my games. I still have my in-game saves. Now, I got more space on top of that.
Classic WWE 2k Matches
Nice!! I upgraded my ps4 to a 2tb about a year ago.. it's so much better! I use to hate having to delete a game just to play a new one
Razor Vermillion
I am gonna upgrade my harddrive to a 1TP.
Have to make a backup first.
Sam 22
This is the best tutorial I have seen you are a legend
Test 123 OH
Yo the ps4 model that you said it's a little hard to take out the cover... I'm having the same problem. it's like it's glued together i feel like I'm going to break it. any tips to remove it?
TheReal Barbaroja
Great help! You guys happened to have the perfect video, as I just bought a 2Tb hard drive to replace the 500Gb one.

From removing the old drive and replacing the new one, to downloading the update file to the USB, I was a complete NOOB.

This video made it very easy. Thanks!!
Tony Vasquez
good video however you need to specify that there are two "DOWNLOAD NOW" buttons to click and that the one for replacing hard drives is towards the bottom of the screen on the PlayStation website.
Jose Cabrera
Hey I was wondering I did everything you said to do and when I clicked yes it said it couldn't read my flashdrive
Evil Soundcloud rapper
My friend have me his hard drive. Do I still have to go through the same process since it was already converted for his ps4?
Thank you so much just finished Installing my hard drive.
Joseph S
is there any difference between this ps4 and the one tone version of it? mine doesnt have the glossy finish on the left side, but I assume it is the same process.
edit: nevermind.
thank you for this video, i'm going to be updating mine soon, :D
fudge man!!! Wish you would have said save your files to the cloud before removing the Harddrive first.
Shawn Palumbo
This looks like the place I will be using when I install my new hard drive and go through the flash drive instructions. Very well explained..
Great vid! Best one on the subject that I've seen!
Kid Yatez
I'm trying it out today thank you so much learn something new everyday
Dennis Söderström
thx, this tutorial really helped me out. You're a real youtube hero dude.
Capt'n Ron & Capt'n obvious
I put a 2 tb hard drive in my PS3 and stripped the screws my question is can I put this in my PS4 and put the 500gb PS4 hard drive into my PS3 with a bracket switch?
NextVenomInLine O.C.D
I just bought my PlayStation 4 and I haven’t opened it yet, if I switched the 500GB out for my 4tb one do I have to all the other things like make a folder
do you have to do anything with your old HDD first? I know when you first setup a system you have to activate it as the primary. But I didn't see that mentioned. Thanks
Following these instructions 3 years later with my new Seagate 2TB SSD FireCuda Hybrid drive.
Patrick A
Thank you very much for that, i just did it yesturday and everything is perfect.
Marcus M
im still having trouble swapping my hard drive
Joshua Mushyakov
My hard drive was a steal $65
For 2 tb sshd firecura seagate
Renars Kvietkausks
You do me a favor by replacing the hard drive me show you the following legend playstation Can not find an update file for version or later. you can download the update file from your all-300649-2 did as you did in the video!
Steven PS4
Appreciate the video guys, worked flawless for me this afternoon I'm glad the methods never changed. 2TB Hard Drive was a must with these new games coming out.
can we used the backup data usb to download the operating system or do we need to have 2 usb?

edit: you need 2 usb. one for the operating system and one for the saved data
Manny Diaz
Oh no you’re doing a swap “oh hell nawwwwwwahhh!”
I hear a lot of people saying just plug it in usb in ps4 and you’re ready ...I’d rather do that this is too much work ...
the note about where to download helped. I didn't realize I just downloaded the update. that is what i did at first just hit the update now. thank you
Thanks, helped a lot, perfect tutorial
Colt Valentine
Hi! Quick question.. This a solid state hybrid drive? I know the guy says it at 3:00 but the amazon link says HDD (sorry i dont know much about drives lol) thx!
tangled Line
Best instructions! Thank you!
Yari Marie
if i am trying to update my memory, can i use any type of hard drive? ... does the laptop/desktop hard drive make a difference?
Shogun KicksButt
Hey I spent most of the day trying to figure this out I got it working now finally!!!

I got one of the frst ps4 when they came out so not sure if this would be the case or not for all of them.

I strongly insist you check to see if the ps4 will notice the usb drive at all before you attempt to swap the hard drive.

I had 3 thumb drives and not 1 would work. I had tried everything i could think of then I said screw it and busted the protective cover on the thumb drive.

and to my suprise this was the probblem :/

It could not get deep enough into the usb port to power on the thumb drive with the ps4 and my thumb drives plastic sticking out a little to much made it fail to connect.

Anyway spent over 8 hours on this hope it helps someone else out please mention it to others if it worked for you. Cheers
Zach Averkamp
TheReal PhoeniX
Does the things on you're old 500GB save when you switch it to 2Tb? I mean I know the games are in the Bibliothek but the data from the games?
Dose Cacius
When I plugged my external hard drive into my ps4 to back it up, I had to format the drive to 'exfat' cos 'FAT32' wasn't available. When I go to format my flash usb (little one) can I leave the format as 'FAT32' or should I change it to 'exfat' like how the big hard drive was?
Does it matter?
Everything worked out great except one thing. I had modern warfare remastered and now its not there because i obviously do not have the disc. What do i do. All my data is fine I just need to download the game
Jason Van Buren
Thanks! Didn't realize how easy this was!
Rick Grimes
mine keeps saying update not found or something like that... when I insert new hard drive
John Kidder
Great tutorial. Very concise and thorough. Thank you!!
when downloading the ps4 update pup, how long does it usually take
Hrishikesh Sriman Narayan
help i am stuck it looked like it was about to work when i suddenly crashed.( at the setup screen). It now says cant access storage CE-343335-8. I tried removing the hardisk and putting it back in but its of no avail.
Intrigued I am to replace my harddrive with a 2tb, but I am not sure on whether to do it since the external USB storage is now available. Thanks for the educational technical sharing you have shown us.
Laura Whitaker
I installed a 2 TB hard drive into my PS4 today. Thanks for a great video. This was easier than I thought it was going to be. It's so nice not to be running out of hard drive space.
Od Sleep
I don't understand I've watched like 10 videos on the same thing and I'm still getting this damn error code when I boot the system
Adam Byrne
Thank you. Great vid! Exactly what I was looking for. :)
Josue Martineau
It works! I had an old 1to hard disk and I upgrade my original 500go ps4 with the 1to. So i double my ps4 storage for free! Thanks a lot!
Thanks buddy! I just upgraded my PS4 500GB hard drive to 2TB. Much appreciated that you helped so much.
Hey when I get on my PS4 it ask the same thing it asked you on the part you turned it on I had that since I had system what do I do
Matt Cascini
After mine initialized, it turned back on but nothing came up on the screen. I decided to just leave it for about 20 minutes but nothing ever happened. What should I do?
Very detailed video, I don’t got mine yet but whenever I get the hard drive I’m gonna go through it with your tutorial, awesome vid!
David roberts
I can't get it to recognize my controller
Kohigh Mathy
Brilliant video chaps,
Really informative, Very simple & Easy to follow.
Duddynihilator 1990
I know I need one for my saved data
This Video helped me with my problem, very easy step by step. THANK YOU!
Robert Mercado
Excellent video !!! I did exactly as you said the first time I got an error code so I went back to my pc and re-download the firmware again and it worked perfectly. Thanks a million
Wow, this was my first time putting a hard drive on my PS4. I'm not the handy kind of person so I tried my best. But you've gave me the most clearest direction that I could understand completely. Thank you so much! I subscribed :)
What flash drive is that haha? Im in need of one and this one looks cool!
Chris Walker
Thank you for an informative video, my only critique would be to make mention of backing up the data on the existing HDD at the beginning of the video, rather than as an offhand comment at the end, since you'll want to make your backup ~before~ you physically swap the drives.
Kris Murrell
Only question I have is, how do I transfer all my data from the old Hard Drive to the new one??
Aqua Tsurugi
This really helped me out. thanks guys!
Timmy Somary
This worked perfectly. Instructions were very clear and it only took me about 20 minutes to have my new 2TB hard drive up and running. Thanks.
THANK YOU MAN 3 hours wasted got this video and BAM ur awesome thank you!
Sebastian Kennedy
Great video. Will be doing this to my PS4 as well. Thank you sir!
_Ebbsszz _
I did this a month ago. Now my ps is for the second time broken. What's going on?
Shdw -
@AFatBunny .. i bought the hard drive that you recommended in your description & i followed all your instructions. But when it gets to updating system software it just stays at 99%.. do you have any idea whats wrong? Thanks for any help.
Great video, upgraded my ps4 to a 2TB hdd w/o problemshowever i should advice, stay away from samsung hdd, they are really terrible(but samsung ssd are good)
downloaded off the button on the top of the page, when i didnt work, i started freaking out, but then referred back to the video, then noticed the annotations! Thanks man!
Cody DummyHead
SOMEONE HELP!When I put in the reinstallation flash drive to my PS4 after switching the drive it doesn't work.can someone tell me exactly how they did it.
Izzy P
so I can re download all of of my downloaded games on previous drive from the library right?
Man you made it easy to do. Thanks I watched other videos and they all were missing something.
Nicholas Abbott
Thanks bro,I found this helpful :)
How can I upgrade my Hard Drive without re downloading my game file again?
Sebastian Fierro
great video. just a question. when I change the hard drive all the games and progress that I have savedin the old one. will that still be the same?
Kid Max
When using the new hardrive it claims all my games are dirty or damaged but when i use the old one it works does anyone know why ?
SuperChubster Gaming
Great vid! Considering upgrading, very helpful
Does this hardrive work for the nyko 3.5" data bank?
Jay Just Games
I have a 2tb in my ps4 now and want to move it to the ps4 pro when it comes out. Since my 2tb will have the most current software update can I just put the 2tb in the pro and everything will transfer over?
Just followed your video and successfully upgraded my ps4. Thanks for the great tutorial!
Lucia Rugama
hello there
thanks for the tutorial
i have a question i will appreciate your help but how re-installing all of my games I have played in the new 2TB PS4?
Adzlan R
now i know ps4 can upgrade..thank you so much for the info..1 will just buy 500gb then..
I'M impressed that no one specifies that you have to deactivate your PSN account otherwise when you change your hard drive it Will say that your account is in another ps4
Bruno Costa
Hi! I'd like to know if after changing the HDD you started your PS4 in safe mode? I ask that because every tutorial tells me to do so, but I'm unable to do that as my power button is broken. Thanks in advance!
wiz wille
Thank you for the great info! l succesfully installed my 2tb hdd without any issues. before hdd swap l just downloaded my gamesaves to clouds from settings and after swap and software installation just restored everything back from clouds to new hdd! freakin easy, seriously. Keep up the good work!
Alex Nunley
I keep getting "The update file cannot be used" message. I tried two different flash drives. help
If I already have the latest System Software Update(4.70) installed onto my PS4 do I still have to reinstall it?
Just finish doing this.had a lil heck up with my internet connection but it all good now
Owen Dodge
Do you have any recommendations of drives or sites in terms of price I'm probably getting a 2 TB
Christopher Afeigen
Thank you for your help it works for me
Daquon Clark
@afatbunny So if I just bought my PS4 straight out the box, and I got the 2tb. What step do I skip. *I haven't even made an account.
So can you save the applications ( I have 390 GB) on the cloud? Or is that mandatory to an external drive?
Phyo Myanmar
I would like to ask one question. Currently my ps4 is on 5.05. I want to replace internal HardDrive with larger one. But there's one process that need to run PS4UPDATE.PUP update function. So i afraid my current version gone. But what if i use (5.05) PS4UPDATE.PUP ? (i hv a link to download that). My device can stay with 5.05 ? Pls share with me if anyone who hv experience on that . I don't want to lose 5.05 (for jailbreak) 😁 Thx
Erni Wolfi
what if i plug in both the new and old hdd to my pc via a SATA-to-USB connector & copy all the files from my new hdd to the old one? Would that not work?
Yanny Candelario
Do i have to format it to Fatt33?
I've seen other videos not do that.
can't you download the software onto the system via internet onve you have the harddrive installed?