Setting Up Automatic Updates on PS4

Learn how to setup automatic updating on your PS4. This feature lets you automatically download system software updates and game patches, so you can spend more time playing the games you love. PlayStation Plus subscribers get even more features, including automatic cloud backup.
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Here for season8
Season 7 anyone ? And does it work?
Only came here because of fortnite season 5 my guy thanks🔥
MEP Mido
Season 6 fortnite
Lil Goat
Season 5 fortnite
mark skinner
Thanks for this. Very helpful for a techno phobe like me. In love with vr
Whos here because of season 5??
SnipeZ HD
on my screen install automatically is checked but on the video it's not do i take it off?
Jomar Nieves
Those settimg are not on my ps4
ItsMe206 _
Who’s here for season 7???
mathias smart
Thank you fortnite season 6 lol
AriSe CD
Season 8 definitely
Theweapon Guy
Season 7 Fortnite lol. The amount Fortnite viewers 😂
Dark knight tv 7
Thanks this help a lot xd
X swat
Season 6 fortnite
Itz moddy
Season 8 the vane update?
How do I update a game on PS4? I don't have PS Plus
Hugo Andrade
Season 8?
thx I buyed a bo3 and its 15 gb and it takes so many time
Raymond 456
This is clutch thx dude
Season 7
I have school at the time so I turn on automatic and turn on the ps4
המזכיר של kashigaming ,
Thank you love you
Simão Varanda
Didn't work. Thanks for making me wait another hour.
Luminous EJ
thank you so much although i JUST texted now it now allows me to update. thank you <3
Sawyer Plays
It made the update for destiny to 55 percent thanks
Austin Wang
thanks alot dude
Headless Tony
Who else is doing this to get season 8 Fortnite faster? Also does this work?
Savage Mickey Mouse8273
;-; season 7
Nicolas Rodriguez
Get ready for updating season 7
BTOBS Gaming
Season 7 of fortnite 😂
Aaron Sims
Season 8 and thanks
Dangelo Stoll
Lil Goat
Season 6 fortnite
Hover Hand
Season 7 hype
Season 5 fortnut
Jassmiinee Martinez
Season 6 babbyyyy!! (Fornite)
Hunter Childress
Who else here for season 5
Lucid Blew
Season 8 Fortnite
Slayz Gaming
Im here for season 6 Fortnite
APEG Playz
How long would it take for it to fully update while on rest mode?
season 6 boiiis !
it dosent work boyyy
season 8 ?
munekita GarMen
Thank you
Who else is here for season 5 fortnite
Gamakatzu 556
Here for Season 8
Brandon Cawthra
Season 8
Fortnite Liefhebber
Season 8 anywone
Season 7 ?
Who else here because if season 6 tomorrow
fort nutter
Season 8 anyone
D4nk Squ1d ツ
Anyone else got kicked because of this 🤣 bro I was laughing my ass off but also kinda dying inside
Scarlett Speedster
Season 7
Big Hawk
Season 7
Here because pump buff
how do i schedule my updates like updating from 12:00 to 6:00
Logan Irwin
i have a game updating right now can i still put it in rest mode and it update
ij gamer Pro
It didin’t work
supermike 180
Thnx its for tomorrow season 6
Jake Perez
Here for season 8
Lil Goat
Will the game update if my PS4 is off
Žijeme Filmem
I come here for minecraft
Nicolas Rodriguez
Season 7
X swat
سيزون ٦ فورتنايت
Leo finpire
How do u update your games if you're game is not on the update system
Didn't work
don’t work
Bounty hunter Gaming
When the PS4 is off can it still update.sorry I'm new to PS4
supreme thanos
Season 6 my bois 😂😂
Steven c
It doesn't work
Do I need to have them all selected or just , system software updates and application update files
sasa mihajlovic
Evan walker
its only for playstation plus
MagicMuserNightcorer :3
but mine does not say download & update it justs say Automatic downloads
Nextgengamer Jc
So will this update the games also because it not working for me I have to select each game one at a time kind of annoying 😭😭😭
Jordan Ferree
when I start to update a game it goes a little into then it stops updating plz help
does the update download when the ps4 is off?
I'm here for fortnite season 8
so do i just not click it if i dont want to update while im offline?
Slow Death
Red dead online
yaya colley
here cuz of fortnite season 7
randall sho
does this only work in restmode? will it auto update if i power off the ps4?
Ramon Royale
Richmond Skater
finnally i can update my black ops 3
Help it doesn’t work for me and I have the same settings as you help
Steven catalano
Didn't work
Blue fred gaming
The Wilson
black ops 4
Landon Magouyrk
I am missing the option to automatically install and I’m a ps plus member. My big problem is that none of my applications update while in rest mode or while I’m away they don’t update automatically. I have turn on the PlayStation, wait for it to prepare to down load, then turn it off to update in rest mode. It should have updated the game while I spent hours at work
KID Perfect wayne
Will the game update if the ps4 is off