Ps4 new update not working version 6.50 or older

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Student Milan Sabu
this videos is not clickbait it will help and lets help him get 100000 likes thx so muchhhhhhhhhhh
For everybody that is having diculties, this works for 6.50 too
Awesomefighting Ninja
Go to notifications go to downloads delet the update file then go on any internet game then press update now it should work
Megan Capoto
Dude you are on fire its been weeks without Fornite and my son was driving me nuts thanks a mill hands down the only video that helped. Liked and subscribed
I haven't used my PS4 for a month cause of version 6.02
My heart is dead I’m such a fool
Yovani Reyes
You saved my life I'm going to to subscribe and turn on notifications
JJ GTA Gaming TV
Thank you so mush you help me out so much I subscribed and turn on post notifications💯💯
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thanks bro i had a problem with version 6.20 so i followed your steps and it worked thanks bro so much keep up the hard work!! <3
mYstic 07
Finally someone who understands my pain
Thanks a bunch bro I tried alot of videos nothing worked this worked
FeaR-Mystic- YT
I had the error where it signs you out and it won’t update this helped alottttttt thanks !
PeyPlays4kkeeps -Roblox
Omg it worked and I can watch Netflix again thanks so much
Michael Bias
Mine was having a problem with 6.20 I did this and it did the intlizing and this worked
Awesome. You rock bro, this fix worked perfectly for update 6.20. Thank you.
Luca Ramirez
Thanks god i had abuot since season 3 whithout playing fortnite
gabe granados
Thaaaaaaank youuuuu!!! Omg that was a nightmare man!! Hands down the best video out here!! Nobody figured it out for hours! It worked!!!
luckyguy 123
i hope you got 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 subscribes bless you you are the best
C5 Gaming
Thanks man you help a lot
This dude is a GOD... bruh... thanks soooo much!
thanks so much, I was so frustrated and ur video helped me so much. my ps4 is working now
Jay Kay
Thanks my goon this really helped 💯💯👏🤞
robin cheyns
You saved my life thank you and good luck with your channel
Alfonso Torres
Thank you so much man your a life saver
Nate Reid
I was gonna shoot my ps4 and get a new one thanks for the save
Rosè Goku black
Never mind your awesome it’s working now out of all the vids I watched your the only person that helped
6 Million Out
Thank you I performed the same thing it worked
Jonathan Youngblood
Broooooooo thank you so much...🙏🏾
Lil king_savge Martinez
Thanks I wanted to play Fortnite
GaryDaNoob *
Thanks this really helped my friend when his screen went to this!!!
Omnik TWR
Finally no more error uodating
Lucas 71
OMG thank you very much you saved my life😊❤️.
Hunter Mason
Thank you so much bro, I was thinking that i was just dead in the water and thought that i needed to buy a psn membership to fix it but then i found this vid and it helped me so much, thanks bro, keep up the good work, liked and subscribed!
It didn't work I can't even go on rob the actual ps4
Tabarek Al-Nuaimi
So it says my PS4 is going to restart when it was updating and when it did it showed me cannot start the PS4 and it showed error SU-1333-4
Thank you friend, I was pulling my hair out over this.
Jacob Gomez
Bad ass dude I appreciate it your amazing 💯
Itz Gibby
Big help man keep up the great work
Ethan Skater
Thank you so much this really helped me out
Andrea Caldwell
It finally worked
thanks and have a merry Christmas
Max slayer2004
Thanks man it actually worked 👍
CZツ Legend
It's working thanks..!!😎🤘
Geaux Sipp
God will bless you for this😭😭🤩
Playss R6
Waaa this are the people u watch,
Keep doing the good job 😁😁😁😁
Kis Gun
It really works man thankd
Thanks dude now I can play firtnitXD
Junior Pot Head ,
Thank you so much now I can play my ps4
Kidsquad1 Channel
It won’t show me the Safe thing
afthah jr
Thanks bro you saved my life.... And all above thank god
doc yusk
Thanks bro!! Just worked on 6.20 update!
Mark Brown
I still can't figure it out, I've tried 20x
Ak.S 2307
thanks you God ♡
Mariah Mendoza
Thank you this worked for me great video !!
Moumin Dj
Thank you so much you’re the best bro
Kwame T
Never thought of that
Grebify Gaming
Duuuuuude ur the best man I tried everything and I was so happy when I found this
Brandon Tyson
Thank you so much this helped for 6.20🙏
Jayden Jackson
450 Gang
I had the same problem thanks for helping me out
Thank you so much it worked I wasn’t able to sign in thanks again
Truistic Water
Omg this helped me so much TNX
Salsabila Ramadhani
Thank you so much it works!
i like food
OmG thank YOU....I literally tried everything BUT YOU helped so much...I SUBBED 😊
Elias Rieland Jabr - 8B
oh god thank you, this vid helped me alot. props to you
TheUnknownPlayer Yt
Tysm bro it works now omg
Lakshay Prashar
Thnx bro..... it helps a lot
Ya Mon
Thanks for this bro worked great
Joe Vallejo
Yoo thx bro really helped just got yourself a new sub keep up the good work👍
Kervens Normil
how can i give you my soul lol you are a life saver xD
editz for you
I'm just trying to play fortnite
Yo, your a legend u have my sub bro <3
Joshua Wiggins
It works for 6.50....3/15/19

Good shit brodie! 💪🏽✊🏽🙏🏽
Steven Evans
It worked, thanks man!
DJ cheetahS
I brought that ps4 i didn't know what's wrong with it now u told me ty
Anyways i subbed
Dorian ThePanda
Thank you so much so far this has helped. System is updating
Nadine Benamar
Thank you much it helped me alot i was going mad but you jeezz Thanks it really helped thanks again
It works so well
Ethan Uzan
bro thank you so much I hope you hit 99999999999999999999 trillion subscribers this your the best bro
Telo Gotti
Really helped . Saved a trip to game stop lol
Efrain Jimenez
Thank you so much. I was stuck trying to download until I seen your video. Highly appreciate it bro
Thank you so much it worked bro !!
Thanks man u gotta new sub I'ma definitely tell people about you
najee byrd
Man you a life saver!!!
It worked!!! Thank you so much!🙏🏼
Alana Narane
May god bless u thank you so much
Alex Puran
Oh thank God for small mercy
Omar Lucky Boy
Thank you very much bro yu helped me alot
Thanks man your a life saver
Aziz Killer
Keep it up man love you dawg
Thank you so much for the help. Now I can download the DLC for Spider Man PS4.
Faze Monkey 21
Thank you so much I like the video and sub
Adrian Ray
You're a lifesaver thank you so much!!!
T-gay omega Lul
They say this guy can pin me in a wwe match lets see
leo kun
i thought i got hacked bc it said safe mode
tristan jalandoni
i love you so much brooo hahahahaha thanksss
Ignited Rex
Thx you earned a subscriber 😏
Justin Karlo
it's december mines been like this since nov. 12
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Thanks man this actually helped!! You got subed!!!!
Ty Mi
Thank you so much this helped a lot!!!