Death Stranding: PS4 vs PS4 Pro Performance + Day One Patch Testing

Join John and Rich for a detailed discussion on how Death Stranding compares on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and what extra refinements the day one patch adds to the game. On top of that, the earliest media assets are stacked up against the final shipping game - with some fascinating results.

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PS4 vs PS4 Pro PS4 Pro vs PS4 playstation 4 pro
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Mike J
The no camera cutting - Kojima did this a lot in Phantom Pain if you recall, it's part of his art style.
Greg Nicksarlian
Richard's comments on the importance of experimentation in game design were absolutely on point. Well said, indeed. Love it or hate it, this game represents a unique vision, and we need more of that in gaming.
Peter H.
Oh YT: "Up next -Autoplay -Death Stranding - All Endings [4K] ". Yes, of course I want to spoil the game for myself on the release day.
Christopher Berger
We actually know what the first trailer runs in: the Infamous engine. They evaluated that and Decima (which was used for the second trailer), and decided on it eventually.
Simone Tarenzi
This looks absolutely incredible on my Slim PS4, I absolutely didn't expect it to looks this good, and run this well!
Tony Dupre
This game is the best implementation of HDR to date
Digital Foundry
Oh, we're hearing rumors that the 2016 teaser may have been made using the Sucker Punch engine? Somehow we missed that but, if so, that's super interesting and neat to see how similar the two are! If anyone here happens to find any information regarding this, please post it below! It's still not confirmed one way or another and could be totally wrong but we'd love to know more!
The Indie Diary
What an incredible team they have at Kojima Productions. Bravo.
Adam S
Johnny boy, that final shot of water looks way more realistic in the teaser of the right...
I have to say that the teaser looks better. Particularly, how the emotions on the face were captured.
I played around 2 hours last night and the game is intense and dreary definitely a one of a kind game
Agent Smith
In short, you get 1080P at the regular PS4 and 4K (2160P) checkerboarded at the PS4 Pro, both running at 30 FPS. It shows how much power good developers can squeeze out of old console hardware with a good engine.
Nikita Yeroshov
I have a feeling that Rich will actually like it and or learn to respect it..... Because When I played my first few hours today, I was drawn in.....In some ways the strange crazy visuals all have a purpose !!! ....And didn't bother me as much as, I was afraid would happen to me.... But hey, we have a Gem of a new game, setting the levels, for future games to try to achieve....

Who agrees with me? Let me Know :)
Kayo Torres
I started playing this yesterday on the standard PS4, no HDR... and I was blown away by the visuals of the game. Never seen anything like that on a standard PS4 before. It's kinda the same feeling we had with The last of Us when it released on PS3, that "this is next gen stuff" feeling. PS4Pro/PC versions must be looking gorgeous.
2:41 This just tells how much ahead Sony's first-party studios are of anyone else.
Zack Fair
Meanwhile Bethesda is making TES6 on the Gamebryo/CK lmao
bill crabtree
For what it’s worth, I went into this game unsure if I would like it, based on all the reviews. I’m not a hardcore gamer either. However, I spent 8.5 hours playing it last night and absolutely loved it. I thought the cutscenes would be the thing that allowed me to power through what I expected to be dull tedious gameplay. To my surprise, the gameplay itself was the most compelling thing. Calling this game a walking/ fedex simulator is like calling Pac-Man an eating simulator. The object of the game might sound ridiculous, but until you’ve actually experienced it, I recommend withholding judgement. If you think you might be interested in this game I highly recommend giving it a chance.
DJ Krampus
it's pretty amazing that the final game got higher fidelity graphics and a better design than an e3 demo
Tural Memmedov
If I am not wrong, first trailer was on Sucker Punch engine, Infamous second son's engine.
I’ll get this game on PS5. I got ps4 over xb1 this gen, but I’ll get both next gen... but Scarlett first
6:40 Pre-release comparison
16:00 Performance test
Edgard Kaz
Kojima always delivers the most of the current machines
John, 5 seconds into the video: "Last week I broke down..."
Me: *same*
Anybody else thought that this was gonna have a 2020 release?
Waiting for pc release of this
Heisenberg White
The Decima engine might be the best game engine in the industry... to achieve such great graphical fidelity and running and looking this great on a base PS4 is just incredible.
Randolph Sparks
It looks fantastic on my launch model PS4, it just sounds like its preparing for takeoff when I play it
6:48 I couldn't disagree more. The final version is obviously a downgrade. The only thing that looks better, and this is subjective, are the background rocks formations, the particles and the BB illuminations.
Kishaloy B.
Finally a game in 2019 which isn't broken at launch and runs as its suppose to on the intended hardware.
Thank you Kojima Productions!!!
Paul Liles
Amazing game so far give it a try if you haven't.
wingcommander03 .thebest
The game is Beautiful and reminds me of Detroit Become Human but the Graphics look almost double in quality with better seamless cut scene in game rendering that is eye catching and eye popping, overall an interactive movie/video game on steroids!
Impressive as the Decima engine is, I really hope it delivers 60 fps on PS5!
My base PS4 holding strong down the back stretch until the PS5 🙏🏻😀
25:16 Exactly! I really miss that in gaming and I'm glad Hideo Kojima delivers, again, on that front!
James Makoni
Well, from what I know Kojima has been working on Decima for a while.

In fact, if you go through the Horizon Zero Dawn credits you'll see Kojima actually worked on it as an assistant game planner of sorts.

Now here's where it gets interesting... aparently the Guerilla games team just gave Kojima the source code for Decima on a flash drive as a gift and told him to do what he may with it.

Not sure when this happened but to the best of my knowledge... they just offered it to him.
Waiting for the RDR 2 PC analysis . Ohh the mess Rockstar did over there is beyond imagination
Amazing! This is why i love my ps4 in addition to the pc.
connor mckearney
My advice for this game is don’t dismiss it after a an hour or 2,
you need too put a good few hours into it and it becomes better and more interesting 👍
I'm Okay ,
25:05 the building on the right looks like a whale, what are you trying to tell us Kojima?
Dodgey Jez
Anyone else gasp when the dear fell in the background :(
Ps4 :hardware limit
Death Stranding: That's all folks!
This guy kinda looks like the walking dead guy
Can'r wait to see this Decima engine destroy my old af laptop.....
Correction DF, its what kojima wanted for 3 years. Hence we get a delivery simulation game
Decima is the finest example of technological achievement and innovation. Kudos to the Guerilla Games team, and to Kojima Productions for this amazing creation.
David Wilcox
WOW, dats some awesome graphics yo.
You didn't show Digital Foundry in your film - Snow level in the game?
Giniel Villacote
I want grass and rocks like this on my backyard.
seems you guys also waitng rdr2 crack
10:42 that extra light that was added, take my money Kojima.
Terence Caron
I love that Richard talks about the fact Death Stranding is something different, and AAA games making something really different doesn't happen anymore. Nobody's taking risk, it's always : action open world, open world rpg, action rpg, online FPS, looter shooter... After playing about 5 hrs of Death Stranding, I can't say if It's "revolutionnary", but its clearly bold, and not afraid to piss off people used to constant "quest here, quest there, get rewarded every 5 minutes, get skill points"
Wow.. Awesome to see that trailer to game comparison.. So refreshing to see it look as good as or better than the trailers, unlike other dev houses that I will not name who use trailers as opportunities to falsely advertise their products.
Alejandro Morales
John, the scene from the 2016 teaser is running on a different engine. Kojima himself said it.
the first teaser was made with infamous second son engine from sucker punch Ps: i can tell you who worked on it you can reach him out if you want it's Julien Loock
Low Kin Yee
Tell you guy a leak
We can play this game one years after PS4 launch on steam PC🤣🤣🤣
21:33 Literally NO difference!
Lee Parkinson
walking simulator or amazon package delivery simulator i'm confused lol
Tom Alexander
Great video guy's. This feels like a proper celebration of artistry and technology in games.
Anthony And The Machine
DF with another incredible video. I'm still waiting on my copy and i'm just feeling good and excited after watching this.
Panzer Dragoon Worldパンツァードラグーンワールド
This camera infinitely panning is rare in cinema you are right but I absolutely loved the film Birdman for that reason (among others). I’m sure you guys know about this one 👍
Norman's character model looks better in the 2016 teaser imo.
Kevin Kane
Great points at the end there, if games like this don't get the support then we're less likely to see major companies take risks in the future.
I hope next gen consoles shoot for checkerboard instead of native 4K
Terry Martin
Where is the RDR2 PC video from Alex ? hehe, I been waiting for 3 days :) Love the videos you all do btw.
Hhahga Bahahhaah
Once you played games on the Pro, there is no turning back, I can even see on the title screen if it’s Pro or not, the resolution difference is so big on a big tv. But still have my basic console too^^. In case the pro dies^^
Richard Wise
Can’t wait to play this in “4K” with HDR. It’s about time I complete and truly take in a Hideo Kojima game. Tried metal gear solid titles a few times but just couldn’t get into it but I still appreciated his approach and artistic touch to video games.
Lovely video you two. Suggestion for future, put the higher spec/newer footage on the right
Crummy Wizard unlike ubisoft Hideo makes the final game look better than trailers and before release footage... huh
Gutter Hero
Checkerboard 4k on Pro and native 1080p on PS4, and with no dynamic resolution corner cutting to boot! How could one possibly hate this game?
Hello Snake
Thanks for testing the supersampling.
Yeolde GamerSteve
This game is utterly perfect!! in showing that superb graphics alone cannot make a good game.
Eduardo Hirsh
BB in spanish read like the word "bebe" which is the spanish word for baby
Emir Memiş
I don’t know you guys but I am really interested in this game. Environment is beautiful, story and world building are interesting and most importantly it’s directed by Hideo Kojima. Enough reasons for me to buy this game.
World of Sparks
Finally a game that looks like its trailer...... Now if Anthem could have pulled this off...
Btw early 2016 teaser didn't use the same game engine Decima, in fact they used the same engine as infamous second son for that teaser but switched afterwards
Strong Dreamcast vibes with this one :)
Alyx theMeh
Could anyone summarize his findings? I don’t want to watch because I want to avoid spoilers and as much as possible about the game. I can’t wait to play it in a few hours
Surprisingly my Pro doesn't sound like a jet while running this game.
Still waiting for the "Ni No Kuni" comparison
Helder Pinto
I was under the impression that the 2016 teaser trailer is another (undisclosed) game engine? Maybe even UE4? That's why it's the sequence that it looks the most different, because it's another engine.
When Kojima prod released that trailer, I believe the team was still looking for an engine, and Guerrila's offer of the Decima engine came after that trailer was out (late 2016).
Neil Riley
I started playing this yesterday and it’s so compelling to play, plus it’s graphically insane on a 4K HDR enabled TV. Performance seems decent on my PRO
AK Gaming
2016 teaser trailer was running Sucker punch's engine which is now being used to develop Ghost of Tsushima.
Schools almost over and then I get to play
Anthony Įødīçę
I don’t even think I’ve dropped a frame on base ps4
Fear GX
i love the game, so nice and peaceful to enjoy. I've been really struggling in my life lately, and I'm glad I get to enjoy this kind of game - Kojima and his team and the Guerilla team have really nailed it. Playing Kojimas games when I was very young like Policenauts / Snatcher, Metal Gear 1 and 2, and Metal Gear Solid 1, and then playing Death Stranding today, it really boggles my mind how far games have come forward.
90 Lancaster
+15:07 reminds me of the photography in Prometheus.
Jesse Seymour
REALLY want to play this game but I just bought a house and cant pick it up for a few weeks at least. Ugh. Waited so long already!!!
crapgamer reviews
2016 trailer of death stranding runs at unreal engine 4...
Erion Mema
the video I was waiting the whole week ...
Balaam _
Q-Dos to the digital foundry team for another excellent video!
Is the background music from the Game's Soundtrack? if now, where is it from?
Can't wait for the PC release 😁
Finally. A game comes out and the final product looks better than its reveal trailers. 👏👏
Nick Tronson
Will this game do The Sega Master System hardware justice? Hard to tell.
Getting flash backs to MGS4 where the cutscenes were awesome but they had a tendency to turn into slide shows when they got ambitious
With the hardware the PS5 is going to be packing, I fully expect the game to run 60 fps native 2160p. If 6-9 year old tech can push this fidelity on a very optimized engine on a PS4 Pro with checkerboard 2160p 30 fps (okay the GPU power is much higher than the base/slim PS4), this game should have absolutely zero issues with a full 2160p render at 60 fps on a custom Zen 2 processor and Navi graphics.

Honestly can’t wait to see what PCs can push with this game.
Lemming 998
It looks great on base and pro - and it is actually a really great game to play with an amazing story.
Midas Magnezone
It's frankly astonishing that the game is mostly holding 30fps on both base and enhanced PS4s--what surprised me was that the base PS4 was even inching over the PS4 Pro (latter being at 4K with checker-boarding)! Sony first party studios work absolute wonders. Great call to action at the end too from Rich and John.
I have a question: are the old trailers of the game shown off footage directly from Sony, or taken from YouTube? It seems like the former to me but frankly it's amazing that you did receive direct trailer footage of the game if that's the case.
Dr. Loomis
Easily Kojima's best game since MGSV The Phantom Pain
Vox Populi
I'm going to assume the fluid in the BB canisters is amniotic fluid. It would make sense considering the stage of development the BBs seem to be at.