PS4 Firmware Update 6.50: Sony Sending Beta Invites | PlayStation 4

PS4 firmware update 6.50 is imminent, as Sony is sending out beta invites to select PlayStation 4 owners. According to the company, however, there are no consumer-facing features in this system software update, leading us to ponder what is happening with name changes?


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RyujiGaming _
But I want name changes!😢
I can’t wait for the “Beeeta”
I don't want to hear about any other updates or PlayStation news until AFTER name changes are rolled out. This delay is ridiculous.
Frank Frank
Pathetic and worthless as usual.
Kevyn Grams
4 updates in a row without any new features, or UI improvements. Why are we paying $60 a year for PS+ if PSN is never improving?

This is why I have moved to playing on Xbox and PC over the last 6 months. I have never been disappointed with Sony. I have had every console they released from 1998 on. I stopped using PC for a decade, because PS3 and PS4 did all I needed. I used the 3G PS Vita as my phone for 5 years until they removed Skype support at the OS level. I have been nothing but satisfied with PlayStation,but ever since 2016 things have started to change.

I don't like this new direction. Vita is dead with no signs of a new PlayStation Phone to take its place. PS4 has not had any updates for 2 years, even basic stuff like the browser has just become out dated, and broken. PSN is falling behind XBL after being extremely competitive to start the gen.

Sony has never been like this. Sony has always push the bar. Now as a dominate market leader, it seems all they care about is profit. After 20 years as a major PlayStation fan, this is really difficult to see. I hope they are doing incredible work with PS5 that will justify 2 years without any improvements or even maintenance of PS4. If they launch PS5 and it is just as feature poor as PS4, I may have to move on for good.
Kamil The Way
I want new features 😰
Jamie Kearney
Does anyone know his wallpaper?
Danny Kriegbaum Laursen
New feature (censor)
If you beta with them enough they don’t send a code
Hmm... I think that the guy talking in the video was participating in a UE4 Udemy course 😳😳😳
Thot BOT
Name change a out of session April fools joke?
has everyone been noticing how the comment speech hasn't been working because i don't know if this happening with anyone if has let me know
Lilbreezy Chopper
the update has been released
TruTH Is LeGenD
I'm on the beta no name change tho weird because I was on the last beta also and was able to change name then was forced to update and that took name change ability away but did leave me with my new psn ID
I'm using that theme as well
How did you get the ps2 theme?
James Grinstead
Hopefully 7.00 will let you play 4K UHD Blu-Ray movies but only if you have a PS4 Pro & 4K TV
Cross button???
STormz bigD
Well if he read it all the artical it said the name change would be added
Brian Hearty
Just got an email downloading the Beta system update now
The name change scare me because you risk losing everything
Priyanshu Kalia
Is the theme is free??
Got one
they should revert the Notifications change from back in Sept 2016, it was completely unnecessary, and only made the PS4 more complicated, even after 2 years and half, it still feels inconsistent
Mr Karate
Why can't we delete text messages yet and I'm not talking about "LEAVING A CONVERSATION" I'm talking about deleting a message for good because when you "LEAVE A CONVERSATION" all of those messages are still there once you go back to message that person again
Cassius Powell
Hey PUSh..I need some help..I keep getting disconnected from cod 3 an 4 servers..I did a Internet upgrade an it's still happening same's frustrating..only on cod this is happening..
zaki game
Its out now
need to hurry up with the Name Changes they said (PSN) it would be out the first part of 2019... well here it is and no name changes SMH
Nilesh Parmar
What theme are you using please
Peach Lips
Add my PSN (AVLANA_) PS4 😉😘🤗😍😋😌☺️
This is why I’m moving to pc
Vinh Tran
Spilt Coffee
Jewish B
I love push square YouTube channel. Their website is fantastic. Should get more likes
Otto Mutant
*I Don't Need New Update , I'm Still Waiting 6.20 Jailbreak... !!!*
Logan Paul brought me here ! Who's watching in 2018 ?