YAKUZA KIWAMI 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Sayama Rescue & Kamurocho (PS4 PRO)

Yakuza Kiwami 2 English Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PS4 PRO No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review guide.
Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, upgrades, outfits / costumes, best moments, mini games, final boss and true ending.

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yakuza kiwami 2 ps4 walkthrough
20 комментариев
Abhinash Gari
😧Just so You know u can buy health items in convenience stores.
Awron Zizao
I literally can't wait to get my PS4, so I don't have to watch terrible players..
Alexandra Ross
That food doe... Looks nice and fresh.. X3
Danny Calderbank
Please tell me someone knows where to find the track that plays at 9:00 i love it but cant seem to find it on the soundtrack
Findra Shinn
1:04:34 That chair can't resist Hero aura.. R.I.P chair..
Titoman 24
Can't wait to play this ff you preorder it on the psn store u can play it august 27th
Prince. K
Is there any reason that u run away from basic thugs other than just saving time? It would be more fun to watch u fight them (and being the dragon of dojima that he is, it makes Kiryu look silly when he runs away). Just an idea.
Andreja Dolar
Flip Hert
It's out?
Tahzib Hussaini
goodness...she was hit on the shoulder!!!!!the game is acting as tho she got hit on a vital....