Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

This standalone Uncharted adventure succeeds on the strength of its characters and writing.

13 Minutes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gives You More Freedom Than Ever:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Extended Demo - E3 2017

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Riverboat Revelation Cinematic Trailer

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Crazy Clips
If this gets a 7.5 for being simaler to the other games how the hell does cod get a 9 every year
If this is a 7.5, then call of duty is 2/10.
Trust naughty dog , dont trust ign
2 3
Mass effect Andromeda:
- meh story
- crap animations (face)
- decent gameplay
Score: 7.7

- Amazing story
- top notch animations
- solid gameplay
Score 7.5

Where did yalls brains go?😂
I think IGN hates uncharted
Tim Allan
Uncharted 4 was the best game of last year for me. If it's the same, then its perfect.
1/10 ''Too much climbing'' - IGN
Colin Edwards
I'm a simple man, I open the video check the rating then dislike the video.
ign: "7.5/10.... -Too much Uncharted"
Chris Rivera
Mass effect andromeda -7.7
Uncharted lost legacy -7.5
I haven't even played this game yet and I know that's wrong.
IGN are U Drunk ???
Melinda Montgomery
So it looks, sounds and plays like the other uncharted games that got 9s and 10s .....so you give it a 7.5!
Rukmani Priya
Well, another dislike for IGN
سجاد التميمي
IGN logic :-
Uncharted lost legacy (7.5)
Watch dogs 2 (8.5)
Ramzi Grini
its just like uncharted 4
its not COD game

lets give it 7.5 :

IGN Logic
Ilias Caelum
review full of garbage
I love how people complain about people who listen to IGN reviews and yet they are always coming to IGN's channel to watch their reviews 😂
Wesley white
Anyone who listens to ign reviews shouldn't be playing games
Roblox for life
i mean cod gets 8/10 every year
EXCELLENT review IGN LMAO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Brendan Leahy
Look I'm not trying to hate on Marty, but whoever decided that someone who clearly didn't really dig U4 should review the expansion should get fired... He gave Lego Star Wars, one of the simplest most repetitive and derivative games I've played in a long time a 9, but complained about this being repetitive. If the guy doesn't like 3rd person action games, and prefers walking simulators and kids games that's totally fine, but don't assign him to review U4 for one of the biggest gaming outlets, it's honestly misrepresenting the experience to the largest possible audience.

Saying things like "mindless ai" and "boring open world" make me feel like the guy played a totally different game.
Liakos Apostolopoulos
Bad review!!!
Rui de Sousa
So, so, so underated... This is one of the most amazing adventure games I've ever played in almost 30 years of Gaming. A must buy for every PS4 owner.
Makoto Yuki
IGN hating a Sony game, nothing new there at least.
Paulo Acuin
I just finished it today and it does not deserve a 7.5. IGN should give this at least a 9!
da noony
Ign: "nawty dawg gib me mony."
Naughty Dog: "no u cant hab me mony"
ign: "k 0/0 for all ur gams"
7.5 or not I'm still getting it.
Game is getting high praise and high scores from real gaming sites
Langdon Games
Wait, wait, wait...too similar to Uncharted 4?? It is Uncharted 4! It's DLC for it. So I suppose Blood & Wine deserves flak for being too similar to Witcher 3?
Should have been called "The Lost Legacy: An Uncharted Story"
Daniel Maguire
Going to give it a go anyway cos in naughty dog we trust
Sahil Srivastava
A game based in India..... I'm in!
Grey Sword
I am a hardcore uncharted game but from the footage that I saw it looks like uncharted 4 without drake.
Alex Kostadinovia
Uncharted the lost legacy 7.5, Assassins creed Unity 7.8
"No one should play Uncharted: The Lost Legacy."
-IGN 2017
Aaron Lundy
I’m sorry. Marty has never been someone I’d trust for a review.
Bearded Emperor
2:22 I totally fell for that the first time when I played it 😂
Another top ps4 exclusive
7.5 IGN is obviously nitpicking and biased, i win, bye bye.

Realtalk: Seriously I don't get all the dislikes on this Video, he gave a great game that is more of the same am above average score. Then again I also understand people who are questioning the 9/10 scores of cod
EKM Beats
I'll wait for the Easy Allies review.
Pony tears in the comment section 😂
Kendra Felton
My goodness. Even Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PS Vita got an 8.5. A 7.5 for Lost Legacy seems a bit harsh but I can't say for sure since haven't played it yet.
Ign is the most inconsistent reviewer ever. I'm about to start reviewing my own games
Ahmed Abdalla
Oh man the salt in these comments lol; anyway these are issues I've had with Uncharted 4 when it came out, so seeing them being explained here makes sense because honestly, did anyone expect anything new out of this expansion?
This is the most visually stunning game i've ever played. It's more visually stunning than Journey, in my opinion.

The elephant scenes were simply breath taking.

Very solid game.
Never been so hyped playing a game like "uncharted the lost legacy" as much as when I played the others uncharted this game is badass hotttdayum!!!
Yeah, I understand its only one persons view of the game, but Godammit Marty, feel like you dropped the ball on this one. I've never played an Uncharted game where I would rate it so low, not even the PS Vita game. The cinematic visuals and great storytelling of the series would make me give it an 8 at the very least, before even playing any of it.
Marc F
Haha the comment section is hilarious. Good review
Can't wait to see Call of Duty get a 9.5. IGN is a joke.
This game got a 7.5 but watch out!!! IGN will give the next call of duty a 9.5/10.
"No one should play Uncharted: The Lost Legacy--" Okay, we've heard everything we needed to know, guys. That's the review.
and you gave Evolve a 9?! Lol
Sarik Rana
7.5 ok now I think they are doing this just to piss off fans :p
The comment sections for this and uncharted 4 prove that uncharted fans are the absolute worst
Well, you guys did give Uncharted 4 a score lower than it should have been, so I'mma just buy Lost Legacy and decide for myself :)
"The Lostht Legathy"
The salt levels are strong with this one
feels like my review of every uncharted game: "at no point did I wish Nathan Drake was here"
PlayStation Guy!
This game is a straight 10 just finished it and I absolutely loved every second topped any tomb raider
Access Denied
I've played this and I've found more treasures in the open world area than I have in any other uncharted game
Frost B
I think this guy never actually 'played' Uncharted
Don't mind me, I'm just here to mine some salt.
Taher Jabali
ign what a joke
7.5! It's a standalone dlc,not uncharted 5 smh ign will never change
Sharanyo Paul
What is ign's problem ? They love the last of us but hate uncharted. Be consistent!
Danny Peel
Let's remember that it's basically DLC. Some of these gripes seem a bit daft.
Most bogus review I’ve ever seen! This game is awesome!!
Uma Kaplan
7.5 out of 10 IGN. Not 6 hour cod campaign for full price
Ismael Lyman
Uncharted lost legacy: 7.5

Goat simulator: 8.0
Asteroid Arts
Why has IGN been so harsh on Naughty Dog lately?! Their games are 10/10 ever since Uncharted 2 (opinion).

You state all these epic pros through the review and mention only tiny cons. Yet you give it a 7.5?! Are you for real? Smh.
85 on metacritic (Wait another day to see how the score varies).

9 on gamespot

7.5 on IGN

I honestly see why IGN would give it a 7.5. It's all very repetitive.
Abdullah Asfour
i don't know if this review is done and approved by IGN or just one guy who hates SONY
i mean come on it's Uncharted and Naughty Dog
Jose Garza
The sonyponies are out in full force today.

What part of 7.5 don't they get means very good?
Slatko the Friendly Russian
In the open world, if you collect enough of the large golden coins, you can acquire the Queens Ruby which allows you to locate in-world treasures more easily.
Glad to see a unpaid review from naughty dog for once regardless of the review I'm still buying the game for jack and daxter
The Scilacticon Galaxy
IGN has kind of lost my trust with their review scores in recent years. They're still truthful, but surprisingly, I find myself criticizing them for giving me an unreasonably fearful mindset when I didn't really have anything to worry as a long-time fan of most game franchises they review. I really don't care if The Lost Legacy has recycled Uncharted gameplay. I'm game for a classic Uncharted game any day if there's at least one difference from the previous games, and the main difference with this game is all too satisfying and interesting for me.
Qiang Liu
India in the middle of a civil war? And I see Type 95? instant must buy!
Young Sinatra
ign is literally the only review site that gave this game below an 8.5. its shame that ign is probably the most popular game review platform
Watch "Beyond!" for a more honest review that gives this game the credit it deserves
Jay Ellis
The final act was one of my favs! So much action and great graphics.
Ricardo Esteves
When I saw the 7.5 I just thought to myself, I gotta read the comments! :)
Lol @ the ppl just focusing on score.

Omg I'm so devastated a game got 7.5.
Let's Review Stuff +
Well, I'll be skipping IGN reviews from here on out. They are biased negatively towards this game and that's a bad way to review.
Ben Wilkins
This is a unique standalone experience! Love this game so much and it stands apart from uncharted 4 in its own way! 10/10 for me
- nothing new except great environments and story
- can't parkour on walls
- everything feels too samey

Saved you 3 minutes
Electro Man
It may be a great game (I haven't played it yet).

Just looking at it, it screams... POWERFUL WAHMAN !!!!

I get so sick of all the woke PC nonsense. Star Wars, Terminator, Batwoman... Sony may pull off an entertaining game but come on...

Uncharted without Drake is like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford !!!

What's next? Metal Gear Solid without Snake?
Rinbow 6 BR
If naughty dog releases 100 uncharted games the same.then I'll preorder all of them
Take note IGN😒
Joshua Davis
As usual, IGN goes the opposite way. It's getting 8-9 everywhere else
Kevin Tandian
When you realized COD infinite warfare got higher than this score
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 7.7

Uncharted: Lost Legacy 7.5

IGN are you drunk?
Im only 2hrs in and already played through some of the most epic action moments of gameplay in my life.. And the story/narrative...well, its naughty dog, should i elaborate?
This is my first uncharted game and I loved it
Suck It! productions
I call bull this game is absolutely amazing. I love the gameplay being familiar the gameplay is the reason it's my favorite game series
I think this was my most enjoyed uncharted game poor review
Dam Tanker
I think hes right, even watching that jeep moment entering that area looked like a copy / paste of Uncharted 4
Lincoln Clay
This game is so underrated, it deserves atleast an 8.5.
Acmeanime Bhabie
Good job Marty, I give your review a 5 out of 10. Too similar to your other reviews and not enough new material that left me disappointed and sad knowing this was another by the numbers write-up.
Giancarlo Casas
They should of made this a smaller project like left behind and focused on last of us 2 so we could get it quicker
Anyone who agrees with this review is a xbox fan and I understand the hurt
Bichr Salhi
Sony's game engine is AMAZING. All the games made by sony's studios always look fantastic