Yakuza Kiwami: Complete PS4 Remake vs PS2 Original Comparison + Frame-Rate Test

Yakuza Kiwami came out last year in Japan, and John took a look at the game then hoping for a Western release. Finally, it is available, pretty much unchanged aside from the addition of English subtitles. For those that missed it last year, here's the complete PS4 vs PS2 graphics comparison, performance test and more.

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Yakuza Is a really awesome game
English native John speaks Japanese too?? He sounds pretty convincing too....
Alpha Spectre
Retards arguing over which plastic box is better meanwhile I'm sitting here still trying to process how well John speaks Japanese.
I love SEGA
Immy Khan
This comment section is whats wrong with gaming. Play games on whichever platform u prefer. Why do people wanna fight for a plastic box.
Thank you ps4 you make my life better
Nice japanese
luis ramirez
*The comment section on every Digital Foundry video is a salt mine*
Ultimate Comparison:
PS3 (PS2 Backwards compatibility)
PS3 (Remaster)
Wii U
PS4 Pro
Inverted camera on everything. Just got used to it in the nineties, can't go back now.
aboud alaboud
Woha, 60 fps at 1080p? that's not usual for Yakuza..
How about Pro? no Pro test?
Am ok if it doesn't support Pro, this game is GOLD, so I'll buy it in any case
Oh yeah, am PC gamer too, But I own PS4 + PS4 Pro for exclusives, and playing with friends who don't have PC

I also bought VITA just to play Soul Sacrifice.. that game was best portable game ever made

In case anyone wonder, why I don't have Xbox one.. I'll tell you..
Cause most of their exclusives are available in PC, so I won't pay for it while I can play it's games in PC
If you played Shenmue then yakuza is gonna feel familiar, both great series.
Cee Dashsi
Hope to see a Kiwami 2 comparison in the future!
The Yakuza games are amazing story and gameplay wise jam packed with so much to do.
Jin Kazama
Mad respect to John for speaking in Japanese. Yakuza games are masterpieces and are a great collection.
I need this, yakuza 1 freezes a few chapters in on my EU ps3 60gb.
Should I play first yakuza 0 Yakuza Kiwami?
Show off! 😜👌👍
Jamie Robert
60fps is very impressive imo
Superb video John! I love this series, many thanks for giving it the coverage it deserves!
Morvill Ignacio
Aside from my PS4, I'm running this game on my GTX 750TI 1080p Ultra @60FPS.
André Carminé
Even the analysis was remastered.
J. Salt
Now this is how you do a remaster; every visual element of the game has been vastly improved. It's a shame the remastered edition of Skyrim isn't like this: all we got really was a bloom effect in that "remaster". Very disappointing.
damn your japanese is amazing.
The Reptilian Wizard Lizard
John is such a weeb. That is why he is my favorite.
Devin Money
The battle theme from the PS2 isn't the same though. A little annoying but nothing to stop me from enjoying the game. In fact, it sounds more like a Tekken soundtrack if anything.
Christian Stout
Based Sega putting anti-aliasing on top of native 1080p60! They could teach Atlus a few things.
Detective Lizard
Holy shit the salt is real. Man everyone needs to calm down.
Christian Young
That's pretty cool that John can speak Japanese.
Julio Cabrejos
Please Sega release the series on pc!
Wow! Didn't know John speaks Japanese :3 Great Video as always!
Yakuza is so fucking awesome i gotta get back to Yakuza 5 before i play kiwami and zero
Prince Dizzy
Excellent vid, great to see the extremely talented Japanese developers remaining focused on the PS4, this game and the series as a whole are getting amazing reviews.
Shuvam Ghosh
I was expecting Agent of Mayhem analysis...
@digitalfoundry any chance of that happening???
CR7 is a Legend
Damn ps2 looks impressive for it's hardware!!😍
Kay Tee
Nice Japanese, John! 👍

I don't if it's good or not, but it sounds great to me.
Another great yakuza game by Sega. I hope Sega continue their excellent wares on next gen. Who wouldn't love 2 see Sega classics like shenmue, as well as Sega arcade classics like scud race, virtua fighters and out run etc. XD
Tristan Brown
"E A S Y"
Huh, someone isn't a real Yakuza...
rasheen collins
I'll like to see driver 1-2-3 Remastered 💯
Awesome X
That Japanese tho
Is there a comparison betwen Yakuza Zero on PS4 and PS4Pro?
daAmazin FatB0y
I just wish Kiwami had the warmer and darker look of the original, I'm not feeling the cooler n brighter look of Kiwami tbh.
Owen Krauss
The lengths John goes through for these episodes is crazy! Keep up the great work guys.
Kiwami PC port test when?
Pinky Galaxee
I love inverted controls
I know I'm in the minority But moving the right analog stick up or down should always be reversed.
quick analysis of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, pleas !!!
Maybe it's asking a bit too much but I'm curious how Kiwami stacks up with the HD remaster of the first game.
Lee Ning
Showing off that Japanese, well played mate.
Eyes of War
What's this?! Another true Exclusive on PlayStation wow Sony you really like making games.
Matthew who?
Such an underrated series - the first two Yakuza games are amazing!
Good Stuff From China
Why all rermakes can not be so good . Often rermakes are 1080p junks but not this one and I hope Shenmue will not be
Tomás Delizia
Lol you have been saving this video since early 2016 right? Anyways, good content as always.
JCity 17
I believe that pilotwings 64 shaped my preference for inverted thumb sticks for vertical camera control to this day
Spade White
John, you're awesome. When I heard you speak Japanese for the intro, I realized just how much work you put into df retro and your comparisons and tech breakdowns. Great stuff man. Keep it going
Gosh, am I the only one who prefers the look of kazuma in the original ?
Samuel Haley
Are you guys going to take a look at the Nvidia Shield Tv port of Metal Gear solid 2 HD edition that just came out?
Skits4You 146
You speak Japanese? Wow! You should use it more often!
Were you speaking Japanese John? I'm impressed
Son-Tchor I
¿ How about the Japanese PS3 version though ?
James Lee
Games like this it's usually not my forte but I'm actually intrigued by this game.
Henry Rahardja
come on John, a re-release video from 2016? I'm expecting a kiwami remake of that video. Better not do the same thing when Yakuza 6 come out next year.
Shenmue 3 should have the graphics of the new Yakuza games...perfect fit
<3 the yakuza series
1080p 60fps on base ps4, and looks great while doing so. Can't complain.
It would be very nice to see a checkerboard 4k 60fps version on the ps4 PRO, plus improved face textures and lighting. That could be enough to make it the best combintation of graphics and performance on this gen.
@John the matter of camera inversion comes up a lot and it comes from the days of home computing on the Amiga etc. Back in the late 80s and early 90s the only 3d games available were flight sims and they were incredibly popular. They were the only type of game that took advantage of joysticks properly. In a flight sim when you pull back/down on the joystick the plane pitches up and your view goes up. When 3d games with adjustable cameras came along a lot of people were used to pull down and view goes up from flight sims so they carried on using it. I am one of those inverted view old timers. 😉
Digital Foundry content is getting better all the time :)
Buy this game right now. Yakuza is amazing.
It'd be nice to see an up to date comparison with Pro on top of that the HD Remaster on PS3. As far as I'm aware the PS3 remaster did fix and add a few things based on the improvements of the later PS3 installments.
Well Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and Yakuza 6 are all being sold or have been announced to be sold in the states since the making of this video.
Got this on PS+ and loving it so far .. not many games like it around gameplay wise..
Key Path
maybe in ps5 remake we'll get hair physics, now go localized kenzan series sega!
John speaking japanese? Digital foundry became WEEABOO
A Gentleman
I always invert Y, but X, not really.
Sanny Folkesson
one thing that sells me on kiwami 2 then continue on the orginal is the load-screens, and yes its fun to see all details in the hd verson.
Never played Yakuza before but i think the changes warrant a purchase. I just hope this game will be decent so I can get the 2nd (assuming it does well enough overseas).
Gamer Brain/ブレイン
Loading screens. Patience must really be a virtue for old time gamers.
Video starts at 3:06
Vito Scarletta
What wrong with you, you post this video by the time Kiwami and 6 already announced for Western months ago and you hope they will come to Western?
Wagelaseh 1st
I Miss PS2 so much , Yakuza 1&2
Vincent Anthony
Shenmue 1&2 HD could look this good if they release it on the ps4, they could just use the yakuza engine.
Love these games, cant tell if it's nostalgia for the Shenmue games or Yakuzas story.
Kevin H
Wait what? "Yakuza 0 has been announced, and Yakuza Kiwami might come to the west"
Yakuza 0 is out, i'm playing it right now, and Kimawi also just got released, is this script about 2 years out of date?
I hope we see a Digital Foundry episode of all Yakuza games and how they evolved throughout the years
Japanese John Linneman, I live for this
The ps2 version is actually really visually impressive, the reflections in that rain scene were especially cool, albeit likely just lower quality, vertically inverted models rather than true reflections
Cody Bradt
Great video John keep up the good work! another great ps4 exclusive! :)
insecure, Low esteem Playstation fan nerds comments below

Isa Maria Games
I'm in love with this game since the first time I played it
Jovan Guido
I got the game for my birthday I really enjoyed it's
shane blue sky
Otaku confirmed
Is it me or have I watched you do this analysis before? I'm getting serious dejavu...
Regardless, having so much fun with this game atm!
Charles Noland
PS4 version inferior. Don't got Mark Hamil as Majima.
I started my adventure with Yakuza series in 2018 on ps4 pro... and it was a huge suprise for me, that this game was so underrated in Europe and US. Thanks to Sega for bringing this series back to life and releasing it worldwide.
I prefer the fully inverted camera
Retro Fan
The timestamp on the thumbnail makes it say Anal.
Here to see pc and xbox fanboy comments lol