PS4 Overheating Repair Tips - How to Fix Loud PS4

PS4 overheating repair tips from a professional. We take a look at the inside of a PS4 to see what all needs to be cleaned to help a PS4 run cooler.

►My Favorite Tools:

We explain how the 10xx and 11xx models of PS4 run hotter and the fan runs louder than people think it should. Some of the things that commonly cause a PS4 to overheat are:
-The cooling fan
-Dried out thermal paste
-A PS4 that has been assembled incorrectly
-A very dirty PS4

A PS4 that is actually overheating will: Beep loudly, turn on the red light (where the white light normally is) and then shut down. Many people think their console is overheating just because it feels hot and it's loud...but that's not overheating.

We start with a PS4 that has been partially disassembled then we remove the metal plate with the heat sink attached to it. We then show how to clean the heat sink fins properly...something that most people miss. We then explain and show how to remove and clean the cooling fan.

The video wraps up by showing how to put the parts back in that were removed.

Get yours fixed here:


Tools I use:
-Protech Toolkit:
-Torx Security T8:
-PH00 Phillips:
-Tweezer Set:
-Electric Screwdriver:
-Thermal Paste:
-Canned Air:

Equipment Used:
-Hakko Hot Air Station:
-Nozzle for hot air station:
-Hakko Soldering Station:
-Hakko Air Filter:
-Kester Solder:

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My damn ps4 overhearts like 10mins into a game.
I kept mine on window ledge with window open, until neighbours complained, and local airport took me to court as the pilots couldn't concentrate when testing the jet engines. so I took it apart and now run my 12 room central heating radiotors off it. It's that loud, I'm colour-blind from it
Your T-shirt LOL.
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If I buy a $300 machine I don't want to worry about tearing it apart and fixing the pieces; this is 2016. What's better for me ps4 or Xbox one ?
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I’m here because you broke something 👍😍
one day
my ps4 gives me a warning saying to turn off the ps4 because its to hot
When I start playing any game, my fan instantly becomes loud. Is that bad and what should I do.
My fan was silent and dies every 2 min
maddox gaming and vlogging
Ps4 yay I fixed. Me yay I can play the ps4
Shikhar Tiwari
Hi, what's the size of the thermal pads? Should i order 1mm or .5mm ? Thanks
Estes Lakes
I’ve done everything.. I’ve cleaned out all the dust, did a full initialization, changed the thermal paste, and still overheating, I am about to throw this thing out the damn window
John Beck
How do I send my PS4 in to be looked at and cleaned?
whenever i turn on my ps4 i hear a clicking noise from where the fan is and then about 2 min later it over heats. its been 5 months and i dont know whats wrong with it. ive cleaned out the fan but i dont know what else is the problem.
Lil Beaf
Thanks man, now I know what the problems is (the fan). One like. One subscribe 👍
Greg Pavlakis
Seems like you can take a park that PS4 like the average Joe can take apart a flashlight and put it back together
Albert Espinosa
your video is accurate it helps me a lot..
to prevent overheating you should clean your ps4 from all that dust that makes the ps4
work harder
willie weddington
my PS4 be having a white light and it cuts off by itself
Mulah Rhapsody
Thanks man these tips worked perfectly my system no longer runs loud
Greg Pavlakis
i need canned air to blast dust out of my ps4
KrypTic _FATTY
Can you fix my PS4 it overheats in 2-5 minutes
5:15 “so we can get straight into the video” commonn
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thank you for doing this video. i was able to fix my overheating ps4....
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Lol the thumbnail is like u r being force to fix the ps4 lol
honestly im gonna just buy a new one iv had my ps4 for years and the ps4 pro looks good
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great video bro. I liked everything about it
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Usually it happens for me on rainy days
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thanks brother...for showing the problem.. over heating 🖒
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My ps4 was installing Red Dead Redemption 2 and it was hella loud is that normal?
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my ps 4 is 1000 seris +it get so hot quickly
baret gibot
Hi my system turn on no problem but as soon as I play a ps4 game disc or no disc it shut off from over heating
what could be the problem?
Mark Roberts
Thanks for the info man!
If one or more of the little thermal pads goes missing, can you use thermal paste on them or should the pads be replaced?
Carlos Serna
what is it dosent turn on and the orenge light is blinking
Rui Esteves
nice tips! thank you for the share
Shafat Haque06
Thanks This Helped alot! BUT where do i found these screws ande the names?
Love the t-shirt!!!
Phantom Viper
How do you feel about copper shims bridging the gap beat the apu and the heat sink with layers or mx 4 thermal paste in between? I've been wondering if that would help
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I get a notification with a red light and it turns off
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Nice video. Also good to listen to instead of music when gaming
My fan will not spin fast enough to keep the system cool what can I do
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This what happens in bureaucracy
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I switched the HDMI port on my PS4 but did not replace the thermal paste as I was advised to do. Is this most likely the issue?
mine overheats just by being plugged in, doesnt even have to be on
I have a question if you spray a cleaning product in a PS4 vent would it short circuit.needs help🙁🙁☹️
Everyone get him 1M Subscribers
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Do I have to do all the steps you have shown in the video??????
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😅 number 85 wish me luck plz
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My ps4 keeps overheating
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me trun off random and we think it's the fan
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My PS4 pro is loud that’s really it
Shafat06 PS4
My ps4 shuted down 2 times am so scared!! Btw am not cleaning
I didin't know that
Micah Woods
my ps4 stopped transmitting video while I was playing with a loud humming sound. had the constant blue light of death for a few days until I opened and tightened the apu down. everything cut back on for about 10-15 min before no video and humming again.

checked the thermal paste, old and crusty; opened and cleaned all that was in this video and reapplied new paste.
Greg Pavlakis
does the spyro game cause the console to run loud, i heard it does
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need help ps4 keep heating up fast going off
you got it buddy thanks again
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Mine is mostly ok it makes no noise at all after it cought fire
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I cleaned the fan and also did the usb update thing and my ps4 still keeps shutting off randomly
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I want to send my play station in to get cleaned i have no idea how to take it apart it keeps overheating
My fan was my cause it was completely silent
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my ps4 tells me it's to hot what do I do beeps three times
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Thanks. Got mine fixed within in couple hours it was the thermal paste
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thats the cool thing about having a tower is that it coooooools off easier than any compact pc.
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Even with safe mode my ps4 overheat help!!
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Hey, will there be any issue if power cuts frequently by playing ps4 ?
Simple Material
I got a question how long will it take for you to fix?
I can't even play it beeps 3 times and turns off
how do i contact your company for a diagnosis
I got the game ark and that's when it happens
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my ps4 will work for 5 minutes and then it will say you have to turn off because it temperature
my ps4 keeps overheating and shutting off everytime I turn it on could you be able to fix that in a few days
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After doing a washer fix from my PS4 from turning off and on and finally getting it to work I ran a game and it just went straight into overheating and shut itself off. Should I just send it away for repairs, Or just get a new one?
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As soon as I start my game it's goes to overheat
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my ps4 get the too hot messege and after that didnt turn on anymore, is it dead?
How would you recommend I send in my system if I dont have the original box anymore?
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Fan too lond hot not over heating
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what if my PS4 makes no noise at all?
Do you fix ps4's
Can u lend me money for a new PS4 😂
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Hey man I turn mine on and after about1 minute it cuts off and says it's too hot what do I do
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Hey bro I have the call of duty edition PS4 its totally different from the one u have it in the video. It's getting hot and shuts down what should I do plz help
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my ps4 slim keeps overheating
Mine only happened when I'm playing fortnite but now it happens as soon as I turn it on.
hey thanks for hitting me back I'm in California
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My ps4 keeps overheating even when its a cold day in an open space it keeps overheating, even after i cleaned it out it dosent fking stop pls help
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Mines show a blue screen saying your PS4 is over heating restart when finished
If I do all this stuff myself will my warranty be void?!
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Lmao I think my issue was the thermal pads. 2 of them are missing
where is your shop located at
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my young brother had putten a coin inside the ps4 in the disk side how can we take the coin from it plz can u help me
I play fortnite and i dont care so shut up
Cant u just use a vacuum cleaner to clean the heat sink with?
hey one question: what is the best way to remove old thermal past from the cpu. what kind of cleaner should i use? great video!
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im mad how bout PS4 TOO COLD
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Tronicfix I have a question
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would that make fan run silent again