How to download a reinstallation update for a ps4

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Jersey Perez
Thanks bro, you are more useful then their actual techs
Berkan Ates
*Stick it in the HDMI port*
Prince Jones
Thank you I was bout to throw my ps4
tom noakes
I tried updating for about two hr no luck I was gonna send it to get fixed then I found this vid .... thanks dude first time of trying ps4 is working ..u saved me time and money thanks
Its on the bottom left not right; also why is it that the kids have more useful info than the adults
Matt Mcclain
smart guy on the block!
thanks for the information
GRIZZ Viollent
Hey man, just wanted to say Thank You for making this video. The small fact of showing which download to actually download (Bottom of Page) helped me out so much. I appreciate you pulling thru because my PS4 is now back up and running. I thought the 6.02 Update screwed up my PS4, but this helped. Thanks again man 🔥🐻
uzi_ 561
Nar Band
Dude, i watched so many videos of adults doing this and i kept doing it wrong. You are the man bro you are awesome.
_ Ahhlian
This i my 4th time doing the reinstallation RIP to me. I come back and watch your vids just to refresh my memory on the little details that make a big difference
Najauhn Davis
respect fam, took me 5 hours to try and fix it, im gonna try this later, safee
Anthony Joseph
Kid, you're an absolute blessing, you got 1 more like from me.
“Bottom right corner” *goes to bottom left
Thanks man was having a hard time with this
mega noop
plug in the usb in the HDMI lol!
Ssj3 Rapper
thank you for saving my life
does it restart my stuff because i just want to log back in and play my ps4
Oscar Ramirez
broooo omgggg thank you, you saved me from so much stress
Ashanti Scott
Thank You, Litteraly Was Mad At The Graphics But The Info Made Up For It.
Straight to the point and so usefull! Thank you so much kiddo <3
Sarah Jones
thanks so much never woulda guessed the download at the bottom was driving me insain
%100 good video
Blake Winter
OMFG THANK U SO MUCH U SAVED MY PS4!!! I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE! Now if youll excuse me I gotta get back on Kingdom hearts remix and catch up in time for KH3
cherrique mcghee
Thanks it really helped for my son with his game🤗
This boy is a legend. Thank you bro.
Bade Thomas
Thank you so much I haven’t been able to use my ps4 for a year thank you soo much
damn bro thanks man that shit worked i thought i would've had to buy a new one
Prettygirl 19
Thank you I was about to throw my PS4 across the room super helpful.
Thanks man! You’re a lifesaver. 🤙
Taylor James
RIP highlife1454
Bro I have none of these things does that mean im screwed
Lars Oosterwijk
Thanks bro, you're a legend
Alex Mate
It's Mariam
i love you Thank you!! SAVIOR!!!
Thank you, I couldn't figure it out for days. Subscribed to your channel just because of this video.
james ochoa
Dude you just save my life, may god bless you
Toby Sloan
"hdmi port"
Sub to MoltenTheGamer
Thank you so much this helps me out a lot
This better work, I’m on my 700th video
Israel Maze
Thanks bro,this helped A LOT. It was confusing having 2 separate updates
Random Stuff
Oh my god thank you so much man🙏🙏🙏🙏you helped me so much bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Juan Gonzalez
it restarted all my stuff😭
Sekai Carrington
Thanks for the help kid I can finally get back to playing my game. 👍🏾
Liam Canavan
This vid helped so much I was about to buy a new ps4
Tawaf Elhawati
Thanks George, lots of help!!!
4:15 -4:25 he said stick it in the hdmi port :')
Yo thanks brother Ive been pulling my hair out all day because I couldnt figure out where the damn file was (knew I needed the bigger one just couldnt find it) feel kinda stupid knowing I glanced over the biggass download file several times
Charles Hill
Thanks so much, fixed my brick of a ps4
i already got this information but its great to know other kids know this stuff as well!
Fares Ben Rachid
Thank you this really helped
My Little Youngsters Club
Thanks bro your a awesome kid my ps4 wasn’t even working and I almost freaked out
That's Cool
thank you it really helped
BobbleBear X
Thanks you so much man, I was so worried. I kept downloading the wrong one! You saved me.
last chance blueprint
Joshua Summerell
Bruh, you a life saver. Thanks so much much!
Thank you so much you saved me so much time!! Keep up the great work!!
You're adopted, I mean it.
Foxy064 Gaming
Thank you so much you helped so much I subbed 😀
kevin dotson99
Has this actually worked for anyone I keep having how to do a factory reset everytime this bull s*** happens I've lost all my storage from the past four years all of my games DLCs everything only thing that I got to keep was my name and Friends I got all the way 2 second from last mission on Wolfenstein 2 and this happened 😤😣😠😡😬😬😬😬😬
Aaron Stitch
Great job my dude. Thanks!
MackStar TV
Thanks my G. I downloaded the wrong file like 3 times lol.
itz Khaleesi
You just earned a new subscriber😌, Thank you so much🙌
Thank you OMG I was about to switch to xbox one if I couldn't get this to work again
waleed ejaz
Thanks so much really helped me
gregorio muniz
You’re a life saver!!!
Dylan Gonnerman
thank you so much i recently got a used ps4 and installed new hardrive. I don't know what i would have done without this vid
Joseph Rosa
I just want to say u are so helpful because I couldn’t do anything so thank u so much
Thank you so much this helped a lot
Francisco Blanco
Yes! Thanks! It works!
King & Queen Nai
Definitely had to follow every step especially naming the files correctly. Good looking lil bro
PainParent 04
Lots of people have been asking if the data from the other hardrive will save on a new hardrive it wont u need to save all game data to a thumbdrive or to the sony cloud if u have ps plus
Jordan Jones
Yo I messed up just like u did at first thank u bro will be usefull
Clampgod Kitty
Thanks man this was a whole process. Your the only person that really explained it thanks man
Ron's Random Corner
Thank you so much. You deserve every credit you get.
I did this, and I want to upload data to online storage to get all my game files back. Everythings there except for one game, why is that? Please help!
Andrew Robinson
Thank you so much you little shit... You've made me so proud
Jason Robledo
I am thankful for the info! but just a tip: record the video horizontally lol.
Thanks for the info thought my ps4 was dead
Jacob Guzman
i need help
msg me yea
Bbberrybiz Cbiz
thank you it really helped
Yousif Haqi
Oh man thanks you saved my life thank you so much I like it
Leo Sanchez
Bro you just saved my ps4 thank you soo much!!!!
David Andres Guevara
Thank you very very very much, I did not know what I was doing wrong, you were really helpful 😁
Chames Hamze
Thanks bro u saved my life keep it up❤️ i subbed
jose valenzuela
Thank you man !! you help me out big time
For the stuff that present work 😫
Heidi j
oh my gosh!! thanks little man!!!
Thank you so much I don't know what would do without this!
Thanks dude i was so stuck u helped so much bro Happy New Years
Jaiana Hernandez
i got everything up until 3:06 , you lost me can someone tell me what to do after that please 🤦🏽‍♀️
thanks lil bro, this video helped
Ceasar abdallah
Nice work lil guy, keep it up
Thanks you really helped my man
Robin Von loewe Kiedrowski
Thx this really helps
Aj Gold
Love You Pal, Good Luck And God Bless
Holy s*** thankyou!!
Marian Banda
It isnt working for me :( why guys
Im really lost
Khalid Time
I dont know how to thank you enough
Anyone who couldnt do it just make sure you made the files correctly
Max Lipsman
Great vid appreciate it