PS4 Pro "SPIDER-MAN" Limited Edition Console! Unboxing Marvel's Spider-Man Amazing Red Playstation 4

Unboxing Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition Amazing Red PS4 Pro 1Tb. One of the best games for Playstation 4 in 2018.
Ultra rare Spider-Man limited edition
Spider-Man Collector's Edition
PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition
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Spider-Man fans here?
But Did It Feel Good
I like unboxings because it’s the stuff I can’t afford
Pablo Sierra
Like si hablas español
This is better than porn
Tristen Nimeth
Yes that console is the best. That nice red color and the glossiness on the top is amazing. Who agrees??
MR. Richtofen
Who dont have a ps4 (pro)

Like me🙄
I wish I had a PS4
Viraj Kumar
I wonder how rich you are bro ...😶
JS la Toronja
When eres pobre y ves esto para presensiar lo que nunca te pasará
Vickram Potigadoo
My son is very sad as i have not enough money to buy it for him.
Yobill Lin
Have the pro and the game..... The game is amazing, fantastic graphics, gameplay and storyline
Mihir Patil
I just love the unboxing but I can't never afford it😭😭😭Bad life
Saul Carneiro
Betina, deixa eu ver o meu video em paz....
We have some new ASMR over here, kinda satisfying tho
Does whatever a spider can,
Everything’s going dark,
I don’t feel so good mr. stark,
Oh no,
There goes the Spider-Man

(Stole this meme)
Marcelo Silva
eu gostei muito de se video
Rakif Ahmed
12:35 *Superman in disguise*
Paola Andrea Vargas López
Love at first sight 😻
Lưu Thành Thái
I have this game in ps4 pro 500m
yn mian
Spider-man is my favorire superhero like if u agree
Preconceito com o slim?Pq vc Só traz o pro? Eu vi poucos vídeos com o slim
Kevin Alexis Torres Ramirez
Oye el del video Traduce esto
Dame una play4 de todos modos tienes muchas :v xd
Adwaidh Kv
What is your name broo
Jacob Vlogs.Havefun
Totally love this console so much!
جكم جگم
فحل جلوس فصق
Dinesh Dini
I Think he is having an PS4 shop lucky guy😥😔
v: no mames marrano
Cuando lo soba :v y le hace zoom me hace sentir más pobre :'v
4:19 who tried the code here? 😂
Online kid: Bet no one has every PS4 variation

Relaxing End: Hold my beer...
Jason Afram
Is the game in there
YO DUDE KEEP IT UPP unboxing and asmr at the same time GENIUS
Nicolás Masburro
Estoy feliz, después de tanto ahorrar me compré mi ps2, con 4 juegos...
Humboldt Parks Son
Why not make the cables in red or white or blue ?! Still dope.
Your the opposite of how to basic😂
Abdulbare Elgadi
وين العرب الي يشاهدون و يتحسرون 😿😞😒
Tara Hudaya
HOW YOU GET IT???!!!!!!
Bruh. I love your vids but I want you yo start talking verbally a little. Please.
Timothy Beecher
ASMR with TheRelaxingEnd
Thariq Mujahidin
Dido Gaming
do VR unboxings.
You Should Do A Giveaway
Skeleton Pilot
That controller design is kinda whack they barely tried! But the game and the actual console are amazing.
oye y si me compras la consola de hombre araña por favor
Mr. GraveTube,Inc
The way you unboxing the stuffs, is very satisfying.🤑😜
i have a ps4 pro battlefront edition I WISH I HAD THIS ONE
Play Station
My cousin is gonna get that Spider-Man PS4
Because I told him to
EEko kral
Koukněte se na muj kanál tam budu rosbalovatXBOX 360 a PSP 4
rocco atlan
What do you do with all the consoles you have
100 subs No videos????
I love unboxing things but you sir are a professional.
I have one, too! I got it on 19th if September and honestly it was amazing.

Funny enough, the box has enough extra space to fit in more disc cases in case you bought games asides with the PS4 itself -(I got Driveclub, SFV:AE, and Battlefront II along with Spider-Man; all neatly placed at the side).-

Setting that aside, great video!
Ranz Z.
This is peter

He has no more powers, one like onesupport for peter
neon rick
Spider Man is the best super hero🕷️🕸️
Lewis Jamesson
Keep playing on this PS 4 with great pleasure! I bought it on and don't regret! The shipment took only 6 days!
Tristian York
As the at its finest
R3d3R 2.0
Title "Ps 4 Pro limited edition Spider-man"
Video : Asmr but with unboxing and gaming =)))
Ignacio Santana
I remember playing Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3 on the good ol’ PS2
RenanGamePlayer 7
Um botão bolinha an um botão quadrado
Chirag Kamdi
Most awsome consol bro
Carmen Soares
você podia fazer alguns sorteios
You acting like howtobasic 😂 im afraid if you broke that Ps4 😂😂
ASMR unboxing lul
Naofumi Iwatani
Só de assistir esse video da vontade de matar os politicos corruptos do meu país e ir comprar um PS4 pra mim (Pois eles diminuem o salario dos trabalhadores)
Kinda cringy when you would smash the plastic 🤦🏽‍♂️ but overall good video
TJ Snyder
Best unboxing I've ever seen. Haha. Watching all your unboxing now. I love the dramatics of it! Haha. SO great
ASMR 👋😄❤
Caleb Gambill
Shit, I came for a cool unboxing and I got way more than I came here for. So...nice. 🤤
That's must be really expensive, too bad I only afford to watch the unboxing and watch the gameplay
Green Ashes
Please sir I am a big fan of yours
Plz sir give me a ps4
You have many
But I don't have one plz sir try not to refuse my request
Shaun B
Watching this is possibly the most frustrating thing I've seen all year
*wallet.exe has stopped working*
King Of The Beach
That controller is SEXY
Gabriel Gss
Faz o boxing do psp
Star frame
Here's a tip :
Never ever crush and waste the plastics and boxes instead keep them for future use or at least recycle, you crushing is very cringy so pls at least consider for the better of the world 😌😊
Kauan Rodrigues
Eu querendo um PS4 normal o cara me vem com um do homem aranha! Eu do risada pra não chorar!

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bruh did you hold your breath while recording this? cuz i literally couldnt hear u breathing at all
chetan srivastava
I don't know if you can feel me but I'm in such a situation that I just got my new PS4 game CD and can't even play it just bc my TV isn't switching on
Game Gamer
The sounds he makes with the packaging just comfort and relax me so much.
Susanta Roy
I am not watching your channel for unboxing purpose iam watching to get satisfied very sati
شارك / shark ِ
افضل يوتيوبر بل عالم تستاهل 1000 مليون مشترك
Mika Zuki
I didn’t know I was watching ASMR lol....
Oh yeah yeah
Love the unboxings
I just bought one on offer up for $460 last week lol 🙄
Adrian carlo Mallari
I wish can you give me one any ps4😢for my birthday thanks i'am just asking.
Shadow Night
Unbelievably amazing but it would be even better if it was for Xbox 1
Edwin Gonzalez
I just ordered mine online a couple minutes ago and this is so gonna be me when it arrives 😁😁😁😁😁
rodrigo Fuentes
Like boss espaider-man and PS4 PRO
ILOOGK Free Fire
Mano esse cara e muito mão de vaca enves dele doa os videogame ou sortia ele fica ae juntando um monte de vidiogame
Vitor Jardim
Os seus vídeos são muito satisfatorios
Lmao the only reason they didn’t do red and blue is becuase people are going to get mixed up with a mario controller
Life With Faith
Love the spider design ❤️
alessandra zulzke
Eu caro muito jogar o jogo
MR.KimOGi Tle
Marcos Sobral
Muito obrigado.Esse vídeo me fez querer voltar a ser gamer de novo,vou comprar meu ps4 pro e jogar o meu homem aranha.
Greasy Grape
My wallet doesn't feel so good.
Diego Mariano
I love your videos you make them relaxing
Jack Cartwright
I got a ps4 pro with the rdr 2 bundle

not the spider-man bundle
Ivan Pcc13
hey The Relaxing End can you giveaway Ps4 pro?
Dante Sapatinas
"You're a ginger!"
crazypizza 01
Why did I fell asleep during this video

the RELAXING end
Subhadeep DS
The best thing about your videos is the sound. It's so satisfying to hear