PS4 Jailbreak - 6.00 Firmware Released! - Warning Do Not Update! - What You Need to Know!

Here is a quick video discussing the New PS4 6.00 firmware by Sony and the status of Save Wizard.

Always DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS4 game backups and homebrew apps.

- Update SaveWizard as of 9/17 - Works With Firmware 6.00

System Software 6.00 adds a new, sixth, save game format. 6.00 is NOT currently compatible with Save Wizard for PS4 MAX.

As stated, System Software 5.56 or below is compatible. We simply cannot guarantee future releases of System Software will be compatible and warn against updating to those higher than we support.

If you have already updated to System Software 6.00, you cannot downgrade. You may able to add cheats and re-sign saves from System Software 6.00 or below. This is for information purposes and is not officially supported by us.

If History is anything to go by we would expect support for this sixth save format System Software 6.00 in about a week (i.e. the last 4 times). Of course, history is not always a good predictor of future events. We will let you know as soon as we know.

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Link 123 Leon
Is there a jailbreak for 6.02
Infinite Gaming
Amazing video just what i needed to be patient thanks.
I am on 5.01 cant update to 5.05 for jailbreak says file is corrupted.even tho I checked it with md5
Can man download the jailbreak 5,55 while You are on 6,00
Hey I'm looking into Jail Breaking my PS4 eventually. Is there a discord or a place where I can get help? I've already updated to 6.00 but eventually I want to be able to jailbreak when they get to 6.00.
Christian Ewing
My PS4 is on 6.00 and my PSVITA is on 3.69. They are both on manual update.

I heard that SONY will be ending PS PLUS for both PS3 and PSVITA, so I am hoping to mod my PSVITA and PS4 soon. I'm tired of Sony's proprietary BS.
vicky parteki
My ps4 6.2 updated
S 2 da 685 11.12.11
My ps4 won't let me download 6.00 version it won't let me in psn. Can someone give me the brief
Kash ENT
bro do u have icq ? where can u refer me too to get a jailbroken ps4
Is JailBreak going to be released for 5.56??
roy vierra
Thank you for this video keep up the great work!
Dejan Faletic
My Ps4 6.2 updated Is there a jailbreak for 6.02
Glitch Addiction
thats it i got a xbox i neec a jb switching to xbox until jb comes out im on 6.00
grand hammer
I tried to update 6.00
sammy ham
when the jaillbreak 6.00 ?
amir hossein
I updated to 6.00 and I have a question: When do you think the 6.00 jailbreak will be released?! Could it be in 2019?!
Kashmir Shelnick
also goes for ps vita do not update your ps vita also stay on 3.68 or you will loose your jailbreak my ps vita is jailbroken and i'm keeping my ps4 on 5.55 until the jailbreak comes
Sander haungaard
If i updated, is it possible to jailbreak it somehow ? And i updated to 6.00 so will i be able to get the jailbreak and download the games?
ali khan
I have version 6.02 how do I jailbreak my ps4 old version
waqar magsi
Bro need help my ps4 not restarting plezzz help me my ps4 is jilbreake and 20 games in how i recover savely
My ps4 slim showing (update file or reinstallation version 5.0.5

Plezzz help how i recover
Joe Calabro
I'm on 5.53. Will the 5.55 jailbreak work on a 5.53? Or is there already one for 5.53??
So there will be come no Jailbreak for 6.00?
Jerome Morales
Done my update all da time.
Xiam MrUknowwho
Update, SW now supports 6.00.
Thank you SW for a quick response.
Dejan Faletic
I have version 6.02 how do I jailbreak my Ps4 old version
Alfred Malm
I wanna stop the jailbreak thing.. I am on 5.05 with a couple of games installed like GTA V etc(latest version)... I wana ask if I update to 6.0 can I purchase these games legally and continue my saved game.. Or they will get corrupted or do I need to reinstall them??? Any info before I do this?
Colin Tudor
think it will be months, hope im wrong
the new update made me reset my ps4 and all my data are gone.
Joenel Saracho
Were is the 5.55 jailbreak please
Scuffed Meme character
If I jailbreaked My PS4 and Updated My PS4 will the jailbreak Go away And I can Hop on online?
Do you think there will ever be one for anything above 6? I use pc and have a ps4 for exclusives. Idc about the no online for jailbreak i just need to be the pirate i am. What do you think will be the next firmware for jb?
Games For Cykits
Damn it where is it and wait 2 weeks???........... damn it can’t wait thanks for the info
sara Ben
Do u think 5.55 jailbreak will jailbreak the 5.56 version as well ?
Puji Wahyu
I want to change firmware 6.00 to 5.05, can I do it?
I recently got my ps4 back from a pawn shop I'm still on firmware 4.55 I really want to jb it however I have no pc or laptop so is their a way I can do this can someone link me to a source on how to do it
Dean M.
If I am jail breaking just for games, is it a bad idea for me to update to 6.00 than to wait for 5.5x jailbreak??
grand hammer
Too late
batman 1943
Can't I go back to 5.05 or play my game
Keith Dollar
This update broke my PS4 it keep staying error code now I’m going throw in the garbage and getting a Xbox one