Days Gone PS4: Will There Be DLC? | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

Days Gone will get DLC, as confirmed by Sony Bend's community manager. Here's what we know about the game's expansion packs so far.


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Push Square
Hey everyone!

Sounds like Days Gone will be getting DLC.

There's more on the game through the following links:


- Sammy
Carl Morrow
Only thing I don't want this game to have is multiplayer.
The witcher 3 and dying light had good DLC, they were substantial.
wyatt ainsworth
I really hope the dlc will be expansive. Best kind of dlc is like say fallout 3 where you go to a whole new map that’s perfect and so much extra content
I love how we’re talking about DLC before the game’s even out LOL.
If their world has enough lore, with groups and communities of survivors à la Walking Dead it would be great to shift perspective and explore how these factions handled the outbreak. There could be new mechanics tied to their lifestyle, makeshift weapons, new vehicules, you name it...

Look how different each faction in TWD is and I think this could make it so we avoid only getting more of the same.
Wouldn't mind coop.... if it has to be an MP DLC.
cody beatty
Would like it if bend did what happened in horizon have a new area to go to and get new weapons and all
Wolverine Scratch
Going to wait for reviews for this
Sony Only
Sammy you have a bunch of dweebs as subs asking for outfits when it's been said deacon will not be customizable lol its like people don't pay attention.
slay_er! Dorenbosch
I would like some dlc content yeah for sure. Maybe deacon go's back to his old biker club house or something. Or maybe bury his wife. Or just some mysteries to hunt. Extra bike parts!!! Or a whole difrent story in the end. Oh and don't worry about online or anything that is a end of story no go for this game (thank what ever God is listening) want online? Go play whatever is populair at the moment. Time for
A solide single player game
Larry God
More than one bike would be cool and hopefully you can change outfits
Brian Kinney
Huge dlc and other players with stories added to existing game and new dlc to play thru as
Looks like we can't escape from bears attacks, they need to nerf their agility a bit 😆
Paul Smith
Haven't bought the Horizon DLC yet. For me the main game was enough. I'm hoping that this will be the same.
Sounds like the main character looses his wife? So could do a last of us type dlc like what happened before this, how they ended up where they are now
tristin clapp
Walking dead weapons and outfits pack
Kabuki Syneri
way too early to talk about DLC now
Orion Lockheed
i want harder difficulty missions, like extra hard and bigger hordes, challenges things like that, i'm sure there will be a a lot in the game already but most games are made with casuals in mind so i want something for the harcore gamers like me too
tristin clapp
Cowboy outfit undead nightmare look
purple Cosmos
Spiderman was hardly meaty lol,the witcher 3 is meaty dlc😁🤔
The Legend
Dont tell me to like the video. I will like it when I like the video!
David from south park
I'm anxious to hear that TLOU 2 has gone gold I'm so hyped for this and days gone
Roy Parsons
Days Gone is the Nickelback of video games
Drew Petty
I kinda want something boarderline ridiculous. Something that will keep the game mechanics but change the play style. Freakers and human enemies already will require different strategies to beat. How about a tremors DLC? Maybe a different vehicle? Maybe skip ahead 30 years to when fuel and ammo is in short supply. A different location would be cool as well.
DJ Legend
Stop begging for subs... it's annoying.
Its Carnivorous
Would love a Co op horde mode dlc something along the lines of the world war z game
I know Who you are
What i want to know if days gone will feature new game+ mode?
João Paulo
I prefer stand alone expansions, that don't require the original game.