PS4 6.02 UPDATE System Software WARNING

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Source: Some have complained about the console crashing, others are having problems with the audio, while some are experiencing visual flickering.

The new PlayStation 4 firmware update can be downloaded the next time you turn on your console.

Update 6.02 patch notes have been revealed by Sony, although there's not much to go on.

The update is said to "improve system performance", so looks like PSN name changes will have to wait.
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Ayham Saadeh
Well RIP my ps crashed 2 times
Anthony C
doesnt it force u to update if u want to play online?
El Rey Jay Bennington 420
I updated mine this morning and I'm not having issues
I updated and I’m good
Wow I already downloaded it because I had no choice if I was going to play online
Squeaky Lynch
Cannot download

Fixed. I deleted the notification that said cannot download then went into settings to try to download again and it worked. Never had this issue before.
Corrupted Viper
Watching the video looks up and ps4 is updating ......fuuuuck lol
...literally started the update, then started scrolling through YouTube
Willy Rosado
Mines is fine
Kory Honeycutt
I updated and my counsel is bricked
Had no choice but to update if I wanted to finish my 3rd day downloading the day 1 patch of BO4.
Games Wave
Try Rebuilding Database that should fix the problem'
Rexify TV
My PS4 has been crashing ever since the update :(. Before the update it never had a single crash. I tried everything, except reinstalling the PS4 software itself.
Gucci Brad
Yeah monkey flop not a lot of people were affected I know I wasn't but thank you for the warning
Gizmo The Gamin Midget
My system forced the update, I couldn't stop it.
Mark Vaughan
already upgraded been playing online for about 6 hrs no issues
I cant use network features if i dont update so lets see how it goes lol
RanKz -
Thank God I don’t have any issue 😌😇
Khmai xLyfe
Mine's fine no problems so far...
Skip Bayless
i have no problem i was Playing NBA 2K19 a couple hours back
"do not update PS4"

Then how do you expect to play numbnut, its basically bricked if its not updated since you cant even play either lol.
The Only Midnight Shadow
No problems on my end as of 5:06pm EST Wed. 17th Oct. 2018
No issues for me, been playing all day long
Kaneki Ken
The update seems to have improved loading on trophies for me, as I'm pretty sure it used to load, but now it's opening nearly instantly.
Haha! The power of offline games!
I don’t have to update it!

Is what I would say if I didn’t already updated it to check my friends list.
Im unlucky... it leaves on 0% everytime why?

Edit:it worked xd
shiz Horace
No issue's here. But thanks anyway 💯😎.
Nightfall Alicorn
Patch note: "Improved system stability and performance. "

Actual result: "Fixed message exploit, which we were lazy to say in the patch notes, while adding more possible problems."

Sony in a nutshell. They can make a powerful machine but do a bad job coding the OS.
Flexed Dcuo
Just restart the system it will sign u out then back in
I thought it was just me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
erick bittencourt
Thanks for the info but im not having any issues with the new update
yoo I meme
Good thing I have Xbox lol
Ps: pls pin my comment
JackHelixer []
I've already updated my PS4
Now I see why people should watch you everyday to get information
yahir M
Someone please help I tried updating my ps4 using internet and it says Internet not found but I've had my Internet always connected to me ps4, can't I just get a ethernet cable and connect it to the wifi box and ps4 and have it use the Internet update??
The King
Just be safe upload save plus
Omfg I update ps4 pro a half hour ago on 6.02
This is why I'm subscribed to this channel🙌Monkey Flop you the man🐍thanks for the info
I already updated , I had no choice ... mines is fine
X_Ruthless_Guy_X RNG
I haven't experienced any issues.I have already played like 10 hours(including YouTube)
mainoo gayari
Phew I guess m lucky. I updated to 6.02 today and no issues
xINKx Master
2 of my friends updated, left, came back and now it wont start up. But everything was fine for me
Joshua John-Brandy
Bro, this video popped up as soon as my ps4 crashed. 😂😂
Whôlf Houston
And if I already updated my PS4 to 6.02?
Will it affect me?
Sulks in Shadows
I have no issues update 6.02 works perfectly fine
Ruhallah Danmarki
I update and nothing happend
Gucci Brad
Plus I needed to update I'm still playing Black Ops 4
Legal Hustle
I cant get online since the update. Its crazy how playstation dont help even if yoh contact em
xMouseHunteR77x xMouseHunteR77nx
Working fine here played Destiny 2 With full fireteam just fine
I’m updating it
And I’ll keep u update and see how it works
Myster MNM
. late already downloaded it
Mine has auto update

TheShortGuy 1
My ps4 kept crashing on the V6.00
Mianlo 2
The update needed if you going to play multiplayer.
Graham Machin
What game are you playing on the video in the background? It looks cool.
Joshua Sexton
Same I updated no issues but thank you for the information
Thats why you play on a pc😂

Billy Hooks
Was wondering why my shit was flickering thank God it hasn't crashed
Obsidian Dragon
Haven't had any issues at all yet so far since the update... Been playing SoulCalibur VI with no issues. I still have my messages on private though. I knew not to trust that update in regards to the messaging exploit.
Red Storm
No problems yet with the update, played iw for an hour and has no issues
It is update
And I could not sign on if I dint updates
i updated mine. no problem so far... (scoffs) is that best u can do, xbox guy??

how embarrassing
TRZ Vision
I play for a lot of hours and I have no isy
That Guy
I've had this on Xbox as well? Wtf. Yesterday there was an update that turned off my console
IMyour Evil
8 hours later still no problem can somebody else see this problem i can't see it I'm trying very hard to see this problem
Karl Stefan Lewis Fokum Siyam
Welp, I already have 6.02. Hopefully I don't get any issues
i swear when they update system performance everytime it is by 1%
Gamer Hamdy
Does the update will fix my error code?
Flexed Dcuo
How I fix? Error SU-42481-9
Otto Mutant
!!! 6.02 working very well no issue's or problem !!! + All dashboard freezing gone after this update , this update really good
Joseph H.
Bro you're not making sense. It sounds lime your out of words.
Everything is fine for me.
Temptresse Browne
I cant play my games without updating my system
Lucas Wilson
I had no issues with the update either. I haven't sent any messages though.
Drag CR
It’s only for a certain game for me
You sound like my friend JULIANBROADWAY
Gaytar Paw
No update, no play, no choice but to do it, now psn fix this issues
Haas Squadda
Like we have a choice. Eventually everything will stop working if you don't. Pfft.
legendary king stream
I decided to lock up everything until this goes away
Luiz Melendez
Wow what a shame. I think its time to Sony hire or barrow some of the Microsoft engineers tbh just saying........
Sentinel Ex
I'm on 6.0 and luckily no problems. I was gonna flip tf out if it bricked. I play offline but I had to update to use Netflix.
Philomena Lagese
I'm not have problem with the update so far
CE-33984 is happening to me for some reason This never happened
Kenneth Jones
Well luckily I haven't updated my system yet.
The audio dosnt work and I can't talk to my friends on party chat WTF 😂
Mike Smith
my ps4 was crashing before update. after update no crashing yet.
All my games get corrupted
Nic Anastasi
Oh snap, I already updated my ps4, rip...
Pelden Leki
Should ve posted a bit earlier. My display is flickering mid game.
Tuxedo Cream
Remember how Sony said the PS5 was nessecary? What if they WANT you to brick the console so you can buy the PS5 when it comes out? Don't hate it's just a theory
Updated this morning. Been on all day haven't had any issues
Gary Boucher
Oops. Already updated. What to do now?
prince j popskull
Mine updated this morning it works fine,
themad man
The update made my console get corrupted again because it crashed the console instantly after updating now it won't read the flash drive
Zeonos XR Gaming
Microshaft hacked into SIE and injected a virus into the 6.02 update.
Brian Cold
Thanks For the help dude!
Matthew Clay
mine doesnt work i tried everything, computer update with the usb holding down my playstation console power buttion
I had no problems and my friends either with the update and the messages thingy.. Strange the issues always come from the same region.
Lengendary Anonymous
BS there isn't anything wrong with.
Chris Edwards
All those people that are postng comments are probably the same people that complain about everything else. I personally never had a problem with psn, cryptic messages,etc. I have 8 friends with ps4s that all downloaded the update and had no problems. Also none of them had the message problem. I think YouTube's are making this problem way bigger than it is with this scare mongering for likes and views
I had I 1 white bar blink at the edge other than that I'm fine .....for now