How to Updating PS4 System Software via USB Flashdrive

PS4 PlayStation 4
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Nick Allan Innes
Thank you for this video it was very helpful.
Tea aa
is this working bc my power button is broken
Magdou Dejesus
Thanks for the help y this videos ain't hit a mill
rd sam
Thank you so much yo..
Evens Tube
Thank you for this video sir
Like :)
jGamer 67
After I’ve done all of this and it installs the update it just sits on a black screen!! Someone please help😭
Death stroke gamer 456555
None don't work h
Thayrone Miranda
'The USB storage device is not connected' but it is , is that some type of error?
Samir Hussein
thank you
MrMystery Oohscary
still stuck on load screen.. plzzzzz help 😭
dan burbidge
Does it actually get rid of all users
H Ughg
How long did it take
Alba G
Thank you so much you are a life saver. This really helped me more than the PlayStation site and their chat team. Thanks !!!!!
Louise Asuncion
Hello, i am gonna buy a ps4 this weekend and plans to update it using a flash drive, in their website do i choose the "Update using a computer" (the 300mb) or "Perform a New Installation of the System Software" (about 900mb). i'm a little bit confuse with which option i should download. note, this is a new newly bought ps4. Any help would be much appreciated :D
kourosh mostafavi
does it remove ps4 jailbreak please someone help me:)
Yung Bruhs Soul#RIPYungBruh
Does this delete your data?
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