Tutorial: How to Change PS4 Pro Hard Drive and Install System Software

So yes, PS4 Pro is definitely an upgrade. But who's to say we can't take that a step further? Here's how to change the hard drive on a PS4 Pro, AND install the right software. Because I would never steer you wrong. That's why they wrote that one song; "RYAN TAKE THE WHEEEEEEL".

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RNG - sus
Why is everyone's plastic part so easy to remove? I'm gonna break my finger trying to take this damn thing off
Andy Cohn
Is it still a 5400RPM HDD
Mike Workman
You should of bought a TV stand before you got another hard dive ...JuSt playing...I might of done the same thing
Leng Wei
havent got new gen yet still ps3.should i install a harddrive straight from the box when I buy a pro,or should I turn it off sighn up first???and whats the best reliable harddrie I should buy for pro???
Could have used the screw driver instead of ribbon..
Matt Bergh
The panel won't come off for me
Vincent Neoris
Do i need a specific firmware for my PS4 PRO from germany? Can i use the USA firmware?
Is there any 4TB PS4 HDD/SSD?
Devin Cates
why wouldn't I be able to take my 2 tb from my current ps4 and swap it?
why does everybody continuously forget about the cloud to back up your save files?? seriously its so much easier than usb. as for downloading updates it will have you do so the moment you try to go online with it.
I keep getting this error where it says it can't find the patch yet I've done everything properly.
Rafie El Islamy
Bro can ps4 pro use hard drive 3.5 inch ?
mystery to be solved
if you have a hardrive for ps4 does it fit for ps4 pro
karl sahyoun
hello mystic
first of all let me thank you for this video
however i have a question for you
i have a 2TB on my old ps4 and have already transferred everything in the ps4 pro via lan cable.
but it is almost full.
and i dont wanna buy another 2tb external hard drive.
so i have just backed up everything from my ps4 pro into a friends external
and i was wondering : if i delete everything from my regular ps4 and put it in the new one.
will it work ?
the ps4 pro will say, the new hard disk is going to be erased
and i simply insert the usb with the software just like you did (i will restore everything from the external later )

please let me know !!!
Thanks for the vid Ryan:)
Faulty Muppet
You certainly "Swear" alot... Hahahahahaha get it?! Like cursing.. but not cursing... It's hilarious.
If I put my old ps4 hard drive 2tb can I put it in the pro do I have to do anything else when I put my old hard drive in the pro
that hard drive you're using, is it a 7mm one by seagate not the m9t 9.5mm made by them?
the entry the safe mode is the same like the old one? pressing the power button for 10 seconds or is it diffrent?
you don't even have to go to Sony's website just start up the game and the system is automatically going to format the hard drive and do the update itself
Carson B Wagner
The power cord twist tie works perfectly, like the red ribbon shown, and it probably a lot easier for most to find, because it's right there, in the box, when one's unboxing the Pro, to change the drive and set things up!

Hope this helps... Cheers to The Players!
Brad Reeder
What SSD are you using, Ryan?
hello meh
oh hell tf naw i cant even get the hard drive out wtf
what if i did everything you said, triple checked everything and the ps4 says cannot find update file, yes the folder are spelled correctly, update is the correct one, nothing else is on the drive, fat32 etc, still cannot find the file
Alicia Rose
What screwdriver do you use for this ?
BoJack Horseman
Or just use an external hard drive, genius! There's a reason for those USB ports...You gonna replace the drive for a UHD drive too?
Daniel Krüger Knudsen
I’m going to install an internal ssd in my ps4 pro, can i put the old hdd into an hdd case and use it as an external drive?
if so, do i need to download anything or can i just plug it in and play?
Lupillo Garcia
So you need a laptop to download the installation?
What if you are trying to swap your 2tb out of your old ps4 and put it in the pro. Do I have to clear the hard drive again ?
Reattaching that plastic hard drive cover is tricky!
i tried putting my 1tb 7200 rpm hard drive in the ps4 pro n i downloaded the update but it wasn't going threw i tried a few times n nothing so i just put the 1tb hard drive it came with
Brandon Berdeja
What kind of hard drive did u replace it with and where did u get it ?
Krulliebollii Channel
I have the ps4 OG ( the older one), do i still have to format my hdd? Because i just want to save all my games. Or is this only for the new hdds
John niner8
have you played any games on the pro yet cause i heard another guy says pro games run worst than original ps4
Lindsey Andersen
What is the first bit of plastic you snap off called please? I need to replace it. Thanks
Really helpful. I didn't care about my saves or having to reinstall everything. So I just put my 2 TB drive from my ps4 into my pro and reformatted it.
g p
if I'm installing a 1tb PS4 pro hard drive into my PS4 500gb, do I only transport my saved game data? Or do I need the new software too?
Jughead Jones
Thank you.
I have plastic on that first peice
Can you pass all your hard drive data and games from your vanilla PS4 to the Pro?
Can you change PS4's OS to Windows? Would be nice to know if you could make it a PC :P
nice and easy installation video Ryan!
Cant find update file....
Thanks Eljay... XD
bend over
why cant it be like the xbox 360 where you just push a botton to take it out and very easily put it back it and thats it
Twiztid 133
If i change my hard drive from the ps4 to ps4 pro, will all my data be included in the pro?
Cos my original ps4 have a 2tb space while my pro has a 1tb.
1. What snapping noise? I can't hear it.
2. What happens, pray tell, if you boot up the PS4 with the new, blank HDD like normal (no safe mode)?
Orlando Melendez
Just installed my SSD into my pro but for some reason it would not read my USB driver in the front ports I had to use the one in the back. Install was pretty quick. SSD makes a huge difference navigating the ps4 menu. Blazing fast.
So I can't just remove my 2TB hard drive that I out in my original PS4? Can someone explain why bot and how I can go about getting it into my Pro as well as my save data? I assume for the save data I just back up all save files with PlayStation plus?
UttR Concrete
What's the biggest drive can I put in
Kevin Rose
What kind of screwdriver i need to unscrew the screws?
Got new TV Ryan? Specs?
if i install windows on the new hardrive, would it work?
Husnan Chaudhry
What do I if the download still shows up as a white icon?
khairul USacc
I want 3.84 tb Samsung ssd in ps4 pro
Riq Too Fly
Can I Just Put The Software On A Regular USB And Trasnfer It From There Or Do I Gotta Have A Legit External USB?
I replaced my ps4 pro's hard drive to a ssd. Now i have this stock 1 tb hard drive. Can I put it in my old ps4?
So I'm looking to get a pro my PS4 keeps shutting off on me I think it's time for a new one. But I have a 2 tb hard drive in it. Can I save the save files the. Swap it out?
It says cannot find the update file (SU-41350-3)
Can you tell me please what CUH mark is on the box of your PS4 Pro? Tnank you :)
Goblin Savage
If you switch your hard drive from your old ps4 and insert it into your new ps4 will you have your memory
Can I just swap drives between my OG PS4? I was wondering if it would recognize it's a pro.
Atlanta Braves PS4 Fan Club MLB 18 The Show
Hello Ryan. I'm new to your site and subscribed already. I'm also making a PS4 help page. Question... Can I link all your video's to my page? You're cool and very nice to listen to. Let me know. Thank you
christopher garcia
So you went to google and downloaded the correct firmware but that’s on your pc did you put your hdd in your pc then take it out? I’m confused as to how you downloaded the file to your hdd
Just got a new PS4 Pro. Used it two days and now all of the sudden it won't start anymore. There's no damage. Don't know what caused this but for some reason it just died on me. No power whatsoever. Tried three different outlets. Two different cables. Now I'm gonna have to send it back for repairs and wait for it to come back just when I wanted to start playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I'm so sad and disappointed. Sony should make their shit better.