PS4 Upgrade - Installing a NEW HARD DRIVE

Been struggling since launch with the amount of Hard Drive Space I have on my PS4 - So I decided to install a new 2tb hard drive :D

Download the full installation (Bottom of this page)

Hard Drive I Used -

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"640KB ought to be enough for anybody." -Bill Gates, 1981
pc "MASTER RACE" at it again

If your PC is good, then good for you! no one cares, here's a thought.... why don't you play games on it instead of trying to enlarge your e-peen
Awais Akram
is there a way to install HDD instead of SSD
Thanks for your Help man. Now I have replaced the Puny 400GB HDD with 1.8TB!
THANK YOU, I feel a lot better about doing this myself
Thanks Scott! I was wondering how easy the upgrade process was.
Will Zuniga
Thanks! Worked for me perfect. Just installed a 2Tb to my ps4
Josh R
HGST is Hitachi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Digital
some donkus
PC Master Race ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wow I forgot how old this thing was lol PC MASTER RACE!! 🤙🏼
Thank you for this :D
Hi Scott, how did you backup your savegames?
Zackary Opsal
Is there a way to transfer the 500GB data to the 2TB drive ?
Great video, now I am 100% clear on how to fix my PS4's useless weak hard drive (already need to micromanage what games I have saved, come on man!) but ok GameRiot, I must ask:

In terms Of DLC content, Stuff saved on the Previous hard drive etc.
hwo do we go around that?
 do we require a HDD transfer cable or do we have to do manual reinstalls and downloads
(its sad we have to do this bs at all, the thing should have shipped with a 2TB hard drive, the 500GB version barely holds 9 games)
Elanchezhian arutchelvam
Can put 2 tb hard drive
in ps3
Lucifer Morningstar
If i put in a new hardrive will i no longer be able to have another ps4 as my primary ?
Luuk Breedveld
@Its Bluee your ranks and stuff are saved on your psn account (I think), so I think your ranks and stuff remain
quick silver2.0
do you need the flash drive when switching hard drives
Adrien Grange
Can you upgrade a Xbox One ?
Can you save the system update on a external hard drive.
Donna Loxton
Thank you so much for publishing this video, it was really helpful, and I successfully installed a new 2tb hard drive smoothly with no problems.
Sabri Ammar
it doesn't work what should i do?
it shows me cannot find file:(
if i remove the hard drive and put my old one back in
would it cause a problem
(restart the whole process?)
Squeaker Chew
Can you put more storage hard drives like ? 4tb
Moses Jonson
i upgraded mine as soon as i got it on release day in uk two years ago.
Hoang Vo
Is it a specific hard drive or just some normal 1 u can find
BlaZe iT
What is the little USB thing? I didn't understand you. Do you just plug the hard drive in and it works?
HGST are beast.
| OnlyLean |
can that UK link also ship to us or do I have to find a us link instead?
Wow that seems too easy!
Jack Burns
Nice vid
Zackary Opsal
If you replace it, does it take out anything you had onit?
Second wooooo
Will if still work now in 2017
John Harper
can i use a 2tb hard drive for my ps4
Damian Mot
Could you install a SSD? Not sure if its possible but I could always giveit a try and have a super fast PS4 :D
Do I need a different version of the ps4
Imaslapya boi
Whats the usb for?
wayne the flyinscottsman
it keeps dowloading my update file in adobie
question: if you do install the new hard drive, will you have to redownload digital games and the updates for the hard copy games?
Lightmoon Moura
and. (usb ) for what? ...
i'm going to try this. Been meaning to for a while now, its the way you showed things on your video that has given me confidence to touch my baby ps4 like that.
thank you very much gameriot..............
Miguel Lacson
Awesome, Awesome video man.
Could you preload games on the hard drive you're going to put in the PS4?
Awesome! Thanks for sharing mate, I was about to buy a new ps4 since I ran out of space in my current ps4!
How do you check if the hard drive is Blank??
First yooooooo
Scott James
You not been getting any of the beeps and screeches coming from the drive?
is that an 2.5 hdd?
Skorpinok Rover
is that a Asus PC monitor WITH hdmi support ? what size ?
400 Gang
When you install the new one will you have all your online saved data and stuff or will you basically lose everything? Like gta online or NBA my park and stuff like that
Alex Autum_
my ps4 cannot find the update when i trying to initialize it please help
Ezequiel Landa
So what's the flash drive for!??
Chris McF
I dont understand where he got the ps4 operating system on his USB from...
Wolfy GamerHD
Is it still working??
mehdi nouira
how to log that ps4 hard drive directely with pc?
Lightmoon Moura
Sorry but.😶could u please explain to me. For what. USB drive..&..what. includ ?
Brandon Bartlett
Do you have to put it on hard drive if its a brand new ps4
he sounds like slogoman
Where is the F1 career!?
Justin Lynch
I didn't know you had to backup the OS on PS4, I thought you just changed the HDD and closed it up (minus saves backups and such). Maybe that was PS3?
Awang Fairuz
mind to ask,when installing the new hdd is it will void our warranty?
HGST makes the Hitachi hard drives
Spaghettidinna Exe
they got 4000 gigs for $130 at gamestop
Seth C
+GameRiot  What did u do with the USB Flash drive didnt really get that part.
Ben Phillip Hart
Did he say the USB had to be blank
Can you save the system update on a external hard drive.
Lt. wreck
This was nice last gen but with the advent of faster cheaper external drives working on xbox by simply plugging it in this seems dumb this is a 15-20min process but the fact you can't transfer more than one game a time have to transfer data and wait for the I.s. to reload depending on the amount of data this could take hours or even days.
Everardo Gutierrez
so all i have to do is get a hard drive and change it? i still dont get it pls help
Warren Joe
I bought a used hard drive and was wanting to know if the hard drive needs to be wiped clean or what not before installing.
A- 0
Why can't I update my ps4? Been trying two days straight hoping I can install it. Did I possibly damage my hard drive?
I have a question, I just bought a 1tb for my PS4 and I was wondering if I wanna switch the 500gb will I lose any of my dlc for that system ?
Luke Laidler
Can u do that with the ps3
Mark Sampson
should have bought a SSD drive
Chris chibucos
how do I backup all my save data? i can reinstall the games thats no problem but idk how to backup the saves? is there a way to back them up to the ps cloud like u can do on a vita?
brandon bailon
at 5:04 I had an error code CE-34668-7      Can someone help me plzzz
Festive Ferret
Well no more warrenty
arka ray
Can someone please let me know the name and size of the screwdriver?
So I have already filled up the 500gb drive, how do I keep that storage, but still upgrade the storage?
zoe james
Give a new go today work great up ps4 now is ready for all the new games which are coming out soon
Nice dude! I couldn't handle the small amount of GB that came installed with the PS4 either and also went and bought a 2TB hard drive. I've had it for atleast a year now and I have about 950 GB left. It makes your PS4 run a bit faster too. It was a good investment!!
NiXo Op
Will you lose all your thing If you get a new hard drive
Homer John
what monitor is that?
Hmm, I thought opening up your PS4 voided the warranty?
Would this affect licensing? Is there a certain amount of times you can make a PS4 your home one?
christopher shadow
So I followed the video step by step and even read off the instructions to get the system software off of the link provided and I got a black screen what am I doing wrong
Babak Barati
Why didn't you backup your old HDD and restore it to the new one? Now you have to install the games again. I've never tried it before, but I'm sure there is an option in Settings to backup/restore games and applications.
Damn it I just ordered a 1TB hard drive and I've just seen this 2TB one for only £20 more :(
Donald Dump
And yeah how do we transfer all data from old hd to new hd??
im sry but im not a tech person so if a do this will i loose all my game data??
Pizza Dude
i have a question my friend replace his hardware to 1 tb on his ps4 then he update the sofware or something then what happen next is all the save games have is gone
Dog Wisdom
i cant seem to get the ps4 to get the software update file it says the update file cannot be used pls help
Amir Mirghafari
So ill get every single save files back? All of them?
Deep Wound
do i need to copy my data from my old hard drive to the new one? will i have to download all my software upgrades again plus games updates and packages?
UttR Concrete
I upgraded my two PS3 hhds to 500 as well....u don't really need to upgrade it more than that for last gen. I love my PS4 but my PS3 is still my favorite console.
zoe james
If you could help me and see where i going wrong I'll be very grateful thank you
I'm having problems with the same hard drive. I followed all steps correctly from IGN however I keep getting the CE-30774-1 error indicating that it cannot find the update file, what do?
Sean Bannon
when upgrading the hdd on a ps4 would you consider using the new samsung 2tb ssd or would the price put you off.